Monday, April 14, 2008


for time:
30 bear complexes, using your wife as the weight.

*note: Foundation CrossFit does not advise you to do this workout more than once. Dropping your wife is dangerous and risks the following (but is not limited to): her health, your marriage, your sanity, the children (if any), that big bed you have, your car, as well as all of your other prized possessions. And let's not forget that bank account.


So if you've haven't heard already, CrossFit HQ posted up a new WOD yesterday

"Quarter Gone Bad"
5 rounds for total reps:

15 seconds of thrusters, 135#

45 seconds Rest
15 seconds of weighted pullups, 50#
45 seconds Rest
15 seconds of burpees
45 seconds Rest

Hmm. Dwinson was our guinea pig! We subbed weight for the obvious intimidation factor. His score was 71. We'll see how this one ages.

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Jesse Ward said...

Tami is so brave!!! Adrian I'm unimpressed - if she was wearing a weight vest, then maybe. I'm dying to Turkish Get-Up my wife :)

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