Wednesday, April 28, 2010



I present you the Summer Bodies Challenge: Look Good Naked Information Packet (pdf)

This Saturday at 11am will be a mandatory party for those participating in the LOOK GOOD NAKED challenge. Everyone is welcome, but you can expect the majority of the first hour to be dedicated to the challenge. We're going to have a very short lecture on the basics of eating, a "discussion panel" with some FCF members who have tried Paleo, Zone, and Intermittent Fasting, followed by an open forum to discuss ANYTHING. In addition, there will be a bunch of food and plenty of time to meet and catch up with your fellow athletes.

We will have a workout at 10:30am for those interested in JUST working out. Otherwise, we'll be all about The Challenge until noon. Then time to party and potluck until everyone leaves.

1030 - WORKOUT
1100 - Short lecture on "Nutrition: Eating and What It Does To Us"
1115 - Q&A with Members who've done Paleo before
1140 - Open Forum
1200 and on - Food, Fun, Fellowship

Let the awesomeness ensue.



5 individually timed rounds:
500m row

Rest as needed in between sets.


Regarding the challenge, we understand you will not perform perfectly - that's the point! It's called a "challenge" because it's hard. And that is exactly why we need to do it - we need to constantly progress. No struggle, no progress.

Let me try to crush any and all excuses right now.
  • "I don't wanna pay $30" Fine. Go ahead and pay for your expensive medications, doctor visits, emergency room visits, bigger clothes, your walking cane/walker/wheel chair/oxygen tank, etc. We're going to educate you to prevent those from ever entering your everyday life. No tshirt for you either! =P
  • "I'm too busy" - You don't have to be IN the gym to go through this challenge. You can do it all by yourself! The challenge is about being transparent. Show us and we'll all help each other get better.
  • "I'm traveling during a part of the challenge. I probably shouldn't do it." Are you serious? You can still log your food online (and on your smartphones!) and do workouts on your own: 150 burpees for time. Just log it. You will still be eligible for prizes at the end of each week.
  • "I can't eat like that. The only food at work/school/home is bad. I don't have a choice" - YES YOU DO. If you believe that you can't control what you eat you're not trying hard enough. Preparation is the key. Information will prepare you.
  • "I won't be able to maintain it." - Says who? We're going to be on each others' asses the entire time. Positive peer pressure!
  • "It's too hard." You are a CrossFitter. Nothing is hard anymore.
Risk vs. Rewards! I implore you to just try it. What's the worse that'll happen? If nothing else, this will be a reality check of what you actually put into your body.


GTR said...

Just like Peter...... I AM SO F&*@ing READY.

drooskee said...

"You are a CrossFitter. Nothing is hard anymore." Do I smell a new logo?? Haha, awesomeness. Sushi before the challenge, anyone?