Friday, August 27, 2010

Honest Reps

Looking back at the article I linked the other week regarding self-reported vs. rigorously-judged WODs, do you find yourself counting reps that DO NOT hold to our standards?

Your home work this weekend is to accumulate time in the bottom of the squat!

You do not need to hold a flat back. Just sit and get your butt as close to your ankles as possible.

  • Novice: 5 minutes
  • Intermediate: 8 minutes
  • Advanced: 10 minutes plus
Start a timer when you're in the bottom. Stop the watch if you need to break and stand up.



for time:
100 pullups (extended arm, chin above hands, extended arm)
100 pushups (full plank on hands and feet, chest to deck, full plank)
100 situps (shoulder blades on deck, chest to thigh, shoulder blades on deck)
100 squats (stand tall, crease of hip drops below top of knee, stand tall)

compare to 05MAR2010.


Want an early Tuesday morning class? What about an early Thursday morning class?

The whiteboard reads the following:
  • 6am - 2 people want it
  • 7am - 8 people want it
Who else is up for these classes? Write on the board. Post to comments.

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Sarah Shipley said...

I would love 8am classes. Is that possible?