Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Active Shoulders

Instead of sticking your head waaaay through the window, a good set of active shoulders means shrugging your shoulders up so hard that they cover your ears.

A great example is of this old picture of Robb Wolf and Annie Hawkins demonstrating overhead squat position:


Check out who was featured on the site five days after the picture above was originally posted!




50 reps each, for time:
box jump, 24/20"
jumping pullups
kettlebell swings, 16/12kg
walking lunges
push press, 20/15kg
romanian deadlifts, 20/15kg*
wall ball shots, 20/14#
double unders

Compare and *contrast to 21JAN2011. Post results to comments or BTWB.


Truthfully, how many times a week do you stretch out your hips? How long is the duration of those stretches?

We recommend stretching your hips for a minimum of 2 minutes each side daily- to counterbalance the amount of work we do with them- in the gym AND in your normal daily life.


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