Monday, April 16, 2012

Run Club/Run Class/Barbell Class?

AW front and center

While we prep for the next running program, who would be up for a Foundation CrossFit Run club/class? We could meet once or twice a week- and for those who who rather lift at that time, a Barbell class at the gym.

Good idea? Let us know!



within 25 minutes establish a 3RM front squat.


5 rounds of:
5 squat clean & jerks
50m sprint

Choose a doable barbell load where you are smooth and speedy. Also: SPRINT! Your rest is as long as it takes to walk the 50m back to your barbell. Post loads used to the whiteboard!


Ten Things We've Learned About Squats - Charles Poliquin



Laura D said...

sounds like a great idea to me!

moravion said...

I love this pic it reminds me of this:

Kellye Kuh said...

RUN CLASS!!! my roboleg wants to move again

kb said...

Barbell class !

Raulph said...

Ministry of Silly WODs??

kb said...

PR'd Front Squat:
45kg 3RM
46 kg 2RM

Sheena said...

I would do barbell class!

PR'd 3RM front squat at 60kg.

Used 35kg for the WOD.

Unknown said...

Firstly Ministry of Silly WODs is by far the best and most hilarious comment possible. Whoever wrote that just went up like 80 notches in my book. Also my cervical posture makes me cringe, can't wait for enough time to go by that the pic drops. I need to go to the chiro more