Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tabata Flor'ed

Kristin playing Masskrugstemmen

Happy Bornday!




for max total reps:
tabata burpee
tabata situps
tabata alternating kb swings, 24/16kg
tabata box jumps
tabata wall ball, 20/14#

In this workout you will count every single repetition done throughout the Tabata protocol (20 sec work/10 sec rest) for five exercises, with a one-minute rest in between each. Check it out:


Come on Seattle, Portland beats us to this idea?

Cultured Caveman: Portland's First 100% Paleo Food Cart - Kickstarter



Unknown said...

And he thinks we're living in a computer simulation.


Sheena said...

Happy Birthday!!

382 Rx+

Used 24" for box jumps & 20# slam ball for wall balls [squat, throw, dropped]

SLU is growing and needing a bit more equipment already? :)

Coleena said...

A paleo cart? I'm on it! Who wants to be my investor/co-owner!?