Friday, May 4, 2012

FCF's Very Own Olympian

Jo in the Flying Lap – World Championships, Melbourne Australia


I am very proud to announce Foundation CrossFit’s newest Olympian! Jo has been named to the 2012 New Zealand Olympic Team to compete in London this summer. New Zealand selected 5 women and 9 men to represent them in track cycling. This will be Jo’s 3rd Olympic competition but the first on the track. She competed in the road race in Athens and Beijing. After Beijing she made the decision to switch her focus to the track and the Omnium which is a brand new event for the London Games.

It is the Decathlon of cycling - 6 different events over two days lowest sum of all the placings wins. The events are:
  1. Flying lap. Timed event, one rider at a time, one lap around the track with a rolling start.
  2. Points race. 80 laps, all competitors on track at once, sprint every 10 laps for points 5,3,2,1. 20 points for lapping the field. Highest points total wins.
  3. Elimination race. Also called the “Devil” which is short for “devil take the hindmost”. All riders on the track at once, every other lap the last rider across the line is removed until there is only one left – the winner. (Jo’s specialty)
  4. 3,000 meter pursuit. Timed event. One rider on each side of track, ride 3,000 meters (12 laps) from a standing start for time.
  5. Scratch race. 40 laps, all competitors on track at once, first one across the line wins.
  6. 500 meter time trial. Timed event, one rider on each side of track, ride 500 meters from a standing start for time, lowest time wins.
Jo finished 7th in the Omnium at the 2012 World Championships a few weeks ago in Melbourne advancing a couple of places from last year’s 9th. After a slow start with a not so great flying lap she was in the position of playing catch up for the rest of the competition but she rode strong from that point on and even had PB in the very last event - the 500 meter Time Trial. She left some room for improvement so it will be exciting to see where she comes out this summer in London.

Jo will even be in Seattle training for a couple of weeks this month after 6 months abroad. Lifting and CrossFit will certainly be a part of that training so if you see her in there be sure to push her extra hard!
84 days to go – need to make every single one count!


Jeff P.



HAPPY STAR WARS DAY... May the Fourth Be With You!


for time:

3 rounds of:
20 kettlebell swings, 24/16kg
20 burpees

3 rounds of:
5 muscle-ups
25 box jumps, 24/20"
100m kettlebell farmer's walk, 24/16kg
50 double unders
30 shoulder-to-overhead, 60/45kg
100m kettlebell farmer's walk, 24/16kg

Kettlebell swing should end perfectly vertical. Burpees will end when clapping mid-air with a perfectly vertical body. Muscle-ups must start with arms fully extended and end with a turnout on top. Box jump is Games' standard. Shoulder-to-overhead may be a press, push press, jerk, thruster, etc. Post times to whiteboard!


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Coleena said...

May the 4th be with you!
These WODS always look much easier on the board. haha. This one looks like lots of fun though.

Sheena said...

Jo is awesome!! Congrats!!