Thruster Thursday

Ben P

The one exercise, if any, you could say CrossFit actually brought to the table in the fitness meta is the thruster. Otherwise our methodology really just took the best movements from the best training cultures (ask the strongmen/powerlifters/weightlifters how to get stronger, talk to the yogis and gymnasts about stretching/mobility/bodyweight control, discuss best practices with the marathon and ultrarunners about pacing long cardiovascular bouts, etc.)

Thrusters are a staple of the CF diet and should appear regularly in your training as those who do it well have great positional and transitional strength and mobility:

– good elbow positions for the clean and pressing overhead movements
– sound hip/knee/ankle range-of-motion for all squatting motions
– aggressive hip drive for any power movements
– an understanding of ‘core-to-extremity’ for skill transfer to many other exercises
– balance of posture in the overhead position
– and more!

These are all reasons thrusters ‘suck’. They’re hard because they demand a higher standard from the athlete. If you strive to improve all the finer details of the movement, all other movements will become more smooth and powerful.


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CrossFit WOD for Thursday 5/25

“Pain Tolerance”

AMRAP 3 (@ 100% speed)
9 thrusters
35 du

rest 2-6 minutes, repeat for 3 total rounds.

Note: If you feel okay rest 2:00. If thrusters burn you rest 3:00. If both the thrusters and double unders burn you (and you need blood in your brain) rest 4:00!

Endurance WOD

Long Interval:
1600m run @ 70%
400m @ max effort
1200m @ 70%
400m @ max effort
800m @ 70%
400m @ max effort

With 3:00 rest between each effort.