Today is a bittersweet day because we say goodbye to one of our own. Julia will be leaving Seattle for New York.

She was there when we began the #HYFRsquad movement and has been an advocate for the FCF Fam and most recently Foundation Kettlebell.

Safe travels Julia!


+ The Last Straw? Seattle Will Say Goodbye to Plastic Straws, Utensils With Upcoming Ban – The Seattle Times

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 9/9


YGIG for 30 minutes:
4 rounds, alternating sides:
2 kettlebell clean
1 kettlebell press
3 kettlebell front lunge

row for calories

Rx uses 20/12kg. PERFORMANCE uses 24/16kg.

CompEx WOD

EMOM burpees + skills, Track Work, AB’s Birthday Back Squat Extravaganza, front lunges/muscle-ups

Foundations 9

AMRAP in 15 minutes with 1 min rotation
Station 1
60s burpees
60s STEP up 24”/20”
60s push press

Station 2
60s pushup
60s lunges
60s kb swings

Station 3
60s air squats
60s mb situps
60s mb cleans

Station 4
60s dip
60s plate jumps
60s Plate pinch SDHP


back squats to a heavy 5-rep