Can you find the FCFers? This photo is from the 2007 12 Days of CrossFit event at Level 4 CrossFit Seattle

From Coach Dave Werner and the first CrossFit affiliate ever comes a favorite for many!


+ Older, Fitter: You’re Not As Old As You’re Gonna Be – Beyond the Whiteboard

“12 Days of CrossFit” WOD from Pao Sanchez on Vimeo.

CrossFit WOD for Friday 12/22

“12 Days of CrossFit”

perform the following in cumulative song format, for time:
100m sprint
2 bear crawls, 10m
3-second handstand
4 clean & jerks
5 dive-bomber push-ups
6 knees-to-elbows
7 kettlebell swings, 24/16kg
8 hanging leg-raises
9 ring dips
10 squat thrusts
11 pullups
12 rocking pistols

Post time to whiteboard!

Kettlebell WOD

Rack and OH work

Shoulder and hip mobility

Swings, presses and squats.

Long with a barbell in the high hang position


+ the Side Bend (movement library) – Foundation CrossFit YouTube

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 12/21

Option A: clean + hang clean + 2 jerks
Option B: 2 hang cleans + jerk

then accessories!

Athletes choice on which complex to work on. Post heaviest load to whiteboard!


long interval

7 mins Nasal Bike/Row
– then –
2 rounds
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Air Squats
20 Push Ups
20 Sit Ups

Every 5 mins for 30 mins
1 lap around block farmers carry
– then –
30 Jumping jacks
20 Sit ups
10 Push Ups


Melissa using the rack to set her shoulder blade retraction before bench pressing


+ The “Bamboo Bar” – AB’s Vimeo

SCAPULAR RETRACTION: THE FOUNDATION OF A MONSTER PRESS ______________________________________ The bench press is rarely given the attention it deserves. It’s an oversimplified lift, which actually requires a high level of skill and training. The set up is arguably the most important portion of this lift, and learning how to properly execute it will not only lead to performance improvements, but will also reduce injury risk in the long term. ______________________________________ Your shoulder blades are the base from which your arms can move. You can produce more power from a stable platform, and in effect a bigger bench press by positioning your scapula in the right place prior to initiating the lift. In addition, this position will also prevent your humerus from excessively internally rotating and translating anteriorly, a position that can compromise tendons and ligaments that cross between the shoulder blade and humerus. _____________________________________ Sometimes however, this cue can be difficult to implement so I’m posting my three favorite bench warm up exercises for you to try. Engage your shoulder blades and be mindful of how it feels to have them “down and back” for when you lay down on the bench. @hybridperformancemethod

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CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 12/20

establish a heavy 5-rep bench press

two sets max effort bamboo bar

42-30-18 reps for time:
wall ball, 20/14# to 10/9′
ab-mat situps

Performance does 30/20# ball and GHDSU

Post time to whiteboard!

Kettlebell WOD

:30 on, :30 off
– one-arm swing L
– one-arm swing R
– hard-style swing
for 5 rounds

150 wall ball substitute for time

Andrew S at the In-House Meet

Okay- enough with the samplers! Back to your regularly-scheduled CrossFit sprint workouts.


+ How to Become a Snatch Master – CrossFit Invictus

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 12/19

establish a heavy snatch in 15 minutes, then

21-15-9 reps for time:
power snatch, 43/29kg
burpee over bar

Performance = squat snatch

Post time to whiteboard!

CompEx WOD

many things!

Gymnastics Strength WOD

27 squat series
Ido Portal Squat Therapy
GS squat series

dumbbell death march

tabata hanging
– overhand grip
– underhand grip
– L-hang

1min each for 5 rounds
– hollow rock
– arch rock / bridge rock
– paleo chair / OHS chair

stretching sheet


Short Interval

:50 on, :10 off for 15:00
– seated db bicep curl to Arnold press
– lateral lunge
– hand step-up (plank … handstand)

:40 on, :20 off for 12:00
a1. hi/lo plank
a2. mountain climber
a3. T-pushup
a4. hi/lo plank
a5. mountain climber
a6. T-pushup
b. Hip Circle crescent walk

:20 on, :10 off for 10:00
power skip off box
side-to-side slam ball

We’re beginning another eight-week PULLING STRENGTH* cycle. You can download the PDF from the link below so you can work on it at home or elsewhere too! I do invite everyone to feel free to come and do this at the gym even if you aren’t working out in class that day. Let’s see what kind of development we can get before the 2018 CrossFit Open is here in late February.

*Or pushing strength. Up to you, but I’d prefer we get your pulling strength up!


+ 8-Week Pull/Push Strength Ladder – Foundation CrossFit

CrossFit WOD for Monday 12/18

Gymnastics Strength class sample

– Seiza ankle complex, banded samson stretch


:45 on, :15 off for 4 rounds FOR QUALITY of the following:
– hollow (weighted hollow)
– false-grip hang (eagle-grip false-grip)
– arch (banded arch)
– bottom-of-dip (on rings)


– banded beat swing for tactile cue
– transfer skill to the rings
– hand position
– grip
– body shapes
– energy output and rhythm


3(1,2,1) pull/push

Kettlebell WOD

Abridged Primal Movement Warmup and Mobility

Rack and OH work

Shoulder and hip mobility

Swings, presses and squats.

Ander rowing


+ Seattle Sports Chiropractor Competes in Steve Austins Broken Skull Challenge – King 5 News

CrossFit WOD for Friday 12/15

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Class sample


:40 on/:20 off for 16:00
– speed ladder (trainer’s choice: medium difficulty)
– lateral shuffle shuttle
– med ball side throw
– rower

:45 on/:15 off for 15:00
– running jump rope
– slam ball squat thrusts
– dynamax knee strikes

:20 on/:10 off for 12:00
– frog pump
– (burpee) box jump overs

Post attendance!

Gymnastics Strength WOD

leg development

– tabata step ups
– 150 GHD hip extensions
– 200 calf raises (full ROM w/ control)
– 250 weighted crunches (

squat series, stretching, then ABMAGGEDON

Kettlebell WOD

Abridged Primal Movement Warmup and Mobility

Rack and OH work

Shoulder and hip mobility

Swings, presses and squats.

Jon, Brian, Alfonso doing shoulder prep


+ History of Resistance Bands – Physical Culture

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 12/14

EMOM for 10 minutes: 3 front squats

then it’s a Gymnastics Strength class sample!

– scap protocol
– hang check
– pull check

– gymnastics shoulder routine
– hang check
– pull check

Muscle-Up Development, pull-bias
for 15 minutes:
6-7 kipping drills
4-5 pause pullups
2-3 assisted muscle-up

Muscle-Up Development, push-bias
for 15 minutes:
2-3 banded muscle-up
4-5 dips
6-7 shoot through + parallette pushups


Long Interval

Line drills

Every 5 minutes for 35 mins:
20 cal row
20 double dumbbell box step-ups
20 ball slams

Guillaume at the 2017 Trident Classic


+ Meet IV: Guillaume Chabot-Couture – Intellectual Ventures

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 12/12

clean + 2 jerks
50/2, 55/2, 60/2, 65/2, 70/1, 75/1, 78/1, 81/1, 84/1





+ Armor Building, by Dan John – T-Nation

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 12/12


crawling & tumbling

YGIG for 20-30 minutes
2 double cleans
1 double press
3 front squats

– complete 300 double kettlebell swings with perfect form.
– every time you break you must complete 2 sets of the complex:
2 double cleans
1 double press
3 front squats

bonus: turkish get-ups / arm bars / windmills

HIIT WOD – 12pm/5:30pm

Short Interval

:40 on/:20 off for 16:00
– hop squatch ladder
– lateral shuffle shuttle
– seated med ball Russian twist, R side
– seated med ball Russian twist, L side

:30 on/:15 off for 12:00
– seated row (CS)
– slam ball squat thrusts
– rolling v-up

:20 on/:10 off for 8:00
– burpee box jump over
– seated Arnold press + squat off med ball

CompEx WOD – 6am

kettlebell class sample (in CrossFit classes)


EMOM for 24 minutes:
– low hang snatch + snatch balance + snatch
– 12 (single leg) t2b
– low hang clean + power jerk + clean + jerk
– 12 HSPU

Gymnastics Strength WOD – 8am

leg development

150 GHD hip extensions
150 banded hip extensions

– GB squat series
– seiza complex

box jump cycling

tabata box jumps

100 calf raises
50 weighted calf raises, inward
50 weighted calf raises, outward

tabata box jumps

100 calf raises

Happy Monday everyone!

This is the last week we are collecting donations and we will be delivering our loot to Swedish this Friday, 12/15! I have added in a few more items to each of the families’ wish lists in the gym.

I also wanted to add that you can still sign up to bring in an item even though someone else might’ve already signed up to bring it in. We don’t have to fulfill everything on the wish list but I don’t see why we shouldn’t! ‘Tis the season of giving, if you are able to.

More information on the families HERE.

I’m so grateful to see the lists almost all full! Thanks again for being a part of our supportive community and for helping us give back!