Dave gets ‘set’ by bracing and mentally preparing himself before the squat


+ How to Do Wall Balls and Why It’s Worth Putting Yourself Through the Agony – Coach Mag

CrossFit WOD (and ) for Tuesday 6/19

establish a back squat max in 20 minutes, then


150 wall ball, 20/14lbs to 10/9′, for time

Post maxes and times to whiteboard!

HIIT WOD – 12pm

3 rotations, 1 min work / 1 min rest
Dbl Db front rack lunge steps
Dbl Db push press
Dbl Db bent rows
Dbl Db front rack squats
Dbl Db deadlifts

– then –

ball slams
jumping jacks

– then –


HIIT WOD – 5:30pm

(A) agility ladders

(B) :55 work, :15 rest/rotation of
– mountain climber runner
– kettlebell swing / alt one-hand kbs
– blast off pushup
– stir the pot
– plank running (hand/elbow/shoulder/hip)

(C) 4 rounds of :45 wall sit, :15 rests

(D) ABmaggedon



It’s also “KAREN”! (see video above!)

photo by Artur

This week: squats/pullups/bench or floor presses, back squat max, KAREN (wall ball), deadlift max, power snatch/calories, bench max, ANNIE (double unders, situps), Fight Gone Bad*, Battle at the Ballpark run-throughs, and the SEATTLE PRIDE PARADE march!

Remember that this Friday we’ll be celebrating the weekend by having COMMUNITY CROSSFIT classes all day! That means every class is open to everyone: members, non-members, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc! Tell everyone- just RSVP for your spots!


+ The Skinny on Bone Thinning and Why Milk Isn’t Enough – Right As Rain (by our very own Kelsi A!)

CrossFit WOD for Monday 6/18

3 rounds for time:
75 squats
25 pullups
15 floor press, 2×24/16kg or 2×50/35lbs

3 rounds for time:
75 squats
25 c2b
15 bench press, 70/50kg

Post time to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD

Off-week. Register for the new programs here.

Powerlifting WOD

Off-week. Register for the new programs here.

Kettlebell WOD

Joint prep, Farmers carry

5 rounds 60 seconds on/60 seconds off:
1 Round consists of the following complex:
– 5 x Double KettleBell Deadlifts (Inside the Legs)
– 9 x Double KettleBell Swings
– 6 x Double KettleBell Cleans


AMRAP 10 minutes:
– 15 box jumps
– 10 double KB push presses
– 15 pull-ups


Bobby demonstrating the scap pinch during a chest-to-bar pullup


+ The Mariners Are First-Place Flukes– and They Deserve It – The Ringer

CrossFit WOD for Champagne Friday 6/15

CGO 18.5 aka CGO 11.6 aka CGO 12.5 – Rx Division

AMRAP in 7 minutes:
3-6-9-12-15-18-etc. of
thrusters, 45/29kg
chest-to-bar pullups

CGO 18.5 aka CGO 11.6 aka CGO 12.5 – Scaled Division

AMRAP in 7 minutes:
3-6-9-12-15-18-etc. of
thrusters, 29/20kg
jumping chin-over-bar pullups

Post score to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 3/3, Day 3/3

3 front squats
hang clean + clean
then establish a heavy clean & jerk

Powerlifting WOD – Week 3/3, Day 3/3

seated box jumps 5×1

PRESS 60/5, 75/5, 85/3, 95/1+
DEADLIFT 50/5, 60/3, 70/1, 75/AMRAP

bicep openers 3×5
tricep openers 3×5
tabata assault bike

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 5/16

– establish a heavy SNATCH within 20 minutes
– establish a heavy CLEAN & JERK within 20 minutes

– establish a heavy BENCH PRESS within 20 minutes
– establish a heavy BACK SQUAT within 20 minutes

– establish a heavy STRICT/PUSH PRESS within 20 minutes
– establish a heavy DEADLIFT within 20 minutes

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 5/17

3 rounds for time:
300m farmer’s walk, 2x 24/16kg
10 muscle-ups

We are doing something NEW this year for PRIDE to celebrate inclusivity: all day on Friday, June 22nd we will hold FREE Pride Community Classes. It is important to us that all of our athletes feel welcome, safe, and seen within our walls all day, every day. Though we celebrate Pride all year, we are happy and excited to celebrate our community even more during this month.



FCF Pride Community Classes

We will be hosting a FREE Community Day for all members of the community, friends, family, and visitors to town! All day Friday we will treat every one of our scheduled classes as a Community CrossFit class – this means each and every class is open to everyone!

In lieu of our normal $25 drop-in fee, we will be accepting DONATIONS to be given to local Seattle LGTBQ charity:GSBA Scholarship Fund, a program of the Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA).

100% of drop-in fees collected on 6/22 and 100% of donations collected through the end of the month will be donated.

“The Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA) is Seattle’s LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce engaged in business development, supporting community, totally committed in advocacy for small business and civil rights and the only chamber that has a Scholarship Fund.”

Why? Because we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to live a fit and healthy life! We are proud to foster a strong, supportive community and fitness for all. Everyone who comes through our doors is considered an athlete regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, size, age, shape, or ability.


Current Members
– RSVP to class (“Pride WOD”) as usual via Zen Planner app or desktop. We will return the class to you as a special treat.
– If you’d like to donate to charity, you may purchase a class through your Zen Planner profile via desktop.

– Go to our class schedule on Zen Planner.
– Select the class time you’d like to attend

– Select “Sign Up”
– Follow prompts, select ‘Free Trial’

 In lieu of our normal $25 drop-in fee you are welcome to DONATE your fee to a local LGBTQ charity.
If you cannot make to class on 6/22, no problem! We will be collecting donations through the end of the month. You can submit your donation here.


FCF x Seattle Pride March

We will be representing at the Seattle Pride Parade again this year! The schedule on what time we will start has not been announced yet – keep an eye out on the blog and the Facebook event page for details. We’d love to have you and your family/friends march with us! Let us know by signing up on the sheet at the gym and just show up! See you there!

The end of the current Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting cycle ends this week. Today you get a taste of what athletes work on in those programs.

Click here or the photo above to register for the next Foundation Barbell cycle.

If you’re on the fence, don’t worry. Next week we’ll have a chance to establish some maxes and truly see if you want to focus on these lifts.


+ The 1RM Is Dead – T-Nation

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 6/14

hang snatch + snatch, then establish a heavy snatch

snatch pulls 3x2x105. :90 rests between sets.

back squats 3x5x80-85. 2:00 rests. Last set should be for maximum reps (minimum of 5). Focus on speed up.

Post attendance to whiteboard!

HIIT WOD – Special Edition 6am & 5:30pm

Laps, movement patterns

E3MOM x 3
– 25 burpees
– 15 ball slams

E3MOM x 3
– 20 burpees
– 20 ball slams

E3MOM x 3
– 15 burpees
– 25 ball slams


HIIT WOD – 12pm

6 rounds of each cycle

Every 2 mins
10 burpees
10 sandbag cleans
Rest 1 min

Every 2 mins
10 tuck jumps
10 sandbag squats
Rest 1 min

Every 2 mins
10 grasshoppers
10 moutain climbers
10 sandbag thrusters

Foundations 5 WOD

Panic Breathing
500-400-300-200-100 rows for time while partner holds double kb rack position

Post time and partner to whiteboard!

Is Colin receiving a power clean or dipping for a push press?


+ The Marshmallow Test: What Does It Really Measure? – The Atlantic


CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 6/13

tabata assault bike/rower/ski erg/etc

21-15-9 rounds for time:
push press
power clean

Rx 61/43kg, Performance 70/50kg, Fitness 43/29kg.

Post time to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 3/3, Day 2/3


establish a heavy SNATCH
PAUSE-above-KNEE SNATCH PULL 105 / 2 (3)
BACK SQUAT 85 / 5 (3)

– senders 2×10
– tempo single leg hip ext 2×10/side
– kettlebell z-press 2×10

Powerlifting WOD – Week 3/3, Day 2/3

4×6 mb throws
BENCH 50/5, 60/3, 70/1, 75/AMRAP

back ext 3×8
front raise 3×8
bent-over row 5×8
dips 5×10+

Kettlebell WOD

Arm Bars, TGU

**Swat Gear Shuttle**
– 10 Burpees
– 50 Yard farmer carry
– 10 Burpees
– 50 Yard farmer carry
– 10 Burpees
– 100 Yard Rack carry
– 10 Burpees
– 100 Yard Rack carry
– 10 Burpees
– 100 Yard OverHead carry
– 10 Burpees
– 50 Yard OverHead carry

Simple and Sinister

Jon working a tuck position

We work flexion exercises, like the tuck/L to strengthen the hip flexors for better positioning and eventually stronger work. If you can imagine, Jon is either holding the position statically, or he’s mid-kip to a pullup.


+ The 100 Most-Influential People in Health + Fitness – Greatist

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 6/12

back squat 5 x 5 x 70-75%, then

tabata front squats, 52/38kg, then

30 muscle-ups for time

Post scores to whiteboard!


1-to-1o nose breathing burpee ladder

5:00 on, 1:00 off, for 3 rounds:
– lateral step-up
– elevated plyo pushups
– bear hug kneel-to-stand
– bicycle kick passes
– bench over & under


10-to-1 for time:
lateral hurdle
squat thrust


Foundations 4 WOD

AMRAP in 15 minutes
25 ball taps
20 goblet squat
15 slam ball
10 knees-to-elbows/hanging knee raise

Sierra preparing to setup her lift

This week’s agenda: CGO 18.4 retest (deadlifts/hspu), back squats, tabata front squats, 30 muscle-ups, tabata cardio, push press/power clean, below-the-knee snatch + heavy snatch, snatch pulls, back squats, CGO 18.5 retest (thrusters/c2b), SUPER TOTALS, and farmer’s carry/GHDSU/muscle-up.


+ Cycle #2 Program Registrations (July, August, September) – Foundation Barbell

CrossFit WOD for Friday 3/16

CGO 18.4 Rx

21-15-9 reps of
deadlift, 102/70kg
handstand pushups


21 deadlifts, 143/93kg
50′ handstand walk
15 deadlifts, 143/93kg
50′ handstand walk
9 deadlifts, 143/93kg
50′ handstand walk

CGO 18.4 Scaled

21-15-9 reps of
deadlift, 61/43kg
hand-release pushups


21 deadlifts, 83/61kg
50′ bear crawl
15 deadlifts, 83/61kg
50′ bear crawl
9 deadlifts, 83/61kg
50′ bear crawl

9:00 time cap for both parts.

Compare to 15MAR2018. Post score/time to whiteboard.

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 3/3, Day 1/3

BtK HANG SNATCH + SNATCH up to 70%, then establish a heavy SNATCH
BtK HANG CLEAN + JERK up to 70%, then establish a heavy CLEAN & JERK

jumping good am 2x6x65%
split squat 2×8/side
banded plank or HS 2x:60

Powerlifting WOD – Week 3/3, Day 1/3

box jump 4x2x95%
back squat 50/5, 60/3, 70/1, 75/AMRAP

3×25 reverse hyper
3x:60 banded plank
3×12-20 weighted lunge

FCF Baseball Night!
Let’s get the gym family together for a night of baseball, food, drink, and good times! The Mariners are playing the KC Royals on Sunday, June 30th at 7:10pm.
The 2017 crew & supporters!
How to Spectate (Game Only)

1) Purchase a game ticket with our group by sending your payment ($40) to “info@foundationcrossfit.com” via PayPal and select “Friends and Family” for the payment type.
$40 for main level ticket to the game in the evening – this also includes entry to spectate at Battle at the Ballpark earlier in the day.
2) Show up at Safeco Field to support our teams competing!
3) Celebrate and hang out at FCF Baseball night!
DEADLINE to purchase spectator tickets: Monday, June 18 6pm. If you have additional questions, please contact Coach Sheena at sheena@foundationcrossfit.com
This FB event is to advertise and collect RSVPs for group seating to the Mariners game for Saturday June 30th, at 7:10pm. 
Note: if you plan on participating in Battle at the Ballpark, you do not need to purchase a spectator ticket.
What is Battle at the Ballpark?
Battle at the Ballpark is a 4 person team competition with CrossFit-style workouts designed for ALL levels of athletes! Grab some swole-mates (2 men, 2 women) and sign up to participate in either the RX division or scaled division!
Stacey, Mikey C., Scott, and Lauren at last year’s event

How to Participate at Battle at the Ballpark


1) Create a 4 person team!
2) Come up with a cool/fun name and REGISTER to participate. See website for more information.
3) Train as you would (or extra) for the competition!
4) Show up and have fun!
5) Celebrate and hang out at FCF Baseball night!


Next Wednesday, June 13 we will not have 6:30pm or 7:30pm classes (CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting classes) as we’ll be holding a Staff Meeting. The last class of the day will be 5:30pm. The gym will close promptly at 6:30pm.

(Those who wanted to do the evening OWL Wednesday program will have a chance to do it in any of that Thursday’s CrossFit classes)


Another retest of the 2018 CrossFit Games Open workouts. Look forward to 18.4 and 18.5 next week! Until then hopefully you’ve been working on your double unders and muscle-ups!


+ The Importance of Being Strong Enough – Heat On Minded

CrossFit WOD for Champagne Friday 6/8

CGO 18.3 – Rx

2 rounds for time of:
100 double unders
20 overhead squats, 52/36kg
100 double unders
12 ring muscle-ups
100 double unders
20 dumbbell snatches, 50/35lbs
100 double unders
12 bar muscle-ups

CGO 18.3 – Scaled

2 rounds for time of:
100 single unders
20 overhead squats, 20/15kg
100 single unders
12 pullups
100 single unders
20 dumbbell snatches, 35/20lbs
100 single unders
12 pullups

Compare to 09MAR2018. Post scores/times to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 2/3, Day 3/3

BtK HANG CLEAN + CLEAN 85 / 1 (2)
2 PAUSE FRONT SQUATS + 1 JERK 80 / 1 (3)
PAUSE at KNEE CLEAN PULL 105 / 2 (3)

GHR 3×8
ab-rollout 3×8
chinups 3×8

Powerlifting WOD – Week 2/3, Day 3/3

seated box jump 5 x 2 x 85%
PRESS 20kg/3, 60/3, 70/3, 80/3, 90/3+
DEADLIFT 55/5, 62.5/5, 67.5/3 (10)

bicep opener 3×5
tricep opener 3×5
tabata assault bike

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 6/9

establish a 1RM standing box jump, then

5 rounds for max total reps. 1:00 rest between AMRAPS.

3:00 AMRAP of
3 deadlifts, 102/65kg
6 pistols
9 pushups

Post score to whiteboard!

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 6/10

establish a 1RM seated box jump


3 rounds max reps:
:60 wall ball, 20/14lbs
:60 power snatch, 35/25kg
:60 box jump, 20/16″
:60 calorie row
:60 rest

Post score to whiteboard!