Andrew S, Kai H, and Ann-Marie D represented Foundation Barbell and FCF this past weekend down in Tacoma.

Andrew S set personal records in his snatch, clean & jerk, and total.

Kai H also set personal records in her snatch, clean & jerk, and total.

Ann-Marie D returned to competition after a year off and took 2nd Place overall while qualifying for USAW Nationals next year.

Row row row your boat


October 31, Halloween – no changes


Monday 10/29

5 rounds for time:
200m run
35 double unders
15 overhead squats, 43/29kg

Post time to whiteboard!

Tuesday 10/30

3 rounds for max total reps:
1:00 max handstand pushups
1:00 max broad jumps, 6/4′
1:00 max rope pulls, weighted
1:00 max calorie row/ski/air bike
1:00 max double kettlebell deadlifts
1:00 rest

Post score to whiteboard.

Halloween Wednesday 10/31


sumo deadlift 6×4

– then –

AMRAP in 8:00
15 wall ball, 30/20#
10 burpees
5 strict toes-to-bar

Post SDL loading and score to whiteboard.

Thursday 11/1

AMRAP in 16:00
200m run
16 knees-to-elbows
200m run
2/1 rope climb
200m run
16 dumbbell snatch, 50/35#

Post score to whiteboard.

Friday 11/2

CGO 12.2

AMRAP in 10:00
30 snatches, 34/20kg
30 snatches, 61/34kg
30 snatches, 75/45kg
max snatches, 95/55kg

Snatch technique day and a retest of another old CrossFit Games Open event. Scaled division wasn’t around then, but we will use the Masters’ numbers: 20/15kg, 34/25kg, 45/34kg, 54/41kg

Post score to whiteboard!

Saturday 11/3


AMRAP in 40:00
A) 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats
B) holds double kettlebell rack

Post score to whiteboard!

Sunday 11/4

4 rounds for time:
400m medicine ball run, 20/14#
25 wall ball, 20/14#

Rx = 20/14#, Performance = 30/20#, Scaled = 14/8#
Post time to whiteboard.

+ Powerlifting – Cycle 3, Block 3 – Week 2 PDF


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This photo is from October 12th, 2008 at FCF 1.0 when Tony and I were both about 135lbs and cherry-picking all the bodyweight CrossFit workouts.

Also Dave took 3rd Place at the Brute vs Beauty Beatdown 2018 at CrossFit Chateau!


Going to try something new this week. Feedback is appreciated! Remember: whatever is on the whiteboard on the gym is the FINAL version of the workout of the day.

Monday 10/22

for time:
50 deadlifts, 84/59kg
50 box jumps, 24/20″
50 pullups
50 calorie row
50 tuck-ups

Do bigger sets, but try to use weights that you cannot do more than sets of 10 in unless at Rx loading. Be smart and prepare your hands for this work, whether shaving your calluses down or wearing protective wraps/tape/gloves/etc.

Post time to comments!

Tuesday 10/23

21-15-9-15-21 reps for time:
power snatch, 34/25kg
overhead squats, 34/25kg

* 35 double unders after each set

Be able to get into a groove with proper mechanics with high-cycling. Snatches are power dependent, OHS are mobility and stability dependent. High-skill cardio between rounds for practice.

Post time to whiteboard!

Wednesday 10/24


6 rounds for time:
10 front squats, 102/70kg
24 American kettlebell swings, 32/24kg
14 burpee box jump overs, 24/20″

It’s been four years since tragedy struck on the Marysville-Plichuck High School campus and we run this workout to remember the lives lost and to bring awareness for continued emotional support to the students and staff at MPHS. This is going to be hard.

Post time to whiteboard. Donate to the MPHS Fitness Facility here.

Thursday 10/25

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
400m run
8 dumbbell front lunges, 2×50/35lbs
12 bar muscle-ups

A classic cardio/weightlifting/bodyweight combo, today is about the muscle-up ability under fatigue. Scaled athletes will work on their respective pulling exercises. Push the pace hard on the run and lunges, then figure out how to further your capacity with the pulling at the end of each round.

Post total reps to whiteboard!

Friday 10/26

CGO 11.4

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
60 bar-facing burpees
30 overhead squat, 55/41kg
10 muscle-ups

If you happened to miss Thursday, you still have a chance at muscle-up practice here. Bar and ring muscle-ups are cool. Also like last week this will be a great retest for those who were here 7 years ago (!!!) and haven’t retested this workout since.

Post score to whiteboard!

Saturday 10/27

You Go, I Go

10 rounds (5 rounds each athlete)
10 calorie row
10 kettlebell swings, 24/16kg

Rest and recover then

10 rounds (5 rounds each athlete)
10 power snatch, 34/20kg
10 air squats

Another Saturday, another Team workout. Do your hips have stamina? Let’s find out.

Post team and both times to whiteboard!

Sunday 10/28

every 3:00 for 21:00 (7 rounds)
7 pullups
7 weighted step-ups
7 pushups

– then –

tabata hollow rock

Interval work and midline burner dessert. Mmmm. Upper body and lower body will be taxed. Hold the weights however you see fit: farmers, rack, goblet, overhead, or some other way.

Post attendance to whiteboard!


Today we start the last blocks of the year- the next four weeks are dedicated to testing and improving your strength levels before we take a break until the new year.

Olympic Weightlifting, November Block, Week 1/4 PDF

Powerlifting, November Block, Week 1/4 PDF

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I think the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is the best “budget CrossFit shoe” out there for feet similar to mine. Check out AsManyReviewsAsPossible’s review video above if you haven’t already.

For those who tried mine at the gym the other day:

This is great at-home (or office) option for in bringing circulation and nerve stimulation to specific areas (just lay or stand on it for five minutes then take a walk- it’s so good!). I first heard about it from Tim Ferris and was hooked after I tried it.

Face it, gym gear gets nasty. Use these in your shoes, your gym bag, and your cubby at the gym if you have one (if you don’t have one, sign up on the clipboard in the back there!)

There “recharge” simply in the sun.


Foundation Barbell – Olympic Weightlifting, Week 4/4 PDF

Foundation Barbell – Powerlifting, Week 4/4 PDF


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Even though we had beautiful weather this past weekend, it’s going to turn gloomy at any moment. Be prepared for the cold and all the things that come with it in this week’s recs!

Getting sniffly? Need some nasal relief? Actually caught a cold? We need to open up and clean those nasal passages because we all take breathing well for granted. Enter saline solutions.

I used to use these packets and the bottle it came with while showering. Felt fantastic after.

Since becoming a father I’ve taken more of these bottles for personal use more than I would like to admit!

I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this before, but I was asked again on two separate occasions this past week. “How do you keep your shoes so clean?”

1. I don’t- I just clean them up after.
2. I have enough shoes for a descent rotation.

While you probably don’t like owning so many shoes, it’s nice to be able to protect them, especially in the elements:

If you absolutely can’t, cleaning them up is pretty easy with this cleaner:

the Chair Stretch

We hope that the last week introduced (or reintroduced) some potent mobility practices that you can hit before and after your workouts.

We’ll be retesting the NOT GRACE workout after an EMOM warmup, then testing your muscular stamina, and mental toughness within the week!


Foundation Barbell: Powerlifting Cycle 3, October Block, Week 3 PDF

Foundation Barbell: Olympic Weightlifting Cycle 3, October Block, Week 3 PDF


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+ 10/27 – Armor Open Weightlifting Meet at Armor Athletics, Tacoma

+ 11/17 – OUTwod Power of Pride Seattle, sponsored by Foundation CrossFit/Rocket CrossFit/CrossFit Loft/FUELhouse Gym at FUELhouse


The weather is colder and you need to be responsible for your own nutrition. Enter THE INSTANT POT! Usually runs for about $100 so $20 off is nice.

This has replaced our slow cooker and rice cooker in our home. PLUS it does so many other things! Kalua pig/pulled pork in a handful of hours (vs an all-day cook), spaghetti squash from cut to plate in 10 minutes, and you can make cheesecakes?!

Nom Nom Paleo has some great recipes, there’s an awesome facebook group, one dedicated to Vietnamese cooking in the IP, and many dedicated blogs are popping up everyday.

These are the must-have accessories I’d recommend too:

1. Steamer Basket: for veggies and eggs!

2. Utensils: I cook with OXO silicone for everything.

3. Red Hawaiian Sea Salt: my absolute favorite (and most frequent go-to recipe) is Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pig because the recipe is so simple, but you absolutely need this salt for the right flavor.

Don’t forget to add plenty of veggies! I usually play cabbage and carrots in the recipe at the end.

Sore from last week? Those situps and lunges got me!


Click to embiggen!

Foundation Barbell: Powerlifting Cycle 3, October Block, Week 2 PDF

Foundation Barbell: Olympic Weightlifting Cycle 3, October Block, Week 2 PDF


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Didn’t have any relevant conversations about stuff this week so here’s one I like

At home I enjoy making coffee through my AeroPress. It’s the closest thing to espresso (or cold brew) you can make if you have ground coffee/tea and hot water. No large machine necessary!

It’s superior to a french press for solo drinkers, and also fantastic for travel. The one thing I don’t like is that you use paper filters per use. Recently through Instagram I got to talking to one of the owners of Caffeine & Kilos and they mentioned that I should pickup a Fellow Prismo: it replaces the cap/filter portion of the AeroPress with a cleaner cap option and reusable stainless steel filter.

So good.


We’ll be sponsoring The OUTwod Power of Pride along with our friends at Rocket CrossFit, CrossFit LOFT, and FUELhouse Gym:

Check it out, save the date, call out a swole mate and register!

Robyn competed this past weekend at The 2018 Cascade Classic! Give her a high-five next time you bump into her.


After the simplistic movements of last week, let’s reintroduce higher-level options with more opportunities and longer times to work.

This week also sees the beginning of a new programming block for both of our Foundation Barbell programs:

Olympic Weightlifting – Oct 2018 PDF

Powerlifting – Oct 2018 PDF


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CFTS 18.1

CFTS 18.2


I rotate through a lot of different shoes and keeping them clean can sometimes be a challenge, especially in this line of work. I use Jason Markk cleaners, repellants, and even their insoles for many of my CrossFit shoes.

For those with weak/rehabbing wrists: you should wear supportive gear. I’m not a fan of the full fabric style (where you tension it by twisting) because it’s too aggressive on tightness. I’m also not a fan of the neoprene or Rogue-style wraps because they’re too flexible. Fortunately for me there’s a middle ground: the Rocktape Wrist Wraps. Co-developed by Jason Khalipa he devised a literal half-way between the two style I mentioned above. I use these only when my wrist isn’t feeling confident.

Calluses! They’re the one thing you’re going to have to go through here in CrossFit because we use our hands to hold onto many different things. That said you don’t have to live with rough hands if you take care of them. I was gifted a SandBar at the gym and it’s great because it emulates the pullup bar or a barbell, allowing you into the areas and corners of your hand a pumice stone or other “cheese-grater” types cannot.


We’re sponsoring POWER OF PRIDE by OUTwod, Saturday, November 17th at FUELhouse in Fremont.It’s a partner competition to raise money for a LGBTQ+ organization. Click here or the picture for more details!


Here’s the agenda for the week!

Foundation Barbell – Powerlifting, Week 4: Realization Week PDF

Foundation Barbell – Olympic Weightlifting, Week 4: Max Week PDF


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Weather is about to change! For some people in Seattle, that means getting warm prior to workouts might be more difficult. Knee sleeves do more than just heat up the knee joint: they act as shin protectors for deadlifts, pulls, and rope climbs!

Also with the cooling of the weather more people enjoy running outdoors in these milder temperatures. These insoles teach you to strike in the middle of the foot more often.

I’ve seen a similar product popping up in more circles in social media for those with tight ankles. Here’s the supplemental addition to your shoe to change up how you move!

The second-ever CrossFit Games champion, and fitness personality Jason Khalipa has released a book!


We’re going to have guest coach Chelsea coming in to help with the classes at FCF.

Chelsea is a Level 3 CrossFit Trainer and has been around the Seattle CrossFit community for a very long time and plans to open a CrossFit Affiliate in the White Center neighborhood of Seattle in the near future. Follow her on instagram here to see all the cool stuff she’s doing.

She’ll be on in the evening classes on Friday and CompEx on Saturday morning!

Coach Sarah and Colin finally welcomed their baby into the world on Monday, sharing a birthday with Coach Andrew! From the new mama bear:

Colin and I welcomed our baby girl into the world last night!

Leta (pronounced lee-tah) Dean Bleckner was born at 9:34pm, 6 lbs 10.8oz and 19.25 inches long. She came out with her eyes open and pooping!

Labor was long and the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but pushing was a breeze 😉

Thank you all for your love and support 💕

We wish them much happiness with the growth of the family and hope to see them back in FCF soon!