Day 1: It Begins!

Today is the start of our Nutrition Journal Challenge! Participation is simple:
a.) Log what and when you ate in the comments
b.) Repeat for every blog post for February.

This week we’ll be sharing how the team at FCF eats, starting with Ryan (aka Moonboots) and Tony.


Ryan’s Goals
My current goal is to lose 5kg. Because I travel a lot I frequently eat in restaurants where I try to choose the healthiest thing on the menu. While at home, I want to avoid eating out. I’d like to reduce my alcohol intake and get back to a place where I can completely cut-out processed sugar. When I go to the office, breakfast is a nightmare — they only have baked goods. I want to cut out baked goods entirely and get back to a mostly paleo situation.

What Ryan Eats and Drinks
Small breakfast (e.g. half avocado, cottage cheese and coffee), then a pretty sizable lunch and dinner. Usually 1-2 whiskeys in the evening. I eat lots of mexican (e.g. meat, corn shells, salsa), salads, avocados, steak… I really enjoy shrimp. Steak. Ice cream. Arugula. Watermelon.

I go through about a liter of sparkling water and half-liter of still water each day. Sleep is variable based on travel circumstances. If possible, I like to go to bed around 10pm and wake at 6am.

Ryan’s Kryptonite
Ice cream. I don’t have a system, but I generally try to limit to 1 pint every two weeks. Occasionally, I’ll keep yogurt in the fridge as a substitute.

How Ryan Thinks about Food, Health, and Training
I’ve been disciplined about food in the past. I take a slightly more relaxed attitude these days. I know when I’m eating poorly and the consequences it will have to my mood/performance/training. It’s a trade-off.


Tony’s Goals
My dietary goals support my training and competition lifestyle. I allow myself break periods after meets, knowing that I still need to be moderate in the foods I eat.

Tony’s Habits
I eat lean protein, all meats, eggs, lots of green veggies. I avoid sugars, pastries, dairy. I usually eat in the morning, midday after training, dinner, and a small snack before bed. I eat less than an American portion. Probably 6 ounces of protein and a plate/bowl full of cooked veggies. When I’m leaning out, I would drop out about 25% of overall calories for about 4-8 weeks.

One recipe I really like is easy to make, and I put it on a base of protein pasta is this.
Hydration and sleep habits are generally not the best, I could be drinking twice as much water as I currently am. Sleep depends on the coaching and work schedule, but I try to sleep by 11pm, wake up by 6:30am.

Tony’s Kryptonite
Soda. The new batch of seltzer waters have been a good substitute for the fizzies.

Tony’s Advice on How He Reaches His Training Goals
I find it useful to have a training goal in mind – strengthening and leaning out. I will tend to hover around a training weight and then lean out to competition weight when needed.

Come back for more tomorrow!

CrossFit WOD for Monday 2/3/2020

30 rounds for time:
5 wall ball, 20/14/8lbs
3 strict hspu
1 power clean, 102/70/45kg

35:00 cap. Compare to 17DEC2019. Share time (or rounds completed) to whiteboard and comments! Post-workout is a banded chair stretch for 2-3:00 per side.

READ: February 2020’s Nutrition Challenge at Foundation CrossFit (PDF)
WATCH: Adee’s Best Tips for Eating Out by Working Against Gravity

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  1. Alan Hudson
    Alan Hudson says:

    I’m not totally certain this is the right place for nutrition daily comments but we’ll find out. I’ve decided to follow all the diets!(well almost). I’m currently following a low carb, almost keto diet(target 50-75g carbs) with IF when not lifting. Main goal is to gain muscle for the next few months. Mainly accomplishing this by getting Cleaneats lunches and then making a mostly repeating staple of grilled meats + a vegetable side for dinner(steak + cauliflower, pork chop + bok choy, chicken stiryfry are the usuals). I usually want some desert so I save some carbs for a treat of dark chocolate per night(70% plus).

  2. David
    David says:

    Last couple days got crushed by exercise race training so ate all the foods today. 430am 4 whole eggs over medium, 1 banana, 1 almond butter and strawberry jelly sandwich on whole grain bread (daves), 6-9am large Fuji apple, 1 cup black coffee, pre-workout. 9-10ish snatch ladder/hps AB metcon. 10ish recovery drink, cool down. 11-1pm arugula salad with sausage (goat cheese, squash, candied pecans)from good weather, 3 shots espresso, 1dreamy chocolate hazelnut truffle. 3-7pm 1 bowl polenta and mobo tofu (ground pork/tofu), 1 bowl goat milk yogurt with blue berries, 5 fried veggie gyoza, seared chicken breast with broccoli, carrot, shiitake mushroom, cabbage, ginger, cilantro, scallion, quinoa styled fried rice.

  3. Adrian
    Adrian says:

    I’m picking up IF again for this challenge while also cutting back on eating land animals. I had a kale Caesar with sardines for lunch today and made Alison Roman’s “the Stew” for dinner. Look it up. It’s pretty good. Welp, it’s 8 o’clock. My “stop eating” alarm is going off. Night.

  4. Miles
    Miles says:

    Just wanna eat more (clean gains)! and at more predictable and consistent meal times (8 AM, 12 PM, 8 PM)
    The word for me this month is DISCIPLINE

    10 AM – breakfast smoothie (2 fistfuls of spinach, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxmeal, frozen cherries, 1 banana, vegan protein, meal replacement, almond milk) and supplements
    2 PM – Chipotle tofu/beef burrito bowl with all the fixin’s (sour cream, guac)
    7 PM – almond milk + whey protein
    9 PM – Tony’s ground turkey green bean stir fry recipe with homemade tomato sauce + cauliflower garlic fried rice

  5. Sarah H
    Sarah H says:

    Hi everyone!

    Goals: lose 8 lbs
    Process: log daily in MyFitnessPal, goal of 20c/40p/40f. Add me! @sarahbr11

    Breakfast: egg, leftover movie theater popcorn from Cinerama, mandarin
    Lunch: egg, lentils, peas, chicken thigh
    Snack: mandarin, a bite of a coworker’s sugar cookie, vitamin gummies
    Dinner: chicken thigh, a bit of salmon, cauliflower mash, brown rice

    Bonus: I meal prepped today! Salmon, cod, chicken, brown rice, cauliflower mash, and medium boiled eggs. It’s always easier if food is ready to go.

  6. Liz
    Liz says:

    Gonna try not to snack too much, and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and not a lot of processed foods.

    B: 2 coffees with splashes of oat milk, 1/4 of an avocado, 2 c. cherry tomatoes, 1/2 a mango, 2 club crackers. I was going to have 2 eggs but surprise – I was out of eggs.
    L: 1/2 c brown rice with madras lentils; 1 apple
    S: 1 clementine and 2 hard boiled eggs with salsa (I found eggs!)
    D: stew made with hominy, white beans, acorn squash, kale. 1 ferrero roche
    S: 2 graham crackers and 1 c. Trader Joe’s plantain chips

  7. Kelsi
    Kelsi says:

    6am powerlifting class + water

    Strangely didn’t have much of an appetite in the morning (not my normal after a lifting sesh!), and didn’t eat until lunch, but drank plenty of water and hot chocolate throughout the morning.

    Appetite kicked in in the afternoon, and I had some snacks including granola, la croixs, and a date bar.

    Got home from work and had some meatless meatloaf before heading to the gym to coach. Had some more when I returned home around 9.

  8. Coach Sarah
    Coach Sarah says:

    Monday 2/3
    Coffee w/whole milk
    Just fruit larabar
    B: Eggs and avocado, shared with small human
    Epic bar
    L: chicken thighs, kale slaw, orange, la croix
    coffee w/cream; a few hi-chew candies
    Apple & PB
    D: gf pasta with parsley & hemp pesto, ground beef and peas; roasted parsnips, green salad

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