Holding Up?

The past 3 days have felt like 3 weeks. How are you holding up?

What else can we do to help you?!

LIVE FOLLOW-ALONG WORKOUT at 12pm on Instagram Live

Follow us @foundationcrossfit.

Joint prep, 10 rounds of a 1:00 plank, then a quick mobility session.

….AND After your day is done, join us for a LIVE WINE DOWN WEDNESDAY at 6pm on Zoom

Download at zoom.us and at 6pm, join us with Meeting ID: 580 179 0582 

WORKOUT for Wednesday 3/18/2020

4 rounds for time:
400m run
50 squats

Rx+ is jumping squats. Work on your HSPU progressions: every 2:00 complete 1-2-3-2-1 for three rounds.


Do 2-3 rounds of Will’s Ab Sequence

We got some fresh ideas in bringing some sort of LIVE session to you daily. One of those ideas is a cooking session. This Sunday at 10am Coach Dave will run you through how to cook the perfect omelet.

What ingredients you’ll need (adjust as needed):
– eggs
– olive oil
– butter or ghee
– salt & pepper
– cream, half & half, or any sort of dairy/non-dairy milk
– veggies like mushrooms, red bell pepper, spinach, onion or shallot, etc

What you’ll need in your kitchen:
– a stove
– a pan, preferably non-stick
– spatula
– bowl
– fork or whisk

This will be streamed on Instagram Live, but in the future we’ll be using Zoom (so download that if you haven’t already!)

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