Friday 5/22

Check your email for the announcement about our Memorial Day Walk-Through! You can do “MURPH” or “CINDY” on your own afterwards (;

WORKOUT for Friday 5/22/2020

a. 3 rounds of 8-12 1/2 kneeling one-arm DB press
(rest 30 seconds between sides, rest 1:00 between sets)

b. 3 rounds of 8-12 one-arm DB overhead squats
(rest 30 seconds between sides, rest 1:00 between sets)

c. 3 rounds of 8-12 single-arm DB snatch
(rest 30 seconds between sides, rest 1:00 between sets)

d. 6:00 of freestyle jump rope (start and EMOM :15 of high knees)
– Try butt kickers, bell, scissor, skier, straddle, straddle cross

e. (bottom-to-bottom) tabata air squats

f. 6:00 of freestyle jump rope (start & EMOM :15 of high knees)

Warming up includes squat and shoulder prep for all of the overhead positions today. Cooling down with static positions and twisting.

NO EQUIPMENT? NO PROBLEM! If you don’t have a jump rope you can practice penguin jumps and still change up your footwork. All of the dumbbell work can be done with a backpack loaded to medium-heavy weight, but be mindful of your pack’s security. Alternatively you could use a jug of water, or a really strong shopping bag loaded lightly- focus on technique and control rather than intensity.

NOTES: Body building pieces at the beginning. The presses need to be light, if tool being used is too light, tempo the eccentric (negative portion). The idea is that the pressing will activate the entire shoulder to maintain stability for the rest of the day. Might find some biases between sides. Presses will help with that. The kneeling part is for stability. If you are standing, likely you will shift from one side to the other. Go as strict as possible. Overhead squats are suppose to be difficult, it is hard to squat and hold your hands over your head, these will help alleviate those biases and strengthen the midline and shoulder/hip girdles. Putting them on a timer will force athletes to move, and focus on the task at hand. This will also be good teaching moment to focus on good positions and cues. Snatching is for power development and stamina. Move on to the skipping rope to bottom to bottom squats then back around to the skipping rope to round out the day.

2nd Serving: Need More Work? (Strength-Bias)

3:oo of band high pulls
3:00 of bicep curls
3:00 of overhead tricep extensions

HSPU Strength Ladder: 1 round of 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 reps

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