Monday 6/8

The CrossFit community has always been bigger than one person. Without it you wouldn’t be here reading, and I wouldn’t be here writing.

Whatever the intentions, Glassman’s statements were abhorrent, tone deaf, and unacceptable.

While we decide our next steps we want you to know that we will continue to provide the same inclusive culture that you have come to know.

SESSION for Monday 6/8/2020


Continue the momentum: Minneapolis Council Members Say They Will “End” Police Department After George Floyd’s Murder – Reuters

Workout: tabata front squats, then

:30 work, :10 rest
– jumping jacks
– reverse lunge + rotation
– lunge + jumping knee drive
– pushup + t-spine rotation
– (elevated) plank run/shoulder taps
– reverse crunch + leg lift

Notes: We started our tabata front squat cycle last Monday. See if you can match or beat your previous effort.

Cash-out: today let’s learn about the Northwest Community Bail Fund

(via Scott) The prison/jailing system is one of the most harmful ways that oppresses minorities, who often come from lower income areas and are unable to legally fight for themselves in court. There is a disproportionate number of minorities who are both arrested and in jail because they are targeted through the racially biased justice system. When they are wrongfully targeted or arrested, they often have no means of speaking out or getting help and wind up “in the system” which just furthers the problem. Specifically, our bail process is one of the first layers we can address to help those who have been racially targeted. If we can reduce the number of minorities wrongfully convicted, then we can hope to give them a better chance at life by allowing them to stay “out of the system,” getting and holding better jobs, and leading a better quality life.

Volunteer some time or donate!

2nd Serving: Need More Work?

5 cycles of the following complex. Use a barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebells. Once you start the sequence go all the way through without rest. Catch your breath and recharge before going again

5 high pull
5 hang power clean
5 front squat
5 strict press
5 back squat
5 good morning

HSPU Strength Ladder: complete 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 once

READ: How the Protests Have Changed the Pandemic – New Yorker

7 replies
  1. Samudra Banerjee
    Samudra Banerjee says:

    Guys, like all of you, I was pretty disappointed with what Glassman said and was definitely not expecting this of him. However, it is important to note that he did apologize, indicating specifically that he did not mean to be racist – As human beings, we all sometimes fall victim to our emotions and we must not forget that it is the love for Glassman’s fitness model that holds us together as a community.

    • AB
      AB says:

      I am aware of the news. Thank you for insight Sam. Would love to have a conversation with you about it!

      • Samudra
        Samudra says:

        Absolutely. Really appreciate it, Andrew. Will try to join the discussion this Thursday.

  2. Sandi Philippen
    Sandi Philippen says:

    glassman = a$$hole. the way the zoom conversation went sounds horrible. his response to rocket crossfit was a real slap in the face. his apology was limp at best. i hope he steps down as CEO, but that’s doubtful. it used to be that CF affiliation gave gyms wide marketing reach. but it doesn’t have the same value as it once did. and i think many affiliates realize that they can continue to maintain robust communities without the affiliation, particularly as toxic as glassman’s statement is. this is a very good time to sink our teeth in & to hold ourselves accountable for change. it’s been promising to see so many people taking a stand.

    • Michi Shinohara
      Michi Shinohara says:

      Totally agree Sandi! Even his stepping down was soft-peddled as a retirement. It’s real half-a$$ed. (Also: super nice to see you in person today at the hospital!!)

  3. Samudra
    Samudra says:

    Thanks Sandi for sharing. On reading more on the topic, I must admit, I no longer have the soft corner for Glassman. Looks like most of what gave CrossFit it’s name – the gyms, the competitions, the top athletes are all against it now.

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