Friday 10/31

HALLOWEEN is tomorrow and so we want everyone who’s comfortable to dress up for classes in gym or at home- tag us in your costumed workouts on Insta (@foundationgym) or facebook!

Flashback Friday: 2010 Halloween workout and party at Foundation 3.0

CONDITIONING for Champagne Friday 10/30/2020


AMRAP 3:00
20 high knees
20 mountain climbers

Rest 1:00, then

AMRAP 3:00
20 butt kicks
20 bicycles

Rest 1:00, then

AMRAP 3:00
20 lateral jumps (pogos)
20 speed skaters

Compare to July 28th, 2020. Post results to comments!

WATCH: The Buttery Bros at the 2020 CrossFit Games (which is basically a behind-the-scenes of the future CrossFit Games documentary)