Wednesday 3/3

Next up on our list are the pioneers of this “clean energy” drink in the functional fitness space: KILL CLIFF Recovery and FitAid Recovery. These two types of drinks function the same way: you can have it anytime, but it probably works best immediately post-workout or on a rest day.

KILL CLIFF Recovery (Berry Legit Lemonade, the only flavor we currently carry)

This was the original canned beverage I saw in our functional fitness space. Cleaner ingredients like erythritol as the sweetener, and a vitamin and plant extract blend (see below) with tons of electrolytes for staying hydration and continued function, B-vitamins for pulling energy from food and creating more within the body, and enzymes for breaking down the macronutrients in food: Amylase for carbs, Protease for proteins, and Lipase for fats*. Kill Cliff contains all three and because of that, I drink these right before or during my post-workout nutrition.

Kill Cliff Recovery (20 calories: 12g/0g/0g) contains 25g of caffeine- a cup of plain coffee is usually around 95mg.

When should I drink it?

  • I think these are great literally anytime- before, during, or after. The amount of caffeine is negligible and some could argue that it is there simply so you don’t crash immediately after your workout.
  • I personally drink these during workouts. Also if I need a cold beverage after morning or afternoon workouts.

What’s in it?

Erythritol as the sweetener, Vitamin & Plant Extract Blend: taurine for nerve growth, D-glucuronolactone for joints, sodium citrate (electrolyte), ginger root extract for anti-inflammatory properties, monopotassium phosphate (electrolyte), green tea extract (plant-derived caffeine + L-theanine), inositol for metabolism and calmness, ginseng root powder for a strong immune system, Vitamins B3+B5+B2+E acetate+B12 for energy production, Citric acid for flavor and acts as a natural preservative, Enzyme Blend: Bromelain for digestion and soreness relief, Lipase, Amylase, Protease 4.5, Invertase is an enzyme that breaks down sugars, Beta-Glucanase is an enzyme commonly found in beer and wine, Serrazimes which does a similar job to Protease, Stevia as a sweetner, Fruit/Veggie Extract for color.

FitAid Recovery (Citrus Medley)

FitAid Recovery (40 calories: 9g/0g/0g) Vegan and contains 25g of caffeine- a cup of plain coffee is usually around 95mg.

When should I drink it?

  • Like its competitor above, I think these are great before/during/after your workout with that bit of caffeine from (green tea extract) to avoid the post-workout bonk.

What’s in it?

Sweetened with organic agave nectar, Vitamin C (an essential vitamin bodies don’t produce), Vitamin D3 for absorbing calcium and regulating immune functions, Vitamin E to prevent cellular damage, green tea extract (plant-derived caffeine + L-theanine), Vitamin B1(Thiamin)+B2(Riboflavin)+B3(Niacin)B6+B7(Biotin)+B12 for energy production, D-Calcium pantothenate, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Green tea extract, L-Arganine hydrochloride, L-Glutamine for joints, D-Glucosamine hydrochloride for joints, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Quercetin, CoQ10 for cellular energy generation, Turmeric root extract as an anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant, algae for Omega-3 fatty acids which help blood viscosity for better recovery.

FitAid Rx Zero Sugar (Sour Grape) and FitAid Rx (Sour Grape)

FitAid Recover Rx +Creatine Zero Sugar (5 calories: 1g/0g/0g)

These are basically the same as the FitAid above, but in a different flavor and with a small amount of creatine– a substance found naturally in muscle cells that assist in energy production during high-intensity exercise. Also cool: they don’t use sodium since we get so much in our food!

The white can has no sugar and is flavored by both monk fruit extract and Stevia.

The black can has a couple of grams of agave nectar for some simple carbs.

When should I drink it?

  • I think these are also great literally anytime- before, during, or after. The big thing I personally think is that if you are supplementing with creatine it should be taken at the same time every session. Also seeing as the preferred amount to take is about 2.5g/daily you would need to down two of these to reach that.
  • Otherwise basically all of the same answers as above

What’s in it?

45mg caffeine. Vegan. Creatine to develop/maintain power and speed during exercise, B-Complex for the nervous and immune systems, caffeine and theanine from Green Tea Extract, Omega 3s & CoQ10 for cardiovascular health, Glucosamine to support joint health, Quercetin for inflammation, BCAAs to maintain power in muscles, and Glutamine to reduce muscle breakdown during exercise.

FitAid Recover Rx +Creatine (40 calories: 9g/0g/0g)

45mg caffeine. Vegan. Creatine, BCAAs, Glutamine. Vit C, D3, E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium. Proprietary Blend (1848mg) of creatine monohydrate, green tea extract, L-arganine hydrochloride, L-glutamine, glucosamine hydrochloride, leucine, quercetine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, CoQ10, Tumeric extract, Docosahexaenoic acid

*Those who are lactose-intolerant can do better with dairy by increasing the amounts of lipase they have, through food and supplementation.

CONDITIONING for Wednesday 3/3/2021


Grab a bumper plate and it must stay on your person the entire time.

2 rounds for time:
20 burpee-swings
30 pushups
40 situps
50 walking lunges

Start and end with a 470m waiter’s walk (that’s around the block for us). Check us out doing this over 11 years ago!

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