HAPPY 2023 EVERYONE! Be safe tonight (and all nights) and here’s to all the success and lessons in the new year.

SKILLS for Saturday 12/31/2022 is the BENCH PRESS

WORKOUT for Sat 12/31/2022

3 rounds for time:
36 burpees
24 pullups
12 back squats, 45/70/100kg

The barbell must be taken from the floor- no racks! Post time to whiteboard.

As we move into the new year there will be a few changes to how things are run at FOUNDATION GYM.

1. The blog will be no more. As this was something I was keen on to provide photos, news, and insight alongside the workouts that will no longer be the case. You can find your class programming on PushPress. Consolidation for the win!

2. GYMNASTICS will be archived for the time being. When the athletes demand more, the gym will provide, so please- continue telling the staff what you want to see in your training options.

3. There will be another post for tomorrow if you plan to attend classes.

Lastly, it’s been a pleasure seeing all of you evolve as athletes. It may have not hit you during your orientation, but we believe that if you have a body you are an athlete. It’s something I’ve stood for for a long time, and something I saw the fitness industry fail at largely. The opponent isn’t the other gym down the street- it’s being static. It’s not knowing how capable and how full of potential you are.

If I’ve left you anything I hope it’s that you are capable of more, regardless of your current station in life. I hope you’ve seen the power of doing things well alongside the power of hard (sometimes unwanted) work and dedication can yield.

I hope you know how awesome you are and that you should celebrate that every damn day.

WORKOUT for Champagne Friday 12/30/2022

for time:
100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats


5 rounds for time:
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 situps
50 squats
3:00 rest


as many rounds and reps as possible in 20:00
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Post results to whiteboard

ENGINE for Fri 12/30

AMRAP in 20:00
400m run
:30 handstand
500m row
:30 plank
1km bike
:30 hang
~200 single unders
:30 support

BODYBUILDING for Fri 12/30

In any order:

a.) max DB bench press in 5:00 then 300 banded pull aparts

b.) 3×20 RDL
3×20 Sumo RDL
3×20 Dimel deadlift

c.) 3+ rounds
12 Viper presses, heavy
barbell bicep 21’s (full range, bottom range, top range)

GYMNASTICS for Fri 12/30

Time to test what you’ve learned and set you up for future success

Build your own 40-minute EMOM
a. lower/legs/squat
b. midline (static)
c. upper/shoulders/press
d. midline (dynamic)
e. high-level skill

… and that’s it.

Join us tomorrow for the final Champagne Friday of 2022 and my final shift as head coach and co-owner tomorrow evening. Last workout is at 5:30pm, with the celebration starting at 6:30pm!

We’ll have some drinks and snacks on hand, but you should definitely BYOB just in case.

SKILLS for Thursday 12/29/2022 is the JERK

CompEx for Thurs 12/29

3 sets
8 barbell Z-press @2011
8-10 ab-rollouts @3011

3 sets
8-10 landmine row @2111
8-10 landmine cossack squat @2111

every 8:00 x 4 sets
for time:
800m run
20 pullups
10 power cleans, 43/56/80kg

Santa Finisher #2

THROWBACK for Thurs 12/29

WORKOUT for Working Womxn’s Wednesday 12/28/2022

“12 Days of CrossFit”
in cumulative song format, for time:
100m run/150m row
2x 25′ bear crawl
:03 handstand
4 DB clean & jerks, 2×20/35/50lbs
5 dive-bomber pushups
6 knees-to-elbows
7 kettlebell swings, 12/16/24kg
8 toes-to-bar
9 (ring) dips
10 squat thrusts/burpees
11 pullups
12 rocking pistols

or make up a 40-minute EMOM rotating through 4-5 stations! Post time to whiteboard!

ENGINE for Wed 12/28

for time:
50 calorie row
30 push press
50 burpee over rower
30 thruster
50 calorie bike
30 power clean

Rx = 30/50/70kg. Post time to whiteboard.

BODYBUILDING for Wed 12/28

3-4 rounds
8 one-arm DB chest fly/side
8 one-arm DB lat pullover/side

2-3 rounds
12 one-arm row/side
12 one-arm rear delt fly/side

1-2 rounds
15 drag curl negatives (or KB towel curls)
15 JM press

SKILLS for Tuesday 12/27/2022 is the CLEAN

CompEx for Tues 12/27

3 sets
40-80 double unders
1-2 rope climbs
:30 freestanding or wall-facing handstand march

3 sets
8-10 tempo split squats @3011
4-6 tempo nordic curls @4011
8-10 tempo double-kettlebell bent over rows @2111

EMOM x20
a. :45 wall sit
b. 15 wall ball
c. :45 strict pullup
d. 26 seated banded row

GYMNASTICS for Tues 12/27

E2MOM x16
6 (strict) pullups
12 single leg squats
24 shoulder taps (plank > wall HS)/24′ handstand walk

core finisher

CrossFit and GT for 9/10/11am only!

WORKOUT for Monday 12/26/2022

every 7 minutes for 21 minutes:
20 DB bent-over row, 2×20/35/50lbs
30 DB step-ups, 12/20/24
400m run (or equivalent)

Rest the remainder of the interval before going again. Post attendance to whiteboard!

CONDITIONING for Mon 12/26

Hope you and yours are having a warm and safe holiday weekend!

CONDITIONING for Sunday 12/25/2022

MOBILITY for Sun 12/25

Some funky weather we’re having, huh? Just in case we can’t run classes again we’ll share some options below, but definitely check out YouTube for tons of “Follow-Along” videos for workouts, stretching, rolling out, and more.

SKILLS for Saturday 12/24/2022 is the CLEAN

WORKOUT for Sat 12/24

AMRAP in 20:00
5 wall walks
200m farmer’s carry

then maybe a lift!

CONDITIONING for Sat 12/24

CORE for Sat 12/24

MOBILITY for Sat 12/24

Be safe out there! Weather looks to be pretty bad come the morning so we’ve cancelled all classes and GT hours until 12pm.

WORKOUT for Friday 12/23/2022

establish a 1RM shoulder-to-overhead (shoulder press, push press, jerk, etc) in 20:00 then

for time:
30 push press
30 thruster
30 power clean

Rx = 30/50/70kg. Post time to whiteboard!

ENGINE for Fri 12/23

5 rounds for time:
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 situps
50 squats
3:00 rest

BODYBUILDING for Fri 12/23

3-4 rounds
8 one-arm DB chest fly/side
8 one-arm DB lat pullover/side

2-3 rounds
12 one-arm row/side
12 one-arm rear delt fly/side

1-2 rounds
15 drag curl negatives (or KB towel curls again)
15 JM press

GYMNASTICS for Fri 12/23

EMOM x15
a. 2 pike walk clocks
b. 12  single leg squats
c. 6 box jump burpee, high

4 rounds
20 weighted crunch
30 supine oblique crunch
5 parallette shoot through

SKILLS for Thursday 12/22/2022 is the DEADLIFT

CompEx for Thurs 12/22

E2MOM x6 do 2 front squats at 80%

every 5:00 for 5 rounds
250/300m row
6 power cleans, 34/52/70kg
250/300m row
9 burpee-over-rower

3 sets
16 reverse lunge
20 banded face pulls

MOBILITY for Thurs 12/22