Monday 5/23

In our new GYMNASTICS class (Tues 3:30pm, Fri 2pm) we tested a max wall-assisted handstand, with our Performance Standard being 3:00 unbroken. Two athletes met that goal, and we’ll be developing stronger shoulders and more spinal mobility.

How long could you hold a handstand for?

WORKOUT for Monday 5/23/2022


EMOM x 30:00
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats

Novice can try 3/6/9, Intermediates can start as written then drop to 4/8/12, etc. If you’ve done CHELSEA, CINDY, or MURPH before you should try 6/11/16 or higher per round. Could also apply c2b/pistols/pushups to the rep scheme.

Post attendance to whiteboard!

No 7:30pm tonight due to the building’s power being worked on.

MURPH IS COMING (one 10am class!) next week on Memorial Day 2022.