Wednesday 9/21

WORKOUT for Wednesday 9/21/2022

Every 3:00 for 27:00

a. 500m row
b. 400m run
c. max burpee box jump over, 12/20/24″

Post score to whiteboard!

ENGINE for Wed 9/21

1:00 max double unders
1:00 max axle bar lunges
1:00 max single unders
1:00 max axle bar deadlifts
1:00 burpees


50-40-30-20-10 banded tricep extensions
25-30-15-10-5 DB lat raise -OR- Lu raise
for time:
20 handstand pushups
20 close-grip pushups
20 pushups
20 wide-grip pushups
20 archer pushups
100 bicep curls (*25 shrugs every break)
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