Our Facility.

Foundation CrossFit is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. We’ve been in our current facility (FCF 4.0) since 2012.

Our 6,500 square foot space holds over 2,500kg of weights. We have ample cubby space, three bathrooms (one with a shower), and multiple changing rooms.

Our hours of operation can be found on our Class Schedule page.

Fitness equipment: 20/15kg barbells, bumper plates (kg), over 130 feet of pull-up bars, iron and competition kettlebells, Concept 2 rowers, Air Assault bikes, Schwinn AirDynes, ab-mats, yokes, wooden stall bars, gymnastics rings (including both standard and FIG spec, wooden and plastic), Dynamax and slammer medicine balls, GHDs, reverse hyper, weight sleds, chains, belts, atlas stones, weight vests, sandbags, GoRuck Ruckers, an Indo Board, Gibbon slack lines, and more.

Mobility equipment: bands, foam and hard rollers, lacrosse balls, Supernovas, wooden dowels, PVC pipes, roll recovery, yoga blocks, yoga mats, gymnastic mats, and a random orbital car buffer.