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Overhead Mondays

Paul with 85kg This week we’ll hit all of the shoulder-to-overhead movements for maxes, a max row w/ CINDY sprinkled in between, a clean & jerk max followed by a kettlebell/deadlift bruiser, a quadruple, TABATA THIS!, a hang squat clean/burpee-over-bar + max snatch workout similar to 18.2, and a chipper! Also: LAST CHANCE to get […]


There are two great options for your overhead squat grip-width: Use the same grip you use for the snatch Use a grip slightly-closer than (1.). Although it requires more mobility, it’s definitely more stable. (Bonus) Front squat if the overhead position isn’t stable. You’ll still have to keep a vertical torso to be successful for […]


Fixation refers to a loaded position in which an athlete needs to hold an object: this could be a barbell in the snatch (bottom of the overhead squat, standing full-extension), or like today with the kettlebells. Owen at VERSUS XI ARTICLES + 2018 Foundation Barbell Cycles – Foundation CrossFit + Registration for the May 2018 […]

2018 Foundation Barbell Cycles (Updated)

*** UPDATED Sunday 5/6 *** Let’s look at the remainder of the year and see what barbell programs we have planned. All info and at-a-glance calendars can be found here: 2018 Foundation Barbell Cycle Overview (PDF). Register for the May 2018 program by May 7th at 11:59pm here. We’ve restructured the way we will execute the programming, […]

Ok Bro

Mrs. OKAY BRO at the last In-House Foundation Barbell Weightlifting Meet Sign up for the next Olympic Weightlifting or Powerlifting program here! ARTICLES + Older, Fitter: Lowering Stress and Managing the Stuff Within Your Control – Beyond the Whiteboard CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 5/2 “OKAYBRO” Perform 10 rounds of the following complex for max load: […]

FCF WODclub Reups

Yesterday we had four WODclub celebrations: Rachel (50), Chris (300), Rachael (500), Ann-Marie (1000) ARTICLES + Father Saves Baby Son’s Life with CPR – BBC News CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 5/1 “OTIS” AMRAP in 15 minutes: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-etc of back squat, 1.5BW/BW strict press, .75/.5BW deadlift, 1.5BW/BW Post rounds completed to comments. HIIT WOD – 12pm […]

Still Rings Are Back!

Jeff P, circa 2013 Workout lookahead: OTIS, the OKAYBRO complex, a Team WOD, NANCY, touch-and-go clean & jerks, hspu/double unders, bench press, and tabata midline work. ARTICLES + Rings (Gymnastics) – Wikipedia CrossFit WOD for Monday 4/30 “CANDY” 5 rounds for time: 20 pullups 40 pushups 60 squats Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Buffer Week 1/2, […]


Or halvsies. Either way! ARTICLES + My Sister’s Green Chicken – Nom Nom Paleo CrossFit WOD for Friday 4/27 1/2 CGO 18.3 – Rx 2 rounds for time of: 50 double unders 10 overhead squats, 52/36kg 50 double unders 6 ring muscle-ups 50 double unders 10 dumbbell snatches, 50/35lbs 50 double unders 6 bar muscle-ups […]


Mark vs Nate! ARTICLES + The Corruption of Evidence-Based Medicine– Killing for Profit – Dr. Jason Fung for Medium CrossFit WOD for Thursday 4/26 Establish a sumo deadlift 5RM in 20 minutes, then split squat 5×5/side. Finish out with ABmaggedon. Post 5RM to whiteboard! HIIT WOD TEMPO / TIME TRAIL 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 row Cal burpee situp air […]

Prepped For Rope Climbs?

Colin’s Super Secret Rope Climb Guard Method ARTICLES + Sam Briggs Withdraws From Regionals, Finishes AGOQ – Morning Chalkup CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 4/25 Online Age Qualifier 18.1 for time: 4 thrusters, 61/43kg 1 15-ft. rope ascent 8 thrusters 2 15-ft. rope ascents 12 thrusters 3 15-ft. rope ascents 15 minute time cap. NOTES: Figure out […]