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Single Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks

Throwback Thursday: Elliot in Late June 2013 ARTICLES + That Spitting Thing at the World Cup? It – NY Times + Harrison Maurus Smokes 195kg Clean & Jerk – BarBend Watch local weightlifter Harrison Maurus at the IWF Junior World Championships: Spoiler: he takes Gold in the Clean & Jerk, Bronze overall. CrossFit WOD for […]

Xena Said It Best

The coaches can’t wait until you point this out every class! Twinning: Jeffrey and Jon ARTICLES + How I Trained My Motor Cortex to Help Me Squat More – BarBend CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 7/11 7 sets of 50’ lunges, ascending in weight AMRAP in 20:00 200m run 20 burpees Post total burpees to whiteboard! […]

Rib Flare Much?

In loaded positions, it’s easy to lose positioning when fatigued or not respecting the proper postures. This could lead to muscular issues or more down the line. ANNOUNCEMENTS The gym will be closed this Sunday. We still have room for this weekend’s BEYOND MOVEMENT: The Coaching of Coaches course with Carl Paoli. Register for the […]

Second Week of July

Remember those dumbbell hang clean & jerks from 18.1? Here’s to another awesome week of fitness! On tap: run/c2b pullups/clean & jerks, back squat triples, farmer’s carries/burpees, lunges, running/burpees, double unders/dumbbell hang clean & jerks/single-leg toes-to-bar, PACED ISABEL, PACED GRACE, Simple & Sinister, and power cleans/front squats/push jerks. ARTICLES + “Pray For Your Boy”: Kam […]

New PR Board

Have you seen our new PR board? We’re utilizing the window next to our stall bars to write up ANY personal record you accomplish within the month: a new GRACE time, getting up without an alarm clock, coming to Foundation CrossFit three days in a row, not eating like crap until the weekend, joining Endurance […]

Endurance Club is Back!

Check out the crew who joined us for the return of our summer Endurance classes! Seattle University is one of the many venues throughout the city for the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games. You can see the schedule and events here. If you didn’t see on Tuesday’s post, we’ll be giving out two endurance building […]


Independence Day 2018

Happy Forth of July everybody! We have a limited schedule today. 9am CrossFit – Hero WOD MARCO, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting 10am CrossFit – Hero WOD BOWEN 11am CrossFit – Hero WOD JOSIE Enjoy your mid-week holiday!

Squats and the First of Many Muscle-Ups

Give a big welcome to the JUNE FOUNDATIONS ON-RAMP GRADUATES! ARTICLES + Could Baking Soda Be the Best Workout Supplement You’ve Never Tried? – BarBend CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 7/3 back squat 8 sets of 3 reps at 60-70%. Rest 1:00 between sets, then AMRAP in 6:00 15 front squats, 75/53kg max muscle-ups Post max […]

Limbos Out of the Weekend Like…

Nasreen limbos out of the weekend like Coming this week! Run/wall ball, back squats, front squats/muscle-ups, MARCO (pullups/hspu/thrusters), BOWEN (run/deadlifts/burpee pullups/kb thrusters), JOSIE (run/burpees/power clean/front squats/run), 100 dips, double unders/burpees/bar muscle-up, Simple & Sinister, kettlebell cleans/kettlebell lunges/box jumps, and “HEAVY DOUBLE” (back squats, presses, deadlifts). ANNOUNCEMENTS – Registration for this block of Foundation Barbell programs […]

CINDY or MARY and Stacks

  That concludes our week of supplements. Learn something? Like it? Let us know! Maybe we could go even further in this complicated and oversaturated market. It can be very overwhelming in an aisle, let alone a supplement store like GNC or SuperSupplements. So to conclude our week, let’s chat some random notes: – Remember […]