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CGO 17.4 is…

… CGO 16.4! ARTICLES + Coaches Roundtable: CrossFit Open 16.4 – Tabata Times CrossFit WOD for Friday 3/17 CGO 17.4 aka CGO 16.4 Rx AMRAP in 13 minutes: 55 deadlifts, 102/70kg 55 wall-ball shots, 20/14# to 10/9′ 55 calorie row 55 hspu Scaled AMRAP in 13 minutes: 55 deadlifts, 61/43kg 55 wall-ball shots, 20/10# to […]


Nadia T The power position is not only used in the reception of the bar, but also on the way up (aka Position 3) to make sure you’re providing a vertical bar path and power the movement with the legs. ARTICLES + The Power Position: The Most Important Position – Danny Camargo for Box Life […]

World Eater

Squad 17.3 ARTICLES + Facebook Event – VERSUS X Intergym Throwdown – Foundation CrossFit + The night before Versus (Friday) we will show The Fittest On Earth: A Decade of Fitness, the newest from CrossFit Films at 7:30pm CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 3/14 AMRAP in 20:00 8 dips 9 kettlebell swings, 24/16kg 10 toes-to-bar 9 push […]

Monday Benching

Lindsay C, Gina M, Nadia T Great work this weekend with CGO 17.3! After Week 2 of the FCF Intramural Open our standings are: 1.) FLEX APPEAL, 2.) Thundercats, 3.) Blue Barracudas Quick overview of this week’s training: bench presses, thruster/pullups, dip/kb swings/t2b/push press/burpees, DIANE, clean/ring row/slam ball, CGO 17.4, row/situps/double unders/wall ball, and Grayson’s […]

YGIG Linda

I’m so proud of these two!!! Their performances today were so amazing. #17point3 #hyfrsquad #fcfio2017 #fcfbluebarracudas @foundationcrossfit A post shared by Cheryl Ceballos (@cheryl_ceballos) on Mar 11, 2017 at 1:34pm PST CrossFit WOD for Sunday 3/12 YGIG 10-to-1 for time: deadlift (1.5x) bench press (1x) clean (.75x) Fitness = 40/30kg, Rx = 55/40kg, Performance = […]

Team Saturday

17.1 in the books! Thanks coach @fisheboy for counting for me! #cfgo2017 #allofthesnatches #calmingvoiceinmyhead #FCFio2017 #TeamBlueBarracudas #17point1 A post shared by Nadia Torres-Chinn (@ntorreschinn) on Feb 24, 2017 at 9:12pm PST CrossFit WOD for Saturday 3/11 in partners, for time: 90 burpees 80 situps 70 perfectly vertical kettlebell swings 60 HR pushups 50 synchro kettlebell […]

The Saturday CGO 17.3 Event

Some things to note for tomorrow: 1. Athletes with a 1RM SNATCH at 59/39kg or lower will be doing the Scaled Division workout. Athletes with a 1RM SNATCH of 60/40kg or greater will do the Rx Division workout. 2. For logistical reasons all athletes who don’t agree with Item 1 should do 17.3 today (Friday) […]

#17point3 is …

Watching Castro explain the workout scheme ARTICLES + CrossFit Open 17.3 Prep, Tips, and Strategy – The Movement Fix CrossFit WOD for Champagne Friday 3/10 Rx Division Prior to 8:00, complete: 3 rounds of: 6 chest-to-bar pull-ups 6 squat snatches, 43/29kg Then, 3 rounds of: 7 chest-to-bar pull-ups 5 squat snatches, 61/43kg *Prior to 12:00, […]

12 Round YGIG

Paul L and Eli S In today’s You Go I Go each round should be performed as fast as humanly possible. CrossFit WOD for Thursday 3/9 YGIG 12 rounds for time: 150m row 15 kettlebell snatch, 24/16kg 15 burpees Post teams and times to whiteboard! HellaFit WOD  

A, B, or Both

Colin B How do you break down the work sets for ISABEL/GRACE/ISAGRACE? Big sets? Small sets? Singles? Whatever you can muster unbroken in the beginning then survive until the end? ARTICLES + Tips From the Pros: How to Tackle Your Favorite CrossFit Benchmark Workout – Box Life Magazine CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 3/8 “ISABEL” for […]