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Monday the 8th

April Foundations graduate Ander D Burpees are the ultimate expression of a human’s ability to get down and get up, taking you from a standing position to a prone position (laying on your chest and stomach) to a vertical jump. Scaling is simply a degree of speed and how many points of contact you take […]

May’s First Friday

Happy Friday ya’ll! #champagnefriday #fcf #HYFRsquad #herowod #McGHEE A post shared by Nadia Torres-Chinn (@ntorreschinn) on May 6, 2016 at 5:02pm PDT Almost exactly a year ago! First Friday is a little celebration we started back at CrossFit SLU when we wanted to celebrate life and training. It’s extended back to FCF and while we were […]

Deadlifts: Week 2

Hugh M Back in the day deadlifts used to be called “health lifts” because it’s the most basic of movement: pick up a load/weight from the ground to a standing position. Do this well and live a healthy life! ARTICLES + Optimize Your Mind and Boost Your Confidence feat. Justin Stenstrom – Brute Strength Podcast CrossFit […]

Who Doesn’t Love Lunges?

Not that they’re in today’s workout, but remember that along with all the squat variations we do it is important that we also focus on single-leg strength as well. ARTICLES + The Importance of Single Leg Training – CrossFit Perpetua Upcoming Events + This Friday, 5/5, is First Friday! Bring something to share with your […]


Leslie B and Lauren A Dumbbells and kettlebells will be showing up more often to get away from the monotony of the barbell. These individual weights allow more individually-natural movement, while showcasing limits between each side of the body. They also challenge your stability and balance in the positions you already know with the barbell. […]

A New Week + New Crew

April 2017 Foundations Graduates With more class options! Let’s break it down: CrossFit – our ongoing strength & conditioning classes based on constantly-varied functional movements executed at a relatively-high intensity. Offered seven-freaking-days-a-week. Olympic Weightlifting – development of proficiency and power in the olympic lifts (snatch, clean & jerk). Offered M/W/F and soon to be Saturday. […]


Devin B With the bar in the overhead position we’d like to see the wrists relaxed, stacked wrists, elbows, shoulder, rib cage, hips, knees, and ankles. CrossFit WOD for Saturday 4/29 YGIG AMRAP in 12 minutes: 12 deadlifts 9 hang power cleans 6 jerks – rest 3 minutes – YGIG AMRAP in 12 minutes: 6 […]

Introducing Dave H

Howdy!  I’m David and I’m from Juneau, Alaska. At least that’s where I grew up till age 13 and moved to Singapore for a couple of years. Moved to Seattle during the grunge years and never looked back. I guess I’m a Seattle guy and my heart is from Alaska. Man, I’m so Seattle that […]

Pullup/Run/Power Snatch

If you enjoy running as much as KB looks like she does, you should’ve have a problem with today’s workout! ARTICLES + Stability Now! – Bill Starr for the CrossFit Journal CrossFit WOD for Champagne Friday 4/28 EMOM 10 minutes: 5 weighted pullups, as heavy as possible 3 rounds for time: 400m run 15 power […]

Did You See?

Kai H, Nadia T, and Tina L Our schedule has expanded! More classes and class times have been added to your muscular and sweaty pleasure. READ, DAMN IT, READ: http://www.foundationcrossfit.com/2017/04/2017-expanded-schedule/ We’re always tinkering, so if you have any ideas let us know. ARTICLES + Does the Sound of Noisy Eating Drive You Mad? Here’s Why. – TIME […]