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Now that January is over we think we need something to keep the goal-setting and goal-finishing fires going. We’re not ‘resolutionaries‘. The 2017 CrossFit Games Open season is among us and what better way to kick off February by playing a new game…   Introducing FCF BINGO!   Here’s how we’re going to get geared […]

Push Presses Are Leg Exercises

Bobby B Violent leg and hip extension should be the focus within push pressing. The arms simply continue the speed developed by hitting the ‘finish’ position. CGO2017 Team Foundation CrossFit watch: ARTICLES + Why I Did It – Natalie Newhart CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 2/1 2 rounds for time: 30 wall balls 20 push press, […]


Lyndsay F The handstand pushup is one of those high-level movements that we will generally see during the CrossFit Games Open, so we’re going to put an emphasis on improving this skill. ARTICLES + Alternatives to the Foam Roller for Improving Thoracic Mobility – Prime-Physio Fitness CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 1/31 establish a 1RM press then […]

Industrious Resolution 2017

Went 4 for 6 (91/122/213) at #IndustriousResolution17! I hit a (CrossFit) snatch PR at 95kg but it wasn’t counted because of a pressout #butitcountsincrossfit. Also set a new lifetime/meet CJ PR of 122kg. Big thanks to @heysheena #magicalbabyjedi, coach @fisheboy, @bee_see @ammmery @gabriellenfuller @beautiful_thieves @shotssquatssurf @laulaulemon for coming out to support, @tiawright06 for being an […]


Gus (via Tom Boy X) Today we retest one of the first-ever CGO events. ARTICLES + New Spacesuit  Unveiled for Starliner Astronauts – NASA + CGO 2017 Registration – CrossFit Games MAKE SURE THAT YOU JOIN TEAM FOUNDATION CROSSFIT! CrossFit WOD for Test Friday 1/27 CGO 11.2 AMRAP in 15 minutes: 9 deadlifts, 70/45kg 12 […]

Remember This One?

Cheryl C Cycling movements in manageable sets will be important in maximizing today’s score. ARTICLES + What Happened When We Used CrossFit For Marathon Training – Runner’s World CrossFit WOD for Max Thursday 1/26 CGO 14.4 AMRAP 14 mins 60 calorie row 50 toes-to-bar 40 wall balls, 20/14# 30 cleans, 61/43kg 20 muscle-ups HellaFit WOD […]

Pace and Cycle

Mark-Anthony B For those who did this last time: do you have a pace to hold so you could possibly go heavier? Is there a cycling technique you’ve figured out? CrossFit WOD for Volume Sunday 1/15 7 sets of the following complex: high hang clean + hang clean + touch-and-go clean + push press high […]


Bobby B and Dave H ARTICLES + Coaching Roundatable CrossFit Open 14.4: Tips and Advice – Tabata Times CrossFit WOD for Test Tuesday 1/24 50-40-30-20-10 reps for time: wall ball situps double unders OR if you’ve never done the benchmarks separately before “ANNIE” 50-40-30-20-10 reps for time: situps double unders rest 1 minute, then “KAREN” […]

Welcome to Max Week

photo by Ann-Marie D Thanks for coming out this past Saturday for the Annual FCF Not-Holiday Party! It’s max week, so let’s test/retest a bunch of important fitness skills and capWhat to look forward to this week: 10-rep max bench press, 100 pullups or 30 muscle-ups, kinda KAREN + ANNIE, The Big Clean Complex, CGO […]

The Jumpy One

Victor M Not all jump ropes are created equal: some range from coated-cable speed ropes with cheap handles for a couple of bucks, cheap heavier “licorice”-style ropes with simple plastic handles, fancy aluminum ball-bearing handles with cable ropes for maximum spin, adjustable weight ropes with thicker handles, to the top of the line ropes costing $50+ […]