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17.2 Shout Outs

In case you missed it: after week two, FLEX Appeal (Green Team) is in the lead followed by Team Blue Barracudas and Team Red, The Thundercats! Points for 17.3 will be tallied up after Tuesday evening when all the scores have been validated. Just two more weeks of the Open and then we’ll close it out […]

Intramural Open Update: Week 1

And just like that, 17.1 and 17.2 are done! Which workout did you like better? We were surprised to see that the dumbbells would show up again. Special thanks to Patrick H. and Rain City Fit for lending us the extra weights two weekends in a row! Here’s hoping we’re completely done with them! After […]


Staff: Why I Sign Up for the OPEN (Part 2)

Happy Champagne Friday! By this time some of you have already done 17.1. Priority is to hit this workout with everyone on Saturday from 10am-12pm but if you’re unable to make it, you can do the workout with class every Friday. Don’t forget to RSVP! The last day to sign up for the CF Games […]


Why I Sign Up for the OPEN (Part 1)

The Open starts tomorrow! If you’re still on the fence about signing up, see why we do! Coach Nathan -What year was it when you participated in your first Open and what did you experience? My first Open was all the way back when the Open originated in 2011. I had just started at FCF […]


What To Do If You’re Being Recruited

By now you should know that the CrossFit Games Open season is here and starts in TWO days! Our 2017 FCF Intramural Open also begins on the same day. Read THIS if you’re still not up to date. I’ll wait… CGO 16.1, where I participated while I was pregnant! Now that you’re caught up, here’s […]

Cleanliness Reminder!

The gym is a great place to destress, work out, and spend time with friends. It’s our safe haven! We are thankful and lucky to have an awesome cleaning crew. They come in on a weekly basis to clean the bathrooms, garbage & recycling, and over the weekend they sweep/vacuum and use a RugDoctor on […]

WOD Club

Whether you’ve been with us for 5+ years, a year, or a couple months or weeks you should know that we love to celebrate everything you accomplish within the gym. There’s a reason why we assign you journals to keep track of your workouts, progress, goals, and even the not-so-great performances. It’s so that you […]

FCF Intramural Open 2017

That’s right, we’re doing it again! Last year Andrew found a great idea from Catalyst Fitness which brought forth FCF Intramural Open 2016. Our goal is essentially the same: to educate and inspire you. The participation in the Open (competition) naturally helps with the inspire aspect. The pressure to perform pushes you to train harder; the […]

Annual Holiday Party

  Now that the holidays are over, let’s celebrate again! Join us at Optimism Brewery this Saturday, January 21st. We have an area reserved for us beginning at 6pm. We know that’s a bit early but our presence in the space claims the area for additional hours PLUS those of you with kiddos can stop by […]

Thank You for a Warm Holiday!

This past December we were asked by Sharla to participate in the Swedish Cancer Institute Holiday Family Program. We received wish lists for two families and helped fulfill their requests for the holiday season. Family #2 was overwhelmed and heartened with the items they received – the mother of the family thought she was just going to get a […]