Why is it important to have Test and Retest workouts? Yesterday was a test for a month out. Today is a retest of a workout from December.

Ski/snowboard WAX PARTY this Friday 1/10, after the 6:30pm class. Let’s wax our boards in preparation for the season, especially if you haven’t gone out yet!

Well, first: they act as benchmarks for our fitness. How do you know if you’re actually improving if you can’t measure that progress?

Two: knowing what traits we are testing allows us to set up programming to improve upon the intricacies of said test. This is and always has been the reasoning behind our programming. This is why we use a whiteboard to take the data towards the end of class. This is why coaches ask you how the workout went. Give us answers! The more detailed, the better!

Three: it gives you a tangible, measurable, repeatable, and observable goal to reach/obliterate. Isn’t that scientific?

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday, 1/7/2020


30 rounds for time:
5 wall ball, 20/14/8lbs
3 strict handstand pushups
1 power clean, 102/70/45kg

35:00 cap. Share time to whiteboard. Post workout is playing with the German Hang position, either by walking into it on low rings, or by pulling yourself through (“Skin-the-Cat”).

Every minute x5 (1-2-1) if you want extra pull-up work

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WATCH: If you’re serious about being responsible for your own nutrition (and have the space for one) an Instant Pot is awesome. Tons of people don’t know some of the basics though:

Colin, being strong

CrossFit WOD for Monday 1/6/2020

AMRAP in 5:00 (“ANNIE”)
50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
double unders

AMRAP in 5:00 (“FRAN”)
21-15-9 reps for time:
thruster, 43/29/20kg

21-15-9 reps for time:
power clean, 61/43/29kg
ring dips

Rest 5:00 between each AMRAP. Share total reps completed to whiteboard!

Post-workout: go through the “World’s Greatest Stretch” sequence, holding each position for :15 or so for the first round, :30 or so for the second round.

Foundation Barbell Club

OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING: This January cycle continues on our pulling sequencing- but we’ll start each session with squatting! Overhead strength development and isometric midline work to complete each day! Anyone want another Friday or Saturday morning Barbell class?

POWERLIFTING: We’re starting the first phase of the year. We’ll be back onto our high-volume in squats, bench, and deads for thickening your joints and practicing good range and form.

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Ready to hit the ground running in 2020?

The start of every year we have most people going in with a ton of resolutions that never get actually addressed.

Here are some random notes we have for 2020:
– Continue looking at the blog for relevant gym content. We will have a post every day: find the workout of the day, the ideal post-workout plan, informational and educational posts that may or may not contain hints of what the future holds in the gym, and more, featuring you, our incredible community.
– Our next FOUNDATIONS On-Ramp begins this Tuesday 1/14 and ends on 2/8. The next program after won’t be until March (3/3 to 3/28). Tell your friends or send them here.
– We’re beginning Week 7 of 8 with our Strict Pullup Ladder. We plan to continue this with just raw numbers, applied to any “high skill” you want to work on: more pullups, muscle-ups, handstand pushups, handstand walking, single leg squats, toes-to-bars, double unders, etc. We will share the numbers on the blog so that you can continue your practice at home/elsewhere. Rather than a static MWF split, we’ll just go every other day so that you can experience a more dense volume of practice more often.
– When you see a prescription (ex: 61/43/29kg, 20/14/10lbs to 10/9/9′, 2×50/35/20lbs) see it as Advanced/Intermediate/Novice as far as “CrossFit” standards are concerned. As CrossFit HQ had way back in the day there was no scaling for any gender- you just loaded appropriately to your skill level. Competitive CrossFit standards kind of changed that. If you’re not competitive there numbers are mere suggestions.
– We have plans for a Nutrition Challenge coming up by February.
– Current programming should be reflecting what a lot of people are getting into outside of the gym: SNOW SPORTS! We’ll be focusing on leg and hip stamina for all the skiiers, snowboarders, and hikers! Not to mention tons of midline and rotational work in the warm up phases of classes.
– Team Workouts have been eliminated from Saturdays for the time being. They’ll be back in a different capacity (and day!) in February. As always, at any time, you can turn any workout into a team workout.
– Foundation Barbell classes are back with our two tracks of development: Powerlifting (the slow lifts of squats, presses, and deadlifts) and Olympic Weightlifting (the fast lifts of the snatch, clean, and jerk). We will program towards peaking for local competition. Any member with a CrossFit has access to these classes and can take them for skill development. If the competitions interest you then you can stick primarily with these classes for better specificity.

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 1/4/2020

5 rounds for time:
200m run
12 push/press, 52/38/25kg

Rest exactly 4:00 then

30 db ground-to-overhead, 2×50/35/20lbs

Share overall time to whiteboard.

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Our Bring-a-Friend CrossFit Classes are free for every body! No experience required- and if you have done CrossFit before we can scale up.

We welcome (and want) all fitness levels!

It all starts at 12:00pm for just over an hour so show up early to finish out the paper work and get a tour of our space.

You will get a taste of how we run our ongoing CrossFit classes:

  • We will get the heart rate going, get your internal temperature warmed up, and prepare the body for the activity about to occur
  • We will cover the standards of the movements we plan to use in our workouts
  • THEN WE WORKOUT! Hopefully it’ll be a brand new take on what you think of fitness. If not, hopefully we can demonstrate the type of intensity we look for, regardless of experience or fitness level.
  • High fives and data collection (Oooooh!)
  • Then we’ll end it with a group picture and a cool down: some gentle movement and stretching before we get you on your way.. hopefully to brunch!


CrossFit WOD for Saturday 1/4

40-30-20-10 reps for time:
(unbroken) double unders
alternating dumbbell snatches, 50/35/20lbs

Share time to whiteboard.

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The end of a rowing stroke is the same as the basics of olympic weightlifting: pushing through the feet extend the legs and hips with a rigid torso to then finish with the shoulders.

CrossFit WOD for Friday 1/3/2020

for time:
50 calorie row
50 burpee box jump overs, 24/20/16”
50 calorie row

Share time to whiteboard. Post-workout should be focused on a lower body stretching flow.

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The top limit of our pullup standard at FCF is ‘chin higher than hands’. Note how even scaling pullups to ring rows we can accomplish this range of motion for every rep.

We have a BRING-A-FRIEND CrossFit class this Saturday at noon. RSVP!

BINGO Cards are due by the end of next Monday.

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 1/2/2020

back squat 12x3x60 then 100 gymnastics-style pullups for time

Share time to whiteboard! Post workout should be side rolling for 2-3:00 per side. Follow it up with a underhand sink stretch for 2:00 for the bicep/elbow joint.

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