Carl spots Zheng through a muscle-up

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 11/26

strict muscle-up practice, then

4 rounds for time:
25 thrusters, 43/29/20kg
5 muscle-ups

Post time to whiteboard!

Today’s Pullup Ladder: 3(1-2-1)

HIIT – 12pm and 6:30pm

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Chris S

Remember that with all of this overhead work, we need to balance it out with recovery and mobility work!


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CrossFit WOD for Thursday 10/26

establish a 1RM cluster (squat clean thruster) within 7 minutes, then

EMOM for 10 minutes:
5 power cleans + 5 front squats + 5 shoulder-to-overhead

Compare to 04DEC2013. Post max cluster to whiteboard!

HellaFit WOD – Long Interval

3 rounds for max reps, 1:00 stations:
– bike (calories)
– burpees
– rower (calories)
– single/double unders
– two-in, two-out
– rest


for max reps:
– 3:00 walking lunge / goblet lunge
– 3:00 battle ropes
– 3:00 frog pumps
– 3:00 KB SDHP
– 3:00 ramp sprints / stair sprints (up only)



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CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 10/17

back squat 4×6


EMOM for 21 minutes:
a. 35 double unders
b. power snatch + hang snatch + snatch
c. 25 air squats


EMOM for 21 minutes:
a. 50 double unders
b. power snatch + hang snatch + snatch
c. 20 pistols

Post squat weight to whiteboard!

Gymnastics Strength WOD

rope climbs, basic tumbling