Owen doing dumbbell step-ups. How do you hold the dumbbell?

Today is the beginning of the 2020 CrossFit Games Open! The workout will be released tonight at 5pm PST on

This is significant because not only is it our SECOND CrossFit Games Open this year, but we won’t have another until October 2020.

Register if you want to potentially win some prizes and throw down with your swole mates at FCF’s FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, but you can also do that without registering.

If you plan to participate, please PARTICIPATE! Go all five weeks and let’s set an example of what your fitness really is.

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 10/10

establish a 1RM shoulder-to-overhead, bench press, and deadlift

Post loads to whiteboard.

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Michael, Ryan, and Owen during CGO 18.4

Remember: the goal is to lockout the skeleton so the loading sits on STRUCTURE, not on a specific joint or area, which is what happens when you don’t lockout everything completely.


+ MIDNIGHT CHICKEN Pop-up is today from 3:30pm until they run out of chicken! Open to everyone. Donations accepted!
+ The Foundation CrossFit Pride March is now set at 11:30am on Sunday. We may informally meet at the gym at 9:30am for a PUMP workout so we’re all nice and sweaty and ready to walk downtown
+ House of Representatives Introduces Bill to Criminalize Doping in International Competition – BarBend (and if you haven’t seen ICARUS on Netflix DO THAT NOW)

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 6/20

establish a deadlift max in 20 minutes, then

15-25-35 reps for time:
power snatch, 35/25kg
2x calorie row (or 5x double unders)

Post time to whiteboard!

Kettlebell WOD

Joint prep, Sandbag drags

– 4:00 min double bell rack hold
**3 rounds double bells:**
– 20 Dead clean/swing/clean unbroken
1 min rest between rounds

**ME Trusters test**

5 Rounds, 60 seconds on 60 seconds off.
– ME Double KettleBell Thrusters

**5 rounds for time:**
– 30 KB swings
– 30 burpees
– 30 KB situps

Odd object TGU!

Fixation refers to a loaded position in which an athlete needs to hold an object: this could be a barbell in the snatch (bottom of the overhead squat, standing full-extension), or like today with the kettlebells.



+ 2018 Foundation Barbell Cycles – Foundation CrossFit
+ Registration for the May 2018 Foundation Barbell Cycle

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 5/3

In pairs, work up to a heavy deadlift, then

In pairs with each person working with a kettlebell, for time:
200 kettlebell deadlifts / hold in hang
150 kettlebell cleans / hold in rack
100 kettlebell push presses / hold the top

Post time to whiteboard!


On a running 30min clock
10 Dbl KB Deadlifts
-Rest 30s-
10 Dbl KB Front Rack Lunge
-Rest 30s-
10 Dbl KB Box Step Ups
-Rest 30s-
10 Dbl KB Front Rack Squats
-Rest 30s-
10 Dbl KB Push Press
-Rest 30s-
10 Dbl KB Bent Row
-Rest 30s-


Michael, Ryan, and Owen locking it out

Let’s be mindful of technique today and really challenge your form over the number of kilograms you lift. Today we’ll challenge the classic standard of the movement: lift a dead weight from the ground to a standing position.


+ Winding Down – FCF Nutrition

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 4/4

deadlifts 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1

Post all loads to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 5/7, Day 2/3

back squat

Powerlifting WOD – Week 5/7, Day 2/3

back squat
bench press

Kettlebell WOD