CONDITIONING for Monday 8/31/2020


for time:
50 plate jumps
50 object pushups
50 wall ball substitute
50 plate jumps
50 pogo burpees
50 plate jumps
50 wall ball substitute
50 object pushups
50 plate jumps

Scale to 40 or 30 of each if needed. Post results to comments!

Pullup Strength Ladder (Week 11 of 12): EMOMx6 do 1-2-1 reps

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Liz going overhead

WORKOUT for Wednesday 4/8/2020

3:00 max reps push press, 2×50/35lbs
3:00 max reps situps
3:00 max reps weighted lunges, 2×50/35lbs
(3:00 rest)

2:00 max reps push press, 2×50/35lbs
2:00 max reps situps
2:00 max reps weighted lunges, 2×50/35lbs
(2:00 rest)

1:00 max reps push press, 2×50/35lbs
1:00 max reps situps
1:00 max reps weighted lunges, 2×50/35lbs

Use a load that allows for sets of 10 or more when fresh. Post total reps complete to comments!

2nd Serving: Need More Work?

8 rounds of a 200m run, trying to maintain a paced time, staying within :05 of each previous effort. Rest no more than 3:00 between each round.

HSPU Strength Ladder: every 2:00 x 2 do 1-2-3-2-1

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The CrossFit methodology is simple: constantly varied, functional movement executed at a relatively high intensity.

The final piece of the methodology deals with intensity, or how difficult you make your workouts. Difficulty, relative to your own strengths and weaknesses, allow us to find a place where we can make progress without injury or overuse.

In our ongoing classes we prescribed one workout of the day (WOD) and try to set the bar relatively high. We would love for most people to find the workout challenging, but doable. At FCF we use a combination of setting the bar just above the average athlete at our gym, as well as the benchmarks set by CrossFit HQ over the years. That assumes most have a 100/70kg clean & jerk, a 2:00 400m run or 500m row, 10-20 unbroken pullups, etc.

If you aren’t at those levels then we simply have to figure out where your capacity lies. This is why our TEST WEEKS are so important- we max out to see where your ceilings are, and can extrapolate the proper percentages from that. In the most simple of ideas, you should be challenging yourself to about 80% effort for most workouts. Which does not mean failure- it means completion of movement and progress, albeit not something easy or unbroken.

Next time you workout, ask yourself if you’re truly pushing yourself to a “hard” level, or are you just coasting?

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 10/23

:15 handstand pushups, :45 rest, for 10:00, then

for time:
100 dumbbell step-ups, 50/35/20lbs to 24/20/16″
100′ handstand walk

Post time to whiteboard!

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ALSO REGISTER: Foundation Barbell Mock Weightlifting Meet on 11/2
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Manny with the bar in rack position


+ Dwayne Johnson Does MURPH With John Krasinski– BarBend

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 5/30

snatch deadlift + hang snatch + overhead squat

clean deadlift + hang clean + jerk

Post heaviest load for each complex to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 1/3, Day 2/3

below-the-knee hang snatch + snatch 75 / 1 (3)
pause-at-knee snatch pull 100 / 2 (3)
back squat 75 / 5 (3)

knee jumps 3×7-10
single leg hip ext 3×10/side
kettlebell z-press 3×10″

Powerlifting WOD – Week 1/3, Day 2/3

4×10 mb throws

bench 60% / 5 (10)

back ext 3×12
front raise 3×12
bent-over row 3×12
dips 4×10+

Kettlebell WOD

10-to-1 reps:
renegade row
strict sit up


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