Terms & Conditions.

Terms and Conditions for FOUNDATION Gym

Your “Assigned Commitment” is the monthly commitment, training package, punch card, seminar, course, or any other plan or pass you have signed up for. By purchasing an Assigned Commitment, you understand that you have chosen to enter into a legally enforceable agreement with FOUNDATION and be bound the the terms and conditions as presented in this document.

Your Assigned Commitment is good for the duration that the membership is active. This membership is only good at FOUNDATION, 1412 12TH AVE, SEATTLE, WA 98122.

You agree to pay the “price per period” at the “billing period” frequency for the “membership” access at the “Assigned Commitment” quantity all listed at the bottom of this page unless you cancel your Assigned Commitment according to the Cancellation Policy included below OR are granted written acknowledgement of early cancellation by FOUNDATION management. New memberships are prorated for the first month with an associated pro-ration of the number of classes assigned.

Your Assigned Commitment allows you to participate in the Assigned Commitment’s classes or courses offered at FOUNDATION. It does not grant you access to any class, seminar or specialty class outside the scope of this Assigned Commitment that FOUNDATION may offer.

Fees may also be assessed for No-shows and Late-cancels. Furthermore, No-shows and Late-cancels count against the quantity of an Assigned Commitment. These are non-refundable and may not be returned to the Assigned Commitment for future use.

You may purchase different packages at the same time. For instance, if, after you agree to your Assigned Commitment, and you have used all of your quantity, you may purchase additional single DROP-IN sessions to use until the start of the next billing period.

If, after you agree to your Assigned Commitment, you wish to increase your commitment to a higher tier (for example, moving from ESSENTIAL 10 classes per month to ELITE 25 class per month), you may do so. An upgraded monthly commitment continues through the end of the current upgraded month and will be automatically renewed at the upgraded monthly membership.

FOUNDATION operates by class or appointment-only training, unless otherwise noted. FOUNDATION may alter its location, operating hours, services, type and quantity of equipment, and type and frequency of its classes, from time to time, at its sole discretion. Fitness training is an evolving science, thus FOUNDATION reserves the right to change its routines, classes and equipment, policies and procedures, memberships, fees, rates, to accommodate such evolution.

FOUNDATION reserves the right to adjust membership rates as needed inside the life of your Assigned Commitment to maintain the financial health of the business, to cover increases in business expenses (rent, staffing, etc.), and/or to improve the product provided to the member/s. A minimum of 14 days will be given for any pricing changes. In the event that FOUNDATION elects to adjust the membership rates, you may cancel your continued membership by submitting a written email cancellation 7 days before the end of the month.

There are no refunds for membership fees. FOUNDATION will not prorate a cancelled membership. Unused portions of any membership will not be carried over to the next period.

The obligation to pay dues is not dependent on the availability of all the FOUNDATION classes and facilities. FOUNDATION may close or restrict use of its facilities, in its sole and absolute discretion, for any reason including, but not limited to, special engagements, seminars, competitions, weather, repairs, and maintenance. Fees will not be reduced or suspended during the time when one or more of the facilities are not available.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We reserve the right to cancel a membership at any time for any reason.

Payment Options and Automatic Renewal

You agree that your payments will be made by credit card or bank draft authorizations, unless otherwise negotiated in writing with management. You further agree that, unless you have provided FOUNDATION with prior written notice according to the cancellation policies below, your enrollment options will be automatically renewed. In the absence of providing FOUNDATION with a Cancellation Notice, you agree to pay the applicable fee and authorize FOUNDATION to debit your credit or debit card or checking account, in accordance with your prior authorization.

After your Assigned Commitment is complete, your membership will auto-renew with a new commitment of the same type and duration on the first of each month (For example, if a member’s initial Agreed Commitment is for 15 classes per month, at the beginning of the next month, you will automatically be signed up for an additional membership for 15 classes per month).

Should you choose to cancel your membership, you must notify FOUNDATION by email to info@foundationgym.us 7 days before your Assigned Commitment renewal date (For example, if you signed up for a 15 classes per month membership, you must cancel 7 days before the month end to prevent auto-renewal).

FOUNDATION Membership Hold Policy

If you will be absent from FOUNDATION for more than 14 consecutive days, you may request that your membership be placed on hold for circumstances such as injury, illness, work-required travel, and job loss. FOUNDATION does not hold memberships for less than 14 days. To make better use of your membership, you may change or “downgrade” your upcoming month membership with 7 days advance notice.

Holds must be submitted via electronic mail. There is an initial $30 hold fee to account for administrative costs. You will receive a confirmation once your hold is approved. After the hold is completed, the membership will restore to active status, and automatic billing will restore to active status as well.

You may be required to show proof of the hold-request circumstances satisfactory to FOUNDATION. You must provide such proof, if requested, to FOUNDATION no later than three business days before your next billing date to avoid being charged. Membership holds will be granted at the sole discretion of FOUNDATION.

Placing your membership on hold means that you will not have access to FOUNDATION for the duration of the hold and you will not be billed for the duration of the hold. Your Assigned Commitment will be suspended for the duration of the hold and will resume when the hold terminates. (For example, a member with a monthly Assigned Commitment asks for and is granted a 2-week membership hold. When the hold terminates, the member will have the days extended into the returning month membership, and that returning month of membership will be prorated accordingly.)

Foundation CrossFit Cancellation Policy

You may cancel the automatically renewal of your Assigned Commitment by notifying FOUNDATION by email to info@foundationgym.us at least 7 days before the end of the month. If you cancel your Assigned Commitment for any reason, you lose all rights and benefits associated with your Assigned Commitment. If you decide to return in the future, the price of your monthly membership rates will be maintained for a period of 3 months. After a period of 3 months, your eligibility for legacy pricing expires.

There are no refunds for membership fees FOUNDATION will not prorate a cancelled membership.

All non-standard requests will be charged a $30 fee for processing.

Billing Information and Failed Payments

If your billing information is becoming or becomes invalid (for example, your credit card is expiring or you cancel the card number you entered initially), you must promptly update your billing information in the online customer management software at least five days before your next billing date.

If the billing information (for example, credit card number) you entered is incorrect or becomes incorrect and your monthly payment fails, FOUNDATION will notify you of such failure by e-mail. If you do not correct your billing information within ten calendar days of the e-mailed notice, we reserve the right to charge you $30 for the first failed monthly payment. You will be charged $30 for each failed monthly payment after your first notice of a failed monthly payment. You will remain liable for your monthly membership payment in addition to these fees.

Notice For Collections

FOUNDATION reserves the right to send any membership, commitment, fees, or any contracted purchase to collections if the account is 30 days past due. FOUNDATION will contact the member at least once via e-mail to resolve the payment issue. If the member does not promptly pay the amount owed, the total amount due for the member’s remaining Assigned Commitment plus any additional fees may be sent to a collection agency for collection. If such action is necessary, you agree to pay all costs incurred by FOUNDATION for collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Membership Options

Assigned Commitment


Price per Period

Billing Period

ESSENTIAL – 10 classes/month



1 month

PREMIUM – 15 classes/month



1 month

ELITE – 25 classes/month



1 month

VIP – 35 classes/month



1 month

Guided Training Upgrade $35 1 month
Personalized Guided Training Upgrade $85 1 month


Drop-In Visit


1 day

Week Drop-In

Drop-In Visit


7 days

5-Class Punch Card

Class Package


10 weeks

10-Class Punch Card

Class Package


20 weeks

15-Class Punch Card

Class Package


30 weeks

1 Personal Training Session

Personal Training


*varies per trainer

1 year

NOTE: All prices subject to WA State retail sales tax