WORKOUT for Wednesday 10/20/2021

every minute on the minute for 30 minutes:
a.) 12 box jump overs, 20/24″
b.) 3-5 muscle-ups
c.) 35 double unders

WATCH: The programming today through next Monday

Think, load, then lift

WORKOUT for Monday 10/18/2021

agility ladders then

every minute on the minute SNATCH to a max
* stop after 3 misses at the same weight/or satisfied

AMRAP in 20 minute:
15 situps
10 broad jump, 4/6′
5 shoulder-to-overhead, 30/60kg

Post snatch max and score to whiteboard!


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CONDITIONING for Sunday 10/17/2021


PARTNER WORKOUT for Saturday 10/16/2021

“You Go, I Go”, for time:
300 double unders
250 air squats
200 situps
150 pushups
100 pogo burpees

Post times to whiteboard!

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WORKOUT for Friday 10/15/2021

inverted warmups then bar muscle-up skills and build to a heavy clean

AMRAP in 10:00
250m row -OR- 200m run
6 bar muscle-ups
3 squat cleans, 65/100kg

Choose whichever skill (row/run) you can get done faster. Make sure that bar is as heavy as possible, but no misses!

TRY: You can do this on (low) rings or a pullup bar

How does this relate to CrossFit?

The bottom position (also known as the German Hang) is super-deep shoulder extension- a range most people are lacking in. Being able to get into this position- as well as being able to get out of it)- allow you the most potential in pushups, burpees, dips, muscle-ups, and barbell proximity in your olympic lifts.