Pausing Below Parallel

Brett jumping

As we humans get older, it’s a fact that we become more fragile.

A very common injury (and fear) is slipping or falling because of what comes out of it: head injuries like concussions and traumatic brain injuries, hip fractures, back and spinal cord injuries like slipped discs, dislocated shoulders/elbows/wrists, sprains, strains, and fractures.

Whenever we have to put our hands down to plank, to crawl, to rest, we work on getting better at our connection to the ground.

Burpees are the best example of this. We program these not only as a great conditioning exercise, but because you’ll have confidence falling down, and the knowledge tin getting back up.


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CrossFit WOD for Thursday 10/12

establish a heavy pause squat in 12:00


5 rounds for time:
7 muscle-ups
21 burpees

Compare to 14JUL2017. Post max and time to whiteboard / comments!

HellaFit WOD

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