CONDITIONING for Tuesday 1/26/2021


3 total rotations (or about 10:00) of :30 work, :10 rest
– deficit reverse lunge
– bumper ground-to-overhead
– Russian twist
– bumper-facing burpee
– calf raise


a. Pullup Ladder: EMOM do 1-2-1 reps x4 rounds, as strict as possible.

b. every 90 seconds do 3 thrusters (ascending in weight) x 8 sets. Max L-sit in between sets if you want a challenge.


100 reps each, for time:
– hang power snatches, 30/20/PVC
– push presses, 30/20/PVC
– sumo deadlift high pulls, 30/20/PVC
– front squats, 30/20/PVC

Choose a weight that is appropriately light and plan to break each exercise into multiple sets. Like with her cousin ANGIE, the goal for ANDI is TIME, so take short breaks that allow continuous movement. Don’t write-off the PVC, especially if you haven’t been in the overhead shape for some time.

REMINDER: We moved the journals to the back, before your enter the cubby area. Athletes can ask coaches to grab their journals for recording.


Each a minute, doing all on the left side before the right: Quad stretch/roll, glute stretch/roll, lat stretch/roll, tricep stretch/roll

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CONDITIONING for Monday 1/25/2021


max reps in 7:00
10-20-30-40-etc of
– penguin jumps
– crunches
– reverse crunches

Post score to comments!

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AT-HOME WORKOUT for Sunday 1/24/2021


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IN-GYM WORKOUT for Saturday 1/23/2021


E2MOM do 1-2-3-2–1 pullups, as strict as possible, for TWO rounds

As a group HANG as long as possible for 7:00- every break do one round of 5 pullups + 10 pushups + 15 slam ball + 20 lunges.


EMOM do 3 power cleans for TEN ROUNDS.


Every 2:00 on the minute for 30:00
a. 60 bumper hops (double unders if you have a jump rope)
b. 40 mountain climbers
c. 20 Z-press with bumper
d 10 ground-to-overhead, 20/35/50kg

Choose a bumper plate for both the hops and Z-presses. Whatever thickness you use for the hops should be determined what you can press out for the prescribed number of reps. Ideally use a barbell for the ground-to-overhead. Mountain climbers should be done with knees-to-arm without touching the ground.


Calf stretch: 1:00/side
Elevated Samson stretch :30/side twice

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CONDITIONING for Friday 1/22/2021


as many reps as possible in 20:00
20 one-arm snatch
20 pogo burpees
20 pushups

You do not have to alternate the snatches. Post score to comments!

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WORKOUT for Thursday 1/21/2021

Strength Ladder:

EMOM do 1-2-1 pullups for 4 rounds

7:00 hang- every drop do 5 pullups + 10 pushups + 15 slam ball + 20 lunges


E2MOM do 3-5 push press (ascending in weight) x8 rounds. Focus on holding the lockout and checking legs & glutes locked, ribs crunched down.


As many reps as possible in 20:00 of
20 air squats
10 DB snatches, L-arm
10 pushups
10 DB snatches, R-arm

Standard standards for air squats and pushups (no hand-release). For the DB snatches ensure that the legs and hips are moving the weight up, the arm simply snaps the bell into the correct lockout position. Preferred weight would be 20/35/50# but if you can do something heavier, try it.

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CONDITIONING for Inauguration Day 1/20/2021


AMRAP in 10:00
5 ground-to-overhead
10 front squats
15 pushups

Rest 3:00 then

AMRAP in 10:00
10 shoulder-to-overhead
20 deadlifts
30 lunges

Ideally done with a pair of dumbbells. Post both individual scores to comments!

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WORKOUT for Tuesday 1/19/2021

Every minute on the minute for 3 sets do 1 pullup, 2 pullups, 1 pullup. Then HANG as long as possible for 7:00- every drop do 1 round of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 slam ball, 20lunges.

E2MOM do 3-5 back squats (ascending in weight) for 6 sets. If you’d like to increase the difficulty hold a plank during the “rests”, then

AMRAP in 7 minutes:
7 medicine ball cleans
7 burpees

Post score to comments!

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CONDITIONING for MLK Day Monday 1/18/2021


AMRAP in 12:00
12 DB snatches
12 situps
12 deficit step-downs

For both the snatches and step-downs do 6 on each side to break up the 12 reps rather than alternating reps. Post score to comments!

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CONDITIONING for Sunday 1/17/2021

5 rounds of a 400m run, resting 1:00 in between efforts.
Full recovery for 3:00
3 rounds of an 800m run, resting 1:00 in between efforts.
Full recovery for 3:00
then finally run 1 mile (1600m) for time.

Go outside and do some runs after this warmup