SKILLS for Thursday 6/23/2022 is the CLEAN

CompEx for Thursday 6/23

barbell warmup, snatch complex, handstand/run conditioning, midline strength

CONDITIONING for Thursday 6/23

SKILLS for Tuesday 5/31/2022 is BENCH PRESS

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 5/31/2022

Also just in case you’re really beat up due to yesterday’s volume:

FOAM ROLLING for Tuesday 5/31/2022

Join us for yoga with IVAN.MVMT at 10am when you RSVP via PushPress for the Zoom meeting room info.

CONDITIONING for Sunday 5/15/2022

Join us for YOGA at 10am on Zoom with IVAN.MVMT!

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SKILLS for Thursday 3/24/2022 is BENCH PRESS

Anything can be a bench if you just believe

CONDITIONING for Thursday 3/24/2022

SKILLS for Thursday 3/17/2022 is the SQUAT

CONDITIONING for Thursday 3/17/2022

Join us at 10am for YOGA with IVAN.MVMT when you RSVP via PushPress for meeting room info.

HIIT for Sunday 12/12/2021

Shall we bring back the HIIT classes once or twice a week in 2022?

Join us for YOGA with IVAN.MVMT at 10am today. RSVP via PushPress for meeting info.

HIIT for Sunday 12/5/2021

SKILLS for Thursdaty 12/2/2021 is the DEADLIFT

CONDITIONING for Thursday 12/2/2021

READ: From Ketchup to Pineapples: The Food that Should Never Be Kept In a Fridge – The Guardian

Join us at 10am on Zoom for YOGA with IVAN.MVMT!

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HIIT for Sunday 11/14/2021