Programming in Preview: 11/28 through 12/3

It’s the end of November and the Holiday Season has begun: that means while many busy may be busy traveling, another gang of folk will be dialed-in schedule wise. Wonderful time for end-of-year test/retests.

Monday (squat day!) we’re in Week 2/3 in our 2nd 5/3/1 Cycle. For conditioning we’ll do another Training Think Tank Throwdown (#166) seeing how well you can sprint through some skills and thrusters. Sub 8:00 would be legit. Pro tip: don’t clean the bar up, “bicep curl sneak” under the bar for the first rep of any set.

Wednesdays are our olympic weightlifting skill/strength days and we’ll be doing a power clean & jerks complex to dial in your footwork. We’ll follow that up with a classic bodyweight pull test (with a burpee twist) where you get to pick your poison: pullups, bar muscle-ups, or ring muscle-ups. Pro tip: preparing your core beforehand will ensure better kipping from the start! If you can get in early get the muscles firing

Friday we’ll have a triplet with high-level bodyweight skills like wall walks, toes-to-rings (!), and single-leg squats (pistols) after our shoulder presses. Remember to download that 5/3/1 Strength app for easier calculations and a rest timer. Pro tip: you should know how many steps in and how many steps out you need for the wall walks. If not, figure it out so you can be more proficient as that movement is expensive.

I know I’ve been saying we wouldn’t run that much in the Winter, and we haven’t, but on Saturday we’ll do some short 400m runs in our conditioning piece. You can join a number of us in doing the “Character Mile” if you’d like!

In ENGINE we’re working on different disciplines and seeing how well you can handle big sets.

In BODYBUILDING we’re sticking with alternating between upper body pushing and pulling, but look to incorporate the lower body by the middle of the month.

That’s it for now- have fun training hard!

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Just to keep everyone in check, here’s who agreed on my instagram story:

    – Daisy
    – Moua
    – Arnnie
    – R. Smith
    – Lori
    – Steven
    – Emily
    – Roshani
    – and a few more in my classes have stated they would!

    • Andrew Sheng
      Andrew Sheng says:

      Ah, I must have missed that story. Count me in!

      Disclaimer: I might end up doing a lot of treadmilling.

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