YOGA for Sunday 5/1/2022

PARTNER WORKOUT for Saturday 4/30/2022

max alternating rounds in 20:00
1 power clean
3 push jerks
5 deadlifts
7 hand-release pushups

Barbell Rx = 30/45/64kg. Athlete A does one full round before tagging Athlete B for them to do the same round. How many rounds can the pair complete in 20 minutes?

Post scores to whiteboard!


WORKOUT for Friday 4/29/2022

3 pause front squats every minute for 8 minutes, ascending

3 rounds for time:
50 double unders
12 overhead squats, 20/40/60kg
12 pullups

Post time to whiteboard!

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SKILLS for Thursday 4/28 is the SNATCH

STRETCHING for Thursday 4/28/2022

WORKOUT for Wednesday 4/27/2022

3:00 work, 3:00 rest for 5 total rounds

15/20 calorie row
15 burpees over rower
max PV kettlebell swings (12/16/24kg) in the remaining time

Post total kettlebell swings to whiteboard!

READ: Ice For Sore Muscles? Think Again – NY Times

SKILLS for Tuesday 4/26/2022 is BENCH PRESS

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 4/26/2022

WORKOUT for Monday 4/25/2022

complete 100 dumbbell hang clean thrusters for time

Every minute you must complete 3/5 (c2b) pullups. Rx = 20/35/50lbs. Post time to whiteboard!


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SKILLS for Saturday 4/23/2022 is the SHOULDER-TO-OVERHEAD (Press, Push Press, Jerks)

WORKOUT for Saturday 4/23/2022

3 rounds for time:
400m run
30 burpees
20 pullups
10 back squats, 30/55/80kg

Post time to whiteboard!


WORKOUT for Friday 4/22/2022

10 sets of 3 pause back squats every minute on the minute (ascending in weight) then

for time:
1k row
75 power snatch, 15/25/35kg
50 toes-to-bar


for time:
50 toes-to-bar
75 power snatch
1k row

Pick your poison. Post time to whiteboard!