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Register for the upcoming Foundation Barbell programs here:


Improve your proficiency, power, and grace in the olympic lifts (snatch, clean & jerk). Prepare for competition or just see what you’re able to accomplish.


Increase your overall strength and improve weakness in your back squat, bench press, and deadlift. For carryover into CrossFit and all other physical activities.

Cycle begins Monday 1/8 and continues for 7 weeks.

This first cycle of the year is going to be used to get everyone re-acquainted with Olympic Weightlifting fundamentals. The focus each week will be building body awareness with the bar, properly producing power with the legs, and developing stability under heavy weight and increased completion of lifts.

By working on these specifics, you can expect yourself to feel more comfortable with you lifts and start to FEEL what went wrong with a missed lift and KNOW how to make an adjustment before the end of the lift.

If you are planning to take part in this cycle or ANY of our barbell cycles, we ask that you commit and invest your time in sticking with it from beginning to end.

You must be registered through the following form to participate in the cycle. Registration ends Friday 1/12.

Cycle begins Monday 1/8 and continues for 7 weeks.

With the CrossFit Games Open coming at the end of February this gives us the perfect opportunity to build and maintain a better squat/press/pull strength-base as we know a higher volume of the following are coming:

SQUATS: thrusters, air squats, box jumps, lunges (weighted, unweighted), front squats, full snatches/cleans, etc.

PRESSES: thrusters, “shoulder-to-overhead” (press, push press, jerks), thrusters, handstand pushups, etc.

PULLS: deadlifts, cleans, hang cleans, pullups, toes-to-bar, dumbbell snatches, etc.

We also plan to build confidence with your midline stability and grip strength. We hope to increase your intelligence with what’s reasonable with your training so you have time to recover.

Those who plan to do well in the Open should be supplementing with CrossFit workouts at least 3x/week.

If you are planning to take part in this cycle or ANY of our barbell cycles, we ask that you commit and invest your time in sticking with it from beginning to end.

You must be registered through the following form to participate in the cycle. Registration ends Friday 1/12.


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CrossFit WOD for Friday 12/29

establish a deadlift OR clean max in 15 minutes

Kettlebell class
– Primal mobility
– Lifts and chops
– Cleans and the presses – Snatch skill focus

Strength Ladder

2(1,2,3,2,1) strength pull OR strength push

All hanging exercises build more resilient shoulders, as well as develop core and upper body strength.


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CrossFit WOD for Thursday 12/28

15 minutes to establish a 1RM snatch, then

CFLO 17.3
AMRAP in 12 minutes:
25 pullups
50cal row
100 overhead squats, 20kg 50 box jumps, 24/20”
25 pullups

Post loads and score to whiteboard!

Strength Ladder

2(1,2,3,2,1) strength exercise for pull or strength exercise for push



Thank you again to everyone who contributed to our adopted families from the Swedish Cancer Institute program! Much love to: Leah W, Jason H, Sonja, Max, Teada, Sandi, Sarah M, Colin B, Sheena, Stacey S, Michi, Laura W, Elise, Alexis, Nnenna, Helen, Long, and Jen W.

Tony, Andrew, and Sheena dropped off the goodies to Sharla on Friday, 12/15.

The donations were delivered to each patient after their appointments before the Christmas holiday last week. Sharla was kind to report back their reactions:

Family K:
Patient K was very tired after her treatment, but had enough energy to express her gratitude for the donations, especially this time of the year. Her full time job and daily radiation treatment has left her feeling fatigued most days. She shared that her older children are planning to come home from college to spend the holidays with the family. They have no special plans except to cook dinner and spend time with each other. Thank you for your contributions so Family K can have a full and stocked pantry for Christmas!

Family X:
When the items were delivered to the Patient X and his children after his oncology appointment, he immediately started saying “Thank You”. Unfortunately, he had just received news from the doctor that his cancer has now progressed to Stage IV metastatic lung cancer. Seeing all the holiday items after this particular appointment put a large smile on his face. He repeatedly expressed that this was more than what the family had asked for. He certainly was not expecting all these items and shared how much the gifts were going to help him and his kids. Thank you to the donors who made this humble man beam with the biggest smile the staff has ever seen on him!

A little kindness goes a long way! Again, thank you! We are grateful for all of you and already looking forward to next season.

You’ll continue seeing a bunch of weightlifting in the next few days to

a.) test your strength levels as we finish out 2017

b.) gauge where you are prior to the start of the new Weightlifting and Powerlifting cycles starting January 8th.


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CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 12/27

establish a heavy single in the following complex: power snatch + hang snatch

Performance does power snatch + hang snatch + snatch balance

2×40 v-ups
3×20 hip extensions
4×10 wavings/side

3×15 stall-bar HLR
3×15 weighted hip extensions
3×10 wavings/side

Kettlebell WOD

Active mobility

Simple & Sinister


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CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 12/26

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
25 pull-ups
50-calorie row
100 overhead squats, 20/15kg
50 box jumps, 24/20″
25 pull-ups

Post scores to whiteboard!

Strength Ladder

4(1,2,1) strength pull or strength pull

CrossFit WOD for Monday 12/25

establish a heavy hang clean double in 20 minutes

6 rounds of:
1 minute of kettlebell swings
1 minute of knees-to-elbows
1 minute of double-unders
1 minute rest

then accessories

2018 is right around the corner. Have you made your fitness a goals yet? Join us and we’ll help you make fitness a priority.



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