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Of Course This Video Was Sponsored By Zevia

Melissa F Setting an arched position does two things for us in bench pressing: 1.) it changes the angle of the shoulder in a more productive angle that keeps us safe and allows for fuller muscle engagement, and 2.) provides the shoulders a way to pull back shortening the arms, fire off the lats, and […]

Ascending Ladders

Michael, Ryan, and Owen during CGO 18.4 Remember: the goal is to lockout the skeleton so the loading sits on STRUCTURE, not on a specific joint or area, which is what happens when you don’t lockout everything completely. ANNOUNCEMENTS & ARTICLES + MIDNIGHT CHICKEN Pop-up is today from 3:30pm until they run out of chicken! […]

Lotsa Squats

Dave gets ‘set’ by bracing and mentally preparing himself before the squat ARTICLES + How to Do Wall Balls and Why It’s Worth Putting Yourself Through the Agony – Coach Mag CrossFit WOD (and ) for Tuesday 6/19 establish a back squat max in 20 minutes, then “KAREN” 150 wall ball, 20/14lbs to 10/9′, for […]

Squat, Pull, Push

photo by Artur This week: squats/pullups/bench or floor presses, back squat max, KAREN (wall ball), deadlift max, power snatch/calories, bench max, ANNIE (double unders, situps), Fight Gone Bad*, Battle at the Ballpark run-throughs, and the SEATTLE PRIDE PARADE march! Remember that this Friday we’ll be celebrating the weekend by having COMMUNITY CROSSFIT classes all day! […]

CGO 18.5 Retest

Bobby demonstrating the scap pinch during a chest-to-bar pullup ARTICLES + The Mariners Are First-Place Flukes– and They Deserve It – The Ringer CrossFit WOD for Champagne Friday 6/15 CGO 18.5 aka CGO 11.6 aka CGO 12.5 – Rx Division AMRAP in 7 minutes: 3-6-9-12-15-18-etc. of thrusters, 45/29kg chest-to-bar pullups CGO 18.5 aka CGO 11.6 […]


We are doing something NEW this year for PRIDE to celebrate inclusivity: all day on Friday, June 22nd we will hold FREE Pride Community Classes. It is important to us that all of our athletes feel welcome, safe, and seen within our walls all day, every day. Though we celebrate Pride all year, we are […]


The end of the current Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting cycle ends this week. Today you get a taste of what athletes work on in those programs. Click here or the photo above to register for the next Foundation Barbell cycle. If you’re on the fence, don’t worry. Next week we’ll have a chance to establish […]

Push Presses and Power Cleans

Is Colin receiving a power clean or dipping for a push press? ARTICLES + The Marshmallow Test: What Does It Really Measure? – The Atlantic **REMEMBER THERE IS NO 6:30pm or 7:30pm CrossFit Class TONIGHT DUE TO AN ALL-STAFF MEETING! ** CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 6/13 tabata assault bike/rower/ski erg/etc 21-15-9 rounds for time: push […]

Squats and Muscle-Ups

Jon working a tuck position We work flexion exercises, like the tuck/L to strengthen the hip flexors for better positioning and eventually stronger work. If you can imagine, Jon is either holding the position statically, or he’s mid-kip to a pullup. ARTICLES + The 100 Most-Influential People in Health + Fitness – Greatist CrossFit WOD […]

Deadlift and Handstands

Sierra preparing to setup her lift This week’s agenda: CGO 18.4 retest (deadlifts/hspu), back squats, tabata front squats, 30 muscle-ups, tabata cardio, push press/power clean, below-the-knee snatch + heavy snatch, snatch pulls, back squats, CGO 18.5 retest (thrusters/c2b), SUPER TOTALS, and farmer’s carry/GHDSU/muscle-up. ARTICLES + Cycle #2 Program Registrations (July, August, September) – Foundation Barbell […]