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Friday 8/23/19

CrossFit WOD for Friday 8/23/19 FILTHY FIFTY – Rx for time:50 box jumps50 jumping pullups50 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 16/12kg50 walking lunges50 knees-to-elbows50 push press, 20/15kg50 back extensions*50 wall ball, 20/14# to 10/9′50 burpees50 double unders FILTHY FIFTY – Performance for time:50 box jumps, 32/24″50 pullups50 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 32/24kg50 jumping lunges50 toes-to-bar50 kb push press, […]

Thursday 8/22/19

CrossFit WOD for Thursday, August 22nd front squat 5×5, then 5 rounds for time: 400m run 21 kettlebell swings, 24/16kg 12 pullups Post time to whiteboard! ARTICLES + My Coming Out Story – Alec Smith+ 10 Ways to Develop Mental Toughness – Morning Chalk Up

Wednesday 8/21/19

What’s your best handstand skill? Skills? CrossFit WOD for Wednesday, August 21st 10:00 of handstand work 3 rounds for time:90 double unders30 alternating dumbbell snatch, 50/35lbs Post time to whiteboard! ARTICLES + How to Learn Double Unders Fast! – Structure Your Strength+ Sprints Cutting to the Core of CrossFit – Morning Chalk Up

Tuesday 8/20/19

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday, August 20th for time:40 deadlifts, 90/65kg30 front squats, 80/55kg20 hang cleans, 70/45kg10 snatch, 60/35kg Compare to July 26th, 2019. Post time to whiteboard! ARTICLES + How Long Should You Rest Between Sets? What the Science Suggests – BarBend+ Blake and Gemili Duel to Near Dead Heat in 100m Dash – NBC […]

Mon 8/19/19

CrossFit WOD for Monday, August 19th overhead squat 7×4, then AMRAP in 20:0015 wall ball400m run15 wall ball500m row Goal is to use a weight that challenges you to do the wall ball sets unbroken. Post total wall balls completed to whiteboard! BARBELL CLUB It’s TEST WEEK so get your mind right: In the Olympic Weightlifting […]

Saturday 8/17/19 & Sunday 8/18/19

CrossFit WOD for Saturday, August 17th With a partner complete 14 rounds for time:7 HSPU7 thruster7 k2e7 deadlift7 burpees7 kbs7 pull-ups Alternate each exercise with a partner until you complete 14 total rounds together. (Athlete A does 7 HSPU, Athlete B does 7 thrusters, Athlete A does 7 knees-to-elbows, etc) Post time to whiteboard. CrossFit WOD […]

Friday 8/16/19

Come join us tonight after the 6:30pm class as we grill up some burgers to say bye to Branden! He was here for a summer internship and will be going back to North Virginia. BYOB! CrossFit WOD for Friday, August 16th “THE STANDARD”for time:30 clean & jerks, 61/43kg30 muscle-ups30 snatches, 61/43kg Post time to whiteboard! […]

Thursday 8/15/19

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday, August 15th for time: 10 bar muscle-up 20 inverted burpees 10 bar muscle-ups 30 strict HSPU 10 bar muscle-ups 40 jumping single leg squats, alternating 10 bar muscle-ups ARTICLES + Think You’ve Mastered the Burpee? Get Back to Me After You Flip It and Reverse It – Well and Good+ Ebola […]

Wednesday 8/14/19

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday, August 14th Z-press 8×4 for time:9-15-21 push jerk, 70/45kg18-30-42 knees-to-elbows ARTICLES + Six Reasons You Must Practice Lunges Daily – NDTV+ Dr. Amy West on the CF MD-L1 & How Sex Difference Shape Performance, Recovery, and Rehabilitation – Empowered Health

Tuesday 8/13/19

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday, August 13th 5 rounds for max score: max unbroken bench press, 80/46kg max unbroken toes-to-bar Score equals total bench press reps over total toes-to-bars. Post score to whiteboard. CompEx WOD includes Clean and Jerk progressions, ISABEL, and single-leg work. Come get your competitive exercise on starting at 5:50am! ARTICLES + The […]