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Saturday 12/31

HAPPY 2023 EVERYONE! Be safe tonight (and all nights) and here’s to all the success and lessons in the new year. SKILLS for Saturday 12/31/2022 is the BENCH PRESS WORKOUT for Sat 12/31/2022 3 rounds for time: 36 burpees 24 pullups 12 back squats, 45/70/100kg The barbell must be taken from the floor- no racks! […]

Friday 12/30

As we move into the new year there will be a few changes to how things are run at FOUNDATION GYM. 1. The blog will be no more. As this was something I was keen on to provide photos, news, and insight alongside the workouts that will no longer be the case. You can find […]

Thursday 12/29

Join us tomorrow for the final Champagne Friday of 2022 and my final shift as head coach and co-owner tomorrow evening. Last workout is at 5:30pm, with the celebration starting at 6:30pm! We’ll have some drinks and snacks on hand, but you should definitely BYOB just in case. SKILLS for Thursday 12/29/2022 is the JERK […]

Wednesday 12/28

WORKOUT for Working Womxn’s Wednesday 12/28/2022 “12 Days of CrossFit” in cumulative song format, for time: 100m run/150m row 2x 25′ bear crawl :03 handstand 4 DB clean & jerks, 2×20/35/50lbs 5 dive-bomber pushups 6 knees-to-elbows 7 kettlebell swings, 12/16/24kg 8 toes-to-bar 9 (ring) dips 10 squat thrusts/burpees 11 pullups 12 rocking pistols or make […]

Tuesday 12/27

SKILLS for Tuesday 12/27/2022 is the CLEAN CompEx for Tues 12/27 3 sets 40-80 double unders 1-2 rope climbs :30 freestanding or wall-facing handstand march 3 sets 8-10 tempo split squats @3011 4-6 tempo nordic curls @4011 8-10 tempo double-kettlebell bent over rows @2111 EMOM x20 a. :45 wall sit b. 15 wall ball c. […]

Monday 12/26

CrossFit and GT for 9/10/11am only! WORKOUT for Monday 12/26/2022 “APOLLO” every 7 minutes for 21 minutes: 20 DB bent-over row, 2×20/35/50lbs 30 DB step-ups, 12/20/24 400m run (or equivalent) Rest the remainder of the interval before going again. Post attendance to whiteboard! CONDITIONING for Mon 12/26

Sunday 12/25

Hope you and yours are having a warm and safe holiday weekend! CONDITIONING for Sunday 12/25/2022 MOBILITY for Sun 12/25

Saturday 12/24

Some funky weather we’re having, huh? Just in case we can’t run classes again we’ll share some options below, but definitely check out YouTube for tons of “Follow-Along” videos for workouts, stretching, rolling out, and more. SKILLS for Saturday 12/24/2022 is the CLEAN WORKOUT for Sat 12/24 AMRAP in 20:00 5 wall walks 200m farmer’s […]

Friday 12/23

Be safe out there! Weather looks to be pretty bad come the morning so we’ve cancelled all classes and GT hours until 12pm. WORKOUT for Friday 12/23/2022 establish a 1RM shoulder-to-overhead (shoulder press, push press, jerk, etc) in 20:00 then for time: 30 push press 30 thruster 30 power clean Rx = 30/50/70kg. Post time […]

Thursday 12/22

SKILLS for Thursday 12/22/2022 is the DEADLIFT CompEx for Thurs 12/22 E2MOM x6 do 2 front squats at 80% every 5:00 for 5 rounds 250/300m row 6 power cleans, 34/52/70kg 250/300m row 9 burpee-over-rower 3 sets 16 reverse lunge 20 banded face pulls MOBILITY for Thurs 12/22