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Saturday 7/11

Emily does a twist in the low lunge position to help activate her thoracic back (aka the t-spine) SESSION for Saturday 7/11/2020 YZMA – “A toast to the emperor. Long live Kuzco!” Buy in: Turn on your favorite dance song & get a new groove going (nobody’s watching), then 2:00 lunges (or go for a […]

Friday 7/10

CONDITIONING for Friday 7/10/2020 “Name’s Hades, Lord of the dead. Hi, how ya doin’?” For 20:00 alternating between – 1:00 object pushup – 1:00 heavy bent over rows For 20:00 alternating between – 1:00 squatting door knob row – 1:00 heavy floor press “My favorite part of the game. Sudden death.” Cool down is 2:00 […]

Thursday 7/9

Let’s stretch! AT-HOME CONDITIONING for Thursday 7/9/2020 SHADOW MAN: “Enchanté. A tip of the hat from Dr. Facilier. How y’all doin’?” AMRAP in 25:00 25 v-ups 25 frog pumps 25 frog leg mountain climbers 1:00 wall sit “Think of everything you sacrificed. Think of all those naysayers who doubted you.” Pullup Strength Ladder (Week 2 […]

Wednesday 7/8

WORKOUT for Wednesday 7/8/2020 URSULA – “You can’t get something for nothing, you know.” AMRAP in 10:00 10 upright rows 5 front squats 10 front raises 5 front squats 10 lateral raises 5 front squats 10 alt see saw presses (/side) 5 front squats 10 bent over rear delt fly 5 front squats then 3 […]

Tuesday 7/7

WORKOUT for Tuesday 7/7/2020 MALEFICENT – “Well, this is a pleasant surprise. I set my trap for a peasant, and lo, I catch you….” AMRAP in 20:00 2 rolling v-up 1 candlestick roll 5 jumping air squats 1 burpee then for time: 150 heavy object step-ups. EMOM 5 burpees Time cap is 16:00 for Aurora’s […]

Monday 7/6

Feels good to be back under the bar, huh? CONDITIONING for Monday 7/6/2020 SHERE KHAN – “How long do you really think you’ll survive in the jungle?” 10:00 EMOM of 5 odd-object strict presses + 2 burpees, then 20:00 AMRAP of 25′ bear crawl 20 rocket launchers 15 pushups 10 odd-object push press Post score […]

Sunday 7/5

WORKOUT for Sunday 7/5 QUEEN OF HEARTS – “Now, are you ready for your sentence?” EMOM 10:00 do 10 pistol squats (alternate sides per round: stay on the right leg for one minute, left on the other), then AMRAP 10:00 10 heavy object deadlifts 10 power cleans 10 thrusters Post results to comments! READ: The […]

Saturday 7/4

Appa wishes you a safe weekend! HIIT with Team Mots premieres at 10am! WORKOUT for Saturday 7/3/2020 Te-Kā- “AGHHHHHHHH“ Go for a 5k run but it’s in intervals: For 2:00 – go hard (80-90%) For 1:00- jog it out (breathe & get that heart rate back down) Weather wet? Tough, it’s Seattle! If you must […]

Friday 7/3

Russ CONDITIONING for Champagne Friday 7/3/2020 CAPTAIN HOOK – “Good form, Mr. Smee? Blast good form!” EMOM 20:00 25′ heavy object one-arm farmer’s carry (alternate arms every round), then for time: 25-20-15-10-5 lunges 5-10-15-20-25 rolling v-ups Post results to comments! Pullup Strength Ladder: every 2:00 on the minute x2 do 1-2-3-2-1 reps READ: The Seattle […]

Thursday 7/2/2020

We are STILL renting equipment throughout Washington State’s Phase 2 of reopening to serve everyone who wants frequency or to wait to join our Class and Guided Training sessions. Please check out the following charts: With the new reopening plan, we also have EXPANDED our rental program during Phase 2 operations. We are increasing the […]