A couple of clarifications about the next FOUR Fridays:
– The evenings won’t be run like a traditional class, but as a member you should still come in to do your workout: we’ll have warmups and skill prep written on a whiteboard for you to follow!
– You don’t have to be registered to throw down during FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.
– You don’t have to have completed the Online Judges Course to judge anyone.
– If you are retesting you are responsible for providing your own judge.
– If you really care about improving your performance record your workouts so you can analyze it (like in the video below)
– The three raffles for Friday Night Lights are for everyone who is present. There are many ways to earn tickets.

Leaderboards as of Sunday evening
FCF Ladies
FCF Gents

CrossFit WOD for Monday 10/14

AMRAP in 10:00 of
200m run
max unbroken pullups

then take 10:00 to establish a front squat 1RM

Post results to whiteboard!

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Recover and stretch after your 20.1 performance. Redemption Sunday for those retesting! Bring your own judge!

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 10/12

You Go, I Go AMRAP in 40:00:
10 pullups
20 pushups
30 squats


You Go, I Go AMRAP in 40:00
10 hspu
20 single leg squats
30 pullups

Athletes will alternate lines of each workout: Athlete A does 10 pullups, Athlete B does 20 pushups, Athlete A does 30 squats, Athlete B does 10 pullups, Athlete A does 20 pushups, etc. Continue until time is complete! Post score to whiteboard.

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 10/13

every 3:00 for 24:00
200m run
250/200m row
35 double unders


establish a 1RM front squat

Post squat to whiteboard!

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The 2020 season has begun!

CrossFit WOD for Friday 10/11

CGO 20.1
10 rounds for time:
8 ground-to-overhead, 43/29/20kg
10 bar-facing burpees

Post time to games.crossfit.com and whiteboard!


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Owen doing dumbbell step-ups. How do you hold the dumbbell?

Today is the beginning of the 2020 CrossFit Games Open! The workout will be released tonight at 5pm PST on games.crossfit.com.

This is significant because not only is it our SECOND CrossFit Games Open this year, but we won’t have another until October 2020.

Register if you want to potentially win some prizes and throw down with your swole mates at FCF’s FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, but you can also do that without registering.

If you plan to participate, please PARTICIPATE! Go all five weeks and let’s set an example of what your fitness really is.

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 10/10

establish a 1RM shoulder-to-overhead, bench press, and deadlift

Post loads to whiteboard.

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Come learn how to mount these gymnastics rings!

REGISTER: Muscle-Up Master Class with Carl Paoli – Freestyle Connection

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 10/9

10 rounds for time:
25 double unders
15 wall ball, 20/14/8lbs to 10/9′
5 bar muscle-ups

Post time to whiteboard!

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This Open we’re changing things up. Instead of having the CGO Event every Saturday morning we’re moving to Friday evenings.


  • Friday all classes will run CGO workouts.
  • Doors open at 3:30pm for self-guided preparation (general and specific warmups)
  • First heat runs at 4:30pm and we plan to have last heat at 7pm. Obviously if there is a long queue, we’ll run heats until we’re done.
  • It’s still Champagne Friday so bring something to share and celebrate with!
  • Each week we’ll celebrate: Weeks 1, 3, and 5 will be at the gym. Weeks 2 and 4 will be off-site TBD. Probably places with beer and food.
  • CGO make-ups or redo’s will happen on Sunday as long as you provide your own judge.


  • 3 prize raffles from our sponsors per evening: 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm
  • Must be present to win. One winner per hour. (Up to 5 per hour called)
  • Prizes from RARR Sportswear (joggers, tees, tanks, hats, gift cards), KILL CLIFF, O2 Recovery, Broadcast Coffee, Scrappy Bitters, Sprezza, Anderson & Cattone Physical Therapy, RPM Fitness, and more!

How to earn tickets:

  • 1 ticket if you JUDGE any CGO performance (judge one, get one!)
  • 1 ticket for SPIRIT participation during FNL.
  • 2 tickets if you PERFORM workout during FNL. We must receive a completed score sheet!
  • 2 tickets for completing the weekly CHALLENGE.
    • Proof must be put on social or video emailed to info@foundationcrossfit.com
    • Each challenge will be announced after the weekly event is announced Thursday at 5pm.
    • Challenges must be completed before 5pm that following Monday.
  • 3 tickets if you pass the 2019 ONLINE JUDGES COURSE
    • Must email the PDF to info@foundationcrossfit.com
    • Can get these retroactively if done earlier this year
  • 5 for officially registering with FCF as your affiliate via games.crossfit.com


This Friday we’ll celebrate post-competition with a BBQ- we’ll have some proteins on hand, but would be grateful if you brought something to throw on the grill! See you then.

Our friend Carl Paoli will be coming to FCF on Saturday 11/9 to run his MUSCLE-UP MASTER CLASS! From Freestyle Connection:

The Freestyle Muscle Up Master Class is an intensive 2 hour course dedicated to examining the muscle up. This course breaks down the different types of muscle ups with the goals of:

  1. Identifying the 4 different styles of muscle ups and the parts within them.
  2. Sharing strategies to conceptually and physically develop each part of each style of muscle up.

Participants will gain transferable insight on the muscle up that can be applied to you and/or your athlete’s practice. The course format consists of practical theory work and discussion, as well as low intensity full group and small group progression and skill work. Participants will learn how to:

  • Choose what style of muscle up is right for you to start exploring with.
  • Identify the core parts of each muscle up style.
  • Execute skills and drills that yield the highest returns in performance.
  • Breakdown, redevelop, and apply the information to your practice.

After the course participants will have the tools to be able to:

  • Recognize, scale, and progress movement patterns to maximize motor control.
  • Know how to prioritize strength of a movement versus skill.
  • Identify how pushing and pulling mechanics develops complete and transferable movement patterns.
  • Apply these concepts to the muscle up.

This course is appropriate for movers, athletes, coaches, trainers, gym owners, and fitness enthusiasts of all abilities. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.


00:00-00:10  Intro
00:10-00:30  Master positions
00:30-00:45  Hanging and pulling mechanics
00:45-01:00  Kipping versus swinging
01:00-01:15  Transition work
01:15-01:30  Strict versus kipping muscle up
01:30-01:45  Spotting
01:45-01:55  Accessory work
01:55-02:00  Closing remarks

Ready to get your first muscle-up or improve your current one? Register here.

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 10/8

AMRAP in 11:00
8 dumbbell step-up
1+1 strict HSPU + kipping HSPU
8 dumbbell step-up
2+2 strict HSPU + kipping HSPU
8 dumbbell step-up
3+3 strict HSPU + kipping HSPU
8 dumbbell step-up
4+4 strict HSPU + kipping HSPU

2×50/35/20lbs dumbbells to a 24/20/16″ box. Post score to whiteboard.

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Sam rows as Kenna passes judgement

This Thursday is the start of the 2020 CrossFit Games season as the CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN begins! You can participate officially by registering, or just show up to Friday classes to test yourself!

CrossFit WOD for Monday 10/7

12:00 to establish a 1RM back squat

2 rounds for time:
75 kettlebell swings
50 situps
1000m row

Post squat and time to whiteboard!


For the Olympic Weightlifting Track we are still working on some complexes to sharpen up your technique and timing- specifically your ability to get under the bar and stand it up. Accessories are designed for better shoulder rotation, core strength, and pulling power.

For the Powerlifting Track we have max-rep tests at 85% and accessories for lockout: hips & knees and shoulders & arms.

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