CONDITIONING for Tuesday 12/1/2020


as many reps as possible in 20:00 of
20 snatches
20 pogo burpees
20 pushups

In this workout the goal is to use a db/kb for the snatches- you don’t have to alternate, but maybe hit sets of 5-10/side each time. Drop immediately into the pogo burpees over your snatch object and don’t stop. Take breaks early and often in the pushups so you don’t fail any, and so that you don’t lose too much stamina on the subsequent sets of burpees and pushups. Post scores to comments.

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CONDITIONING for Monday 11/30/2020


AMRAP in 20:00
14 hang (MB)  cleans
14 plank drags
14 toe taps
14 (MB) Russian twists

Ideally you’re using the same object (medicine ball, kettlebell, dumbbell, back pack, etc) the entire time for all of the exercises. Try to stay consistent on the time it takes you per round. Post score to comments!

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Yoga for Sunday 11/29/2020

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CONDITIONING for Friday 11/27/2020

for time:
100 (jumping) squats
80 walking lunges
60 situps
40 hand-release pushups
20 burpees
40 hand-release pushups
60 situps
80 walking lunges
100 (jumping) squats

Post time to comments!

CONDITIONING for Thursday 11/26/2020

Join on Zoom for a bodyweight workout at 8am

Then again at 9am for a weighted LAST-ZOOMER-STANDING workout at 9am, where we’ll continue the workouts until there’s no one left!

(Trying to jack that hunger up if that’s your thing.)

Otherwise we’ll have a Stretch video premiere today, a CompEx workout Friday morning on Zoom, a HIIT workout premiering on Saturday, and finally a yoga zoom workout on Sunday morning.

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When MMA athlete BJ Penn needed to up his conditioning for his fights he turned to CrossFit. Even though the coaching staff had never participated in the sport, they need what the demands of the sport were and created a format accordingly. They asked themselves rather than some footwork and feints what would it be like to actually work for the entirety of the 5:00-round?

After combining 5 different exercise stations and demanding maximum repetition throughout the CrossFit staff put BJ through the workout. At the end of it all they asked him how it felt. He said it was “like a fight gone bad“, and that’s where this staple workout protocol came from.

CONDITIONING for Wednesday 11/25/2020

3 rounds for max total reps:
1:00 thruster
1:00 burpee
1:00 push press
1:00 box jumps
1:00 SDHP
1:00 rest

3 rounds for max total reps:
1:00 thruster, 20/15/15kg
1:00 SDHP, 35/25/15kg
1:00 box jumps, 24/20/16″
1:00 push press, 35/25/15kg
1:00 row
1:00 rest

3 rounds for max total reps:
1:00 jumping squat
1:00 burpee
1:00 hand-release pushups
1:00 tuck jumps
1:00 prone snow angels
1:00 rest

Move through each 1:00 station accumulating as many repetitions as possible, resting when necessary. Score = total reps completed through 3 rounds. Modify equipment and movement as needed.

Post score to comments!

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CONDITIONING for Tuesday 11/24/2020

10 (kettlebell) swings every minute on the minute for 10:00, then

for total reps
2:00 max pushups
1:00 rest
2:00 max situps
1:00 rest
2:00 max air squats
1:00 rest

Repeat for total of two or three rounds. If you have some sort of loading feel free to use that for the squats and situps as well. Go FULL EFFORT for each two minute effort- don’t hold back or game the workout. Post results to comments.

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CONDITIONING for Monday 11/23/2020


AMRAP in 15:00
12 one-arm deadlift
9 one-arm hang power clean
6 one-arm shoulder-to-overhead

Alternate sides each round. This is basically a one-armed DT for 15:00, rather than with a heavy barbell. Since we can’t control what the loading is, the As Many Reps As Possible format works best to challenge everyone accordingly. Focus on the proper technique for each, staying as square as possible to not fire off the back during the deadlifts and cleans, and to ensure good shoulder mechanics in the s2o. If you can get through a set unbroken, do so, and take your breaks during the switching of sides.

Post score to comments.


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YOGA for Sunday 11/22/2020

Catch it on Zoom at 10am! RSVP on PushPress

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