MOBILITY for Sunday 7/24/2022

Here are the results for the 2022 Cleans & Kweens event:

Congratulations to all of the athletes, volunteers, and spectators for an incredible event. The donations for both Lambert House and wayOUT are still going as of this posting and will be open for another week!

Our forever gratitude to the indelible ALEKSA MANILA for hosting and emceeing the event! Find her on social as well.


Finally, none of this would be possible without our own Ron Hook. He put in the work in the planning and physical setup phases, staying late at the gym multiple days in a row to prepare. We appreciate you Ron!

We also had a ton of old a new friends join us today from Slate S&C, Green Lake S&C, Industrious, Emerald City CF, and more.

Thanks for playing and we hope to see you for next year’s event! Also keep an eye out for our upcoming events in 2022.

Download the PDF here.

Join Scott on Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30pm in a class specifically designed to improve strength, technique and positioning for the Olympic lifts (snatch, clean, jerk)!


Increase your overall strength as well as positional strength and positional mobility for these these particular lifts.

The first hour is of OWL Class is coach-led, followed by structured time to focus on your individual accessories and mobility. Athletes are expected to finish their programming each class.

Reserve your spot on PushPress today!


It’s Pride month! If you feel anything like us after the last three years, then you’re ready to swap those masks for some muscles and rainbows. To help you do just that, we are hosting our first competition since the pandemic!

Open to members and non-members alike, we can’t wait to celebrate Pride with you and embrace all you have to be proud of!

Check out the main details below! We will release more details in the weeks to come.

Date: Sunday, July 10
Time: 8 AM – 12 PM
Divisions: Scaled, Competitive; teams of two

There will be podium prizes as well as spirit prizes.

Stay tuned for details on registration, merch and more!

Introducing the 2022 Intramural Team

If you did not officially register by Thursday 2/24/2022 at 12pm then you’ll be automatically assigned to a team.

Check out the roster (and updates) both here on the blog and in the gym.

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Here’s something you might not have heard:

Register for the 2022 CrossFit Games Open– it costs $20
Complete the 2022 Online Judges Course– it costs $10. You’ll become a better athlete because of this, and you’ll be a recognized Judge!
Input an official score for all three weeks of The Open

If all three of these requirements are met then you’ll receive $20 off of your April 2022 membership!

Register for the 2022 CrossFit Games Open here.

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As we’re moving towards HEAT TIMES on the Saturday Event during the 2022 Intramural Open you’re going to be responsible for your own warmups and preparation before your heat.

It’s helps to do the 8am Prep Class, but if you cannot make it then here’s a general warmup to be as prepared as possible:

5-10 minutes of aerobic work (Echo bike, rower, ski erg, jump rope, sleds, etc) followed by joint prep, dynamic range of motion, or movement patterns.

then 2-3 rounds of about 10 reps each of:
– a squat exercise like air squats, goblet, front, back, overhead, lunges, Cossack squats
– a push/press exercise like the press, push press, jerk, pushup, dip
– a pull/row exercise like pullups, ring rows, hang muscle cleans, bent over rows, one-arm rows
– a flexion exercise like the situp, t2b, slam ball, hollow, GHDSU
– an extension or jumping exercise like hip extensions, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, arches, broad jumps, target jumps, double unders, box jumps

then 5 minutes or so targeting your tight/trouble areas through stretching or foam rolling

then practice your specific skills for that week’s workout.

When ready (and if it’s an AMRAP) try one round for technique followed by two to three rounds at “game pace” so you understand how you might feel and make some adjustments. You get to practice transitions and get a taste what’s to come. This is also the chance to make sure your equipment floor plan is safe and effective.

It’s important to get your heart rate PEAKED before your workout so nothing feels new. It also helps take the edge off of your nervousness which generally leads to you going out of the gate too hard. Those who’ve taken CompEx classes know that the first workout is never your best, but the second or third? You’ve already settled down after a peak so your body is ready for more. Use this concept for best success during the Open!

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Beginning this coming Saturday we’ll have a temporary schedule change to our Saturday calendars for the duration of the 2022 Open.

Since we turn the CrossFit Games Open into the FOUNDATION GYM Intramural Open our goal will be to bring our community together to throw down and celebrate fitness while testing ourselves and having fun.

  • Since the Open Workout is released on Thursday afternoon we will be programming said workout for Friday’s classes. Use this as a chance to practice the warmup and skills- we can adjust and give you a different work option to continue your training.
  • As per usual class RSVPs will be available 48 hours in advance
    • The amount of Saturday sessions and slots per session will depend on the logistical demand of that week’s Open Workout.
    • Athletes must still RSVP for a Saturday session. This session is essentially your heat time to perform the workout (though you may arrive anytime before then). It will be helpful to attend the 8am Prep Class.
  • There will be no 7am CompEx.
  • There will be an 8:30am Prep Class where we’ll warmup, cover the standards, practice the skills, and discuss strategies. This class still requires an RSVP but we will not charge your membership.
  • At 9am we will do our one and only explanation and strategy for the workout. You do not need to attend during this time, but it will help you understand what is going on. A number of those who attend the Prep Class will be selected for the “Featured Heat” to set the example for the rest of the day.
  • *JUST IN FOR FITNESS?* No worries, we’ll get you slotted in but these sessions will not be run as your regular classes.
  • We’ll wrap up by 12pm for SKILLS.

“What if I can’t make it on [Saturday]?!”

If you cannot make the Saturday classes you can perform your workout during classes on Friday. If you cannot do your workout on Fridays or Saturdays our schedule will be littered with ‘Open Workout Makeup’ options on the PushPress calendar. You’ll need to record yourself or provide your own judge for the workout to count for points.


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We’ve been saying “SIGN UP FOR THE OPEN” for some time now, but maybe we haven’t done a good job giving you a reason why. Read our explainers and then see if it’s right for you and your goals:

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Ask your coach questions if you have any!

WORKOUT for Friday 2/18/2022

back squat 10 sets of 3 reps, then

AMRAP 10:00
30 snatches
– 20/35kg
– 35/60kg
– 45/75kg
– 55/90kg

Post score to whiteboard!