This Saturday marks the RETURN OF PARTNER WORKOUTS!

Everyone has been very careful and respectful sharing equipment so we’re going to do Partner Workouts on Saturdays again. As always, we’ll have a “solo” offering too, if you prefer to do a one-person version of the workout.

WORKOUT for Friday 10/8/2021

wall walks and still rings


for time:
100 hang power snatch, 20/35kg
100 push press, 20/35kg
100 sumo deadlift high pull, 20/35kg
100 front squat, 20/35kg

Retesting Wednesday 8/18/2021. Post time to journals!

IIRC many of mentioned how tough this workout was without having a plan- going in with big, even sets in the beginning might seem like the right strategy- just remember that this workout is long and volume is high so you’re going to need to pace your power output so you don’t fail any reps. You’re going to take breaks but be disciplined and keep them short and frequent.

Last time we also sumo deadlifted prior to the workout which may have drained the posterior. Since we’re not doing it this time you will hopefully have more pop for longer.


Every September when the weather starts to change and people get back into the groove of the autumn grind  we inevitably see an increase in gym attendance and interest. It’s incredible!

We want to continue providing the best coaching and service we can for the increased traffic we’ve been experiencing so we’re looking to add to our fantastic team of people. Do you like helping others? Enjoy teaching people? Want to share the amazing journey of ‘increased work capacity’ that you’ve experienced yourself?

Interested? Email us: info[at]foundationcrossfit[dot]com!

Who wants classes on Memorial Day?

WORKOUT for Monday 8/30/2021

for total time/15:00 cap:
15 front squats, 30 toes-to-bar, 15 thrusters, 1:00 rest
15 front squats, 30 chest-to-bar pullups, 15 thrusters, 1:00 rest
15 front squats, 30 bar muscle-ups, 15 thrusters

immediately into

in 7:00 establish a max for the following complex:
deadlift + clean + hang clean + jerk

Compare to Saturday 3/27/21 and Wednesday 4/21/21. Post scores to whiteboard.

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Governor Inslee announced that our state needs to move back to masks in indoor spaces to protect each other and keep case counts down. This mandate goes into effect on Monday 8/23/2021.

Fortunately for us

1.) We are a membership-based business and our facilities aren’t open to the public.
2.) We require full-vaccination to join the gym.

Foundation remains diligent in protecting our community. This means:

• We will remain a 100% vaccinated gym.
• We will continue to encourage athletes to wear masks.
• We will continue to encourage social distancing.

If you’re not feeling well, stay home, rest, and get a COVID test. Notify us and we’ll help with membership questions.

If you’ve recently traveled keep our community safe and get a negative COVID test before returning to our space.

We still have an active EQUIPMENT RENTAL program at the gym. Come get some dumbbells or a medicine ball from us!

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 7/27/2021

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As a Filipino-American I’m super proud! Keep an eye out for Team USA to show out for weightlifting too.

MURPH is coming on Monday 5/31!

+ + +

We plan to have a handful of sessions to complete this long workout:

  • 8am
  • 9:30am
  • and 11am
  • (If we max out RSVPs we’ll add more sessions.)

Speaking of RSVPs you’ll notice TWO classes per session. One session has a limit of 6 athletes, while the other session has a limit of 12.

  • SINGLE-OCCUPANT LANE: For the 6-athlete session each athlete will be put into a lane like we currently do in our ongoing Strength & Conditioning classes.
  • OPEN FLOOR PLAN: For the 12-athlete session each athlete will be able to use the pullup rig on the other side of the gym however they need to, without the need of the current lane system.

RSVPs are open now on PushPress. Reserve your spots and keep training to be better prepared!

Hey Foundation Fam,

This Tuesday 5/4 marks the start of the second official season of a road cycling group we piloted last year. Foundation Cycling embodies many of the things you love about FOUNDATION Gym.

The group is made up of a diverse & inclusive body of individuals from all levels of experience & includes both Foundation & non-Foundation members. It’s free to join & doesn’t affect your Foundation class counts!

Similar to your Foundation classes the ride season is thoughtfully programmed to advance your cycling health & overall athleticism. It runs every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from May 4th to August 21st with increasing goals & objectives (think of it as a 3-month Endurance cycle). Our Tuesday/Thursday rides are shorter & flatter, our Saturday rides are longer typically with a break for lunch. Just like Foundation classes though, regardless of programming we meet you where you are in your stage of fitness.

On that note, just like modified versions of “Rx” in class if your endurance isn’t quite ready for high mileage come out anyway. Speak to the group & you’ll get modified mileage suggestions. The routes are always pre-planned & mapped. Make it your own & join at the start, halfway through, or at the end- we’re just happy to see you!

This isn’t a pay to play group so don’t worry if you have the latest & greatest bike. There will also be people with single speeds & thicker tires. You’ll find camaraderie with someone that’s in your same lane & that’s what it’s all about!

How to get involved:

Contact coach Ron on Instagram: @rhook3386
Join our Strava club: Foundation Cyclers
Just Show up: Starting 5/4 & every Tuesday & Thursday after we meet at the gym at 6pm. (1415 12th Ave).

We’d love to have you!


We’re starting a fun new challenge to keep you moving at home: welcome to the 12 Days of FOUNDATION

Everyday on our instagram we will be posting a picture along with some exercises to do that day, creating a long form variant of our usual 12 Days of CrossFit workout that learned from CrossFit Seattle way back in the day.

Here’s what was posted yesterday:


View this post on Instagram


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We’ll also be posting the exercises here. Speaking of which today is 2 WALL WALKS. Go check out our instagram for the entire post including exercise demos!

CONDITIONING for Monday 12/21/2020


AMRAP in 15:00
70-50-30 push press, 20/15kg
60-40-20 step-ups, 20/15kg

Ideally done with an empty barbell, you can do this with any loading you might have- a backpack works well! If you don’t have a box or anything to step-up on then just do lunges. Goal is at least one round. Post results to comments!

WATCH: Skills, Workout, and Cool down of today’s workout in the video below

With COVID-19 cases spiking across the nation and in Washington, our state government has decided to reinstate statewide restrictions. EFFECTIVE TUESDAY, we will not run in-gym classes. Instead, fitness can be achieved at home and outdoors, both on your own and with our recommendations. Check your inbox for this week’s workouts and more details on this news.⁣

As of today, Tuesday Nov 17 we will stop classes until State guidance says otherwise. We look forward to reopening in December and seeing your healthy and happy faces again!⁣

We all need to stay vigilant – please mask up, stay physically distant from others, and stay home unless absolutely necessary.⁣

The health and safety of our community and staff is always our top priority. We’ll notify you as we have more details about our reopening timeframe.⁣

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 11/17/2020


for time:
6:00 cardio (jump rope/run/row/etc)
50 power cleans
40 box jumps
30 shoulder-to-overhead
20 pogo burpees

Choose whatever form of cardio is available to you: the workout was created with jump roping (double unders or single unders) in mind. You’ll also need something you can clean 50x then go overhead with 30x, something to jump on top of, and room to burpee. Figure out how to chop up the sets, but continue moving as much as you can.

Post time to comments.

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CONDITIONING for Wednesday 10/27/2020


every 5:00 complete:
400m run -or- 2:00 of jump rope/toe taps
15 thrusters
15 burpees

Rest for the remainder of the 5:00. Repeat 5 cycles, each as fast as possible. Post results to comments!

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