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WORKOUT for Wednesday 9/29/2021

knee and ankle bulletproofing then

every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:
a. 4 muscle-ups
b. 8 cleans, 40/64kg
c. 12 box jumps, 24/32”

Finish it off with 50 target jumps for time (12” above reach, switching sides halfway). Post results to journal!

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WORKOUT for Saturday 8/14/2021

snatch 6 sets of 3 reps (55/3, 65/3, 75/3, 85/3 (3)) then

CGO 21.2

for time:

10-20-30-40-50 alternating dumbbell snatches, 35/50lbs
15 burpee box jump overs, 20/24″

20:00 cap. Compare to .

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If you want to practice your handstand pushup strength ladder at home do 4 rounds of 1-2-1 reps.

CONDITIONING for Tuesday 6/22

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Who else is excited for another go-around with these burpee box jump overs?

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Monday 4/19/2021


every minute on the minute x 15 complete
a. 5-8 pullups (work into kipping skills)
b. 5-8 dips (or bar/ring muscle-up into dips)
c. 5-8 complexes of a clean + front squat + s2o
d. 5-8 burpee
e. Up to 3 SNATCHES, increasing in weight

Goal here is to get some technical practice on these skills and to feel some intensity with the barbell.



for total overall time complete 100 burpee box jumps overs (12/20/28”) in a 1:00 work, 1:00 rest format.

22:00 limit. Immediately into

100 alternating DB snatches (20/35/50lbs) for time

Post both TIMES to whiteboard (Ex: 16:32 / 18:52)

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Everyone’s favorite piece of workout equipment

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Tuesday 3/16/2021

a. Preparation

Early: row then another 4 minutes working on stroke rates at 24, 28, 32, and 36
27 squat warmup
27 pushup warmup
27 kb deadlift warmup

b. Stamina

Then 50 pullups (of any sort) for time. 6:00 time limit.

c. MetCon

for time:
60 alternating DB snatch
40 box jump, 8/12/20″
20 bar muscle-ups
40 box jump
60 DB hang clean & jerks

Do 5 HC&J per side before alternating. Post time to your journals/the whiteboard.

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Here’s your workout tomorrow:

It’s pretty gnarly.

We’re going to increase the amount of time for the workout and we’ll do our best to prepare you for it, but if you’re interested in a tad more strategy then check this out. With all of the burpee complex practice and pogo jumping volume we’ve been trying to hit I think you’ll be more comfortable on the ground and bouncing off of the ground, but we’ll see.

Do you have a previous effort you can research and improve upon? I just checked my journal and all my notes said were “QUADS. ON. FIRE.” 😩

Did you know 5-time CrossFit Games Champion Mat Fraser recently started his own YouTube channel? Recently they released a segment called The Fraser Files where he breaks down some of his previously-recorded efforts and weirdly enough it’s #18point2!

HIIT at Home with Lauren, premiering at 10am!

IN GYM WORKOUT for Saturday 2/6/2021

a. Warmup

for 8-12 minutes all with a single DB/KB
30 Skip Overs
:30 Goblet Squat Hold
20 slam ball
20 arch-ups
20 swings
5/5 1-arm Deadlift
5/5 Tall kneeling 1-arm press

b. Strength

EMOM do 1-2-1 pullups for 5 rounds, then

c. Conditioning

for time:
500m row
20 alt DB snatch
30 hanging leg raise
20 alt DB snatch
500m row

Rest 2:00 and repeat. How many times can you get through this in 40:00? DB should be 20/35/50lbs or slightly heavier. Hanging leg raise can be any range of leg coming up, but preferably try knees-to-elbows or toes-to-bar. Post total rounds to whiteboard.

d. Stretch

1:00 standing straddle
:30 Cossack, L
:30 Cossack, R
1:00 Kneeling hip stretch, L
1:00 Kneeling hip stretch, R
1:00 Plow

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Rolling out the triceps or praying the workout is over sooner than later?

CONDITIONING for Wednesday 2/3

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CONDITIONING for Tuesday 1/26/2021


3 total rotations (or about 10:00) of :30 work, :10 rest
– deficit reverse lunge
– bumper ground-to-overhead
– Russian twist
– bumper-facing burpee
– calf raise


a. Pullup Ladder: EMOM do 1-2-1 reps x4 rounds, as strict as possible.

b. every 90 seconds do 3 thrusters (ascending in weight) x 8 sets. Max L-sit in between sets if you want a challenge.


100 reps each, for time:
– hang power snatches, 30/20/PVC
– push presses, 30/20/PVC
– sumo deadlift high pulls, 30/20/PVC
– front squats, 30/20/PVC

Choose a weight that is appropriately light and plan to break each exercise into multiple sets. Like with her cousin ANGIE, the goal for ANDI is TIME, so take short breaks that allow continuous movement. Don’t write-off the PVC, especially if you haven’t been in the overhead shape for some time.

REMINDER: We moved the journals to the back, before your enter the cubby area. Athletes can ask coaches to grab their journals for recording.


Each a minute, doing all on the left side before the right: Quad stretch/roll, glute stretch/roll, lat stretch/roll, tricep stretch/roll

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CONDITIONING for Election Day 11/3/2020


3 rounds for max total reps
1:00 max thrusters
1:00 max pogo hops
1:00 max step-ups
1:00 max alternating Devil’s press
1:00 rest

Post score to comments!

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