SKILLS for Thursday 12/1/2022 is the BENCH PRESS

CompEx for Thurs 12/1

hip and shoulder prep

E:45 x5 do 3 press-in-split
EMOM x3 do 3 jerk-in-split

E2MOM x5 do hang clean below knee + clean + jerk @70-75%
E2MOM x5 do clean + front squat + jerk, starting @75% and building

every 2:00 complete
100′ handstand walk
5 hang power snatch, 43/61kg
max muscle-ups in remaining time

rest 1:00 and repeat for a total of four rounds

MOBILITY for Thurs 12/1

WORKOUT for Wednesday 11/30/2022

every :90 for 10 intervals do 1 power clean + 2 jerks

complete any of the following for time:
a. 30 ring muscle-ups
b. 50 bar muscle-ups
c. 100 pullups

Every minute on the minute complete 4 burpees, including the start. Post times to whiteboard!

ENGINE for Wed 11/30


Every 7 minutes for 21 minutes:
20 DB bent-over row, 2×20/35/50lbs
30 DB step-ups, 12/20/24”
400m run (or equivalent)

Rest the remainder of the interval before going again.

BODYBUILDING for Wed 11/30

2-3 rounds
20 KB high pulls
20+ KB lat pullovers
1:00+ rest

3-4 rounds
10-15 dips
10-15 ring rows

4-5 rounds
8+ Z-press
8+ Chinese lat raise
8+ rear delt raise

SKILLS for Tuesday 11/29/2022 is the PRESS/PUSH PRESS/JERK

CompEx for Tues 11/29

shoulder prehab

E:90 x6 do a snatch balance, starting at 75% then building up

EMOM x5 do a 3-postion snatch @ 50%

E:90 x8 do a power snatch + snatch, starting at 60% and building up

1-2 rope climbs / 4-6 strict pullups

E:90 x3
8-10 tempo KB press @2111
6 tempo cross bench pull over @4311
8 tempo posted deadlifts @3011

GYMNASTICS for Tues 11/29

3-4 rounds
7 1-1/2 strict pullups
10 plyo pushups (2″)
10 bent press w/ 2-count pause at bottom

2-3 rounds
:30 chest-to-wall handstand
:30 straddle stretch
:30 hanging k2e hold
1:00 arch hold/rock

then strict muscle-up work and press handstand work

READ: Programming in Preview

WORKOUT for Monday 11/28/2022

front squat 50/5 (2), 60/3, 70/3, 80/3, 90/3+

for time:
210 single unders
21 thrusters
150 running single unders
15 thrusters
90 double unders
9 thrusters

Rx = 20/34/43kg. Post time to whiteboard!

ENGINE for Mon 11/28

EMOM x 12 work for :30, rest for :30
a. max rep kettlebell swings
b. max rep goblet squats

EMOM x12 do a KB press + 2 KB push press + 3 KB jerks

BODYBUILDING for Mon 11/28

100 ring rows
100 bicep curls
75 hand-release pushups
75 Viper press


It’s the end of November and the Holiday Season has begun: that means while many busy may be busy traveling, another gang of folk will be dialed-in schedule wise. Wonderful time for end-of-year test/retests.

Monday (squat day!) we’re in Week 2/3 in our 2nd 5/3/1 Cycle. For conditioning we’ll do another Training Think Tank Throwdown (#166) seeing how well you can sprint through some skills and thrusters. Sub 8:00 would be legit. Pro tip: don’t clean the bar up, “bicep curl sneak” under the bar for the first rep of any set.

Wednesdays are our olympic weightlifting skill/strength days and we’ll be doing a power clean & jerks complex to dial in your footwork. We’ll follow that up with a classic bodyweight pull test (with a burpee twist) where you get to pick your poison: pullups, bar muscle-ups, or ring muscle-ups. Pro tip: preparing your core beforehand will ensure better kipping from the start! If you can get in early get the muscles firing

Friday we’ll have a triplet with high-level bodyweight skills like wall walks, toes-to-rings (!), and single-leg squats (pistols) after our shoulder presses. Remember to download that 5/3/1 Strength app for easier calculations and a rest timer. Pro tip: you should know how many steps in and how many steps out you need for the wall walks. If not, figure it out so you can be more proficient as that movement is expensive.

I know I’ve been saying we wouldn’t run that much in the Winter, and we haven’t, but on Saturday we’ll do some short 400m runs in our conditioning piece. You can join a number of us in doing the “Character Mile” if you’d like!

In ENGINE we’re working on different disciplines and seeing how well you can handle big sets.

In BODYBUILDING we’re sticking with alternating between upper body pushing and pulling, but look to incorporate the lower body by the middle of the month.

That’s it for now- have fun training hard!

MOBILITY for Sunday 11/27/2022

SKILLS for Saturday 11/26 is the PRESS (and other shoulder-to-overhead movements)

WORKOUT for Sat 11/26

shoulder press 50/5 (2), 60/3, 65/5, 75/5, 85/5+

for time:
40 thrusters
30 power clean & jerk
20 overhead squat
30 power snatch
40 thrusters

15:00 cap. Post time to whiteboard!

CompEx for Sat 11/26

athlete’s choice: front/back squat (plus hamstring, shoulder accessories)

25 deadlift every 3:00 for 3 total sets at 30-40% of 1RM

6-10 donkey kicks
:45 kick to handstand effort

E:30 x6
16 freestanding HS march
:20 HS walk

3:00 max handstand hold, max effort

8 rounds for time:
10 target burpee
10 DB front squats, 20/35/50/70lbs


Join us at 12pm, bring some leftovers, and spend time with your swolemates after classes.

WORKOUT for Friday 11/25/2022

5k row for time, then

EMOM x 10 do 2 power snatch + snatch


FCF 3.0 (nextdoor to our current location) on 11/23/2009

WORKOUT for Thingstaken Thursday 11/24/2022

establish a heavy bench press double, then 5 sets of 3 reps at 85%

5 rounds for time:
24/30 calorie row
15 thrusters, 34/43kg
15 knees-to-elbows

Post time to whiteboard!

CompEx for Thurs 11/24

EMOM x3 do 1-3 press-in-split, adding 5% from last week
E2MOM x5: clean pull + clean + jerk
– Sets 1, 2 do 2 @65%
– Sets 3, 4 do 1 @70%
– Set 5 do 1 @75%
E2MOM x5: clean & jerk
– Sets 1, 2 do 80%
– Sets 3, 4 do 83-86%
– Set 5 do 86-90%

“12 Days of Thankfulness”

250m row
2 muscle-ups
3 DB thrusters, 2×20/35/50lbs
4 burpee box jump overs, 20/24″
5 strict HSPU
6 chest-to-bar pullups
7 KB swings, 16/24kg
8 one-arm snatch, 20/35/50lbs
9 toes-to-bar
10 DB walking lunge, 20/35/50lbs
11 ring dips
12 Human Makers, 20/35/50lbs

WORKOUT for Wednesday 11/23/2022

EMOM x15: full clean + cluster

30-20-10 reps for time:
DB hang snatch, 2x 20/35/50lbs

Post time to whiteboard!

Optional Finisher: 2-3 rounds
– 1:00 bar-in-trap/side
– :30 chair stretch/side
– max (freestanding) handstand

ENGINE for Wed 11/23

300 calorie row. Every 25 calories:
a. 15 calorie Echo bike
b. 5 double KB clean & press
c. 15 shuttle runs
d. 5 prowler push & pull

BODYBUILDING for Wed 11/23

5 rounds for max total reps:
max unbroken bench press, 70%
max unbroken Gorilla row

3 sets
8+ split squats/side
16+ weighted hip extension