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WORKOUT for Wednesday 9/29/2021

knee and ankle bulletproofing then

every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:
a. 4 muscle-ups
b. 8 cleans, 40/64kg
c. 12 box jumps, 24/32”

Finish it off with 50 target jumps for time (12” above reach, switching sides halfway). Post results to journal!

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CONDITIONING for Tuesday 6/15/2021

:30 work, :10 rest for 6 rotations:
– dead snatches
– shooter pushups/plank
– clusters
– Russian twists

immediately into max Devil’s press in 3 minutes

Post results to comments!

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GHOST puts out some of my favorite supplements on the market for two reasons:

1.) full-disclosure labels: this requires some knowledge and research to know what you’re putting in your body- and they’re not hiding anything.

2.) Awesome flavors- they licensed things out like Warheads candies, Sonics Drive-In, Welches Grape, Swedish Fish, Bubblicious, Chips Ahoy!, Sour Patch Kids, and their most popular protein flavor came from the Milk Bar cereal milk taste! They also offer Vegan options too.

If you’re interested in trying here’s a code for 20% on your first purchase. I like their protein and Size supplements. The BCAAs are great too if that’s important to you.

Who else is excited for another go-around with these burpee box jump overs?

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Monday 4/19/2021


every minute on the minute x 15 complete
a. 5-8 pullups (work into kipping skills)
b. 5-8 dips (or bar/ring muscle-up into dips)
c. 5-8 complexes of a clean + front squat + s2o
d. 5-8 burpee
e. Up to 3 SNATCHES, increasing in weight

Goal here is to get some technical practice on these skills and to feel some intensity with the barbell.



for total overall time complete 100 burpee box jumps overs (12/20/28”) in a 1:00 work, 1:00 rest format.

22:00 limit. Immediately into

100 alternating DB snatches (20/35/50lbs) for time

Post both TIMES to whiteboard (Ex: 16:32 / 18:52)

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WATCH: At-Home Kettlebell Workout, premiering at 6pm PST

All beverages are now $3! We spent this week discussing all the different beverages we offer and how they might help you get through your workout if not day.

Today we’re finishing the list: we’re talking about the rest of the FitAid products! These are basically liquid multivitamins, each directed towards a specific purpose.

FocusAid Energy Blend in Melon Mate (5 calories: 1g/0g/0g) containing 100mg of green tea and Yerba Mate-derived caffeine.

This drink contains nootropics, one of the new hot words in the health & fitness industry, are substances that claim improvement in the cognitive brain function, “particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals”.

When should I drink it?

  • Mornings or afternoons when you need to focus and be alert for work, or for workouts.
  • On the weekends prior to your physical activity away from the gym: running, cycling, hiking, ball sports, house projects, hobbies, etc.

What’s in it?

GABA which aids with stress relief and mental clarity, Alpha-GPC to boost brain function related to learning and memory, Green Tea extract and Yerba Mate for overall energy, B-Complex to assist nervous system and immune system functions, Acetyl-L-Carnitine to nurture brain health through neurotransmitter support. Sweetened with bestevia and monk fruit extract.

ImmunityAid Support Blend (40 calories: 9g/0g/0g, caffeine-free)

You know why people give or get orange juice when they “are under”/have colds? Yeah, this is the drink with the right ingredients, not some sugary water (organic with fresh ingredients or not).

When should I drink it?

  • They’re probably my favorite drink when I just need a beverage and want to avoid caffeine. It helps that it’s not too tart like some of our other offerings.
  • I like these if I feel “off” (thanks Seattle!)
  • Also when I’m not consistently mentally and/or emotionally positive, which leads to a weaker immune system.

What’s in it?

Echinacea for an immune system boost,  Zinc also helps your immune system by jump-starting your recovery systems, Vitamin C because there are so many benefits to it, Magnesium since it’s literally in every cell of your body and is required for you to function as a human, tons of other vitamins (A, C, D3), L-aginine for blood flow, and root extracts (because plants). Sweetened with agave nectar and organic stevia leaf extract.

LifeAid Daily Blend (40 calories: 9g/0g/0g, caffeine-free)

They market this one as “a great daily soda or diet replacement.” With ingredients like Turmeric, Magnesium, Rosemary, Oregano, Cayenne, Ginger, and Vitamin C (that shit sounds like a combo of a medicine cabinet and a spice rack) + Vitamins it’s no wonder it’s better than a can of sugar water!

When should I drink this?

  • Think of this as their answer to Gatorade.
  • Literally anytime you want a slightly-bubbly drink.
  • I’ve had luck with it as something to go with lunch, but also mid and post-workout, especially if ya thirsty.

What’s in it?

Turmeric to reduce inflammation, Magnesium for your cardiovascular system, Rosemary extract for the immune system, Oregano extract, Cayenne extract, Ginger extract, vitamins (B-Complex, calcium), and a bit of sugar for carbohydrates.

PartyAid Recovery Blend in Berry Bliss (40g: 9g/0g/0g and caffeine-free)

Replenishes essential nutrients because you party as hard as you train. Can be used as a mixer, but I prefer the tastes of KILL CLIFF for that. If you’ve ever been to a Champagne Friday at the gym you’ve probably seen me put it in a red cup before the bubbly. Of the FitAid-brand drinks I prefer the taste of this or ImmunityAid.

When should I drink it?

  • Smart to have these before/during/after an evening of fun.
  • Also the day after said evening.

What’s in it?

Milk Thistle for liver health, 5-HTP which is a precursor to serotonin and melotonin, vitamins and minerals (B-Complex, C, D3, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium), Eleuthero Root which helps regulate stress response, L-Tyrosine which is beneficial to brain function when fatigued or sleep-deprived, Electrolytes for muscular function, L-Carnitine for energy production and metabolism.


Just remember, none of these drinks we discussed this past week do much if you’re not already taking care of yourself through good nutrition, adequate rest and relaxation, and constantly-varied functional movement training executed at mild and high intensities!

CONDITIONING for Friday 3/5/2021


max reps in 7:00
10-20-30-40-etc of
– penguin jumps
– crunches
– reverse crunches

Post score to comments!

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Next up on our list are the pioneers of this “clean energy” drink in the functional fitness space: KILL CLIFF Recovery and FitAid Recovery. These two types of drinks function the same way: you can have it anytime, but it probably works best immediately post-workout or on a rest day.

KILL CLIFF Recovery (Berry Legit Lemonade, the only flavor we currently carry)

This was the original canned beverage I saw in our functional fitness space. Cleaner ingredients like erythritol as the sweetener, and a vitamin and plant extract blend (see below) with tons of electrolytes for staying hydration and continued function, B-vitamins for pulling energy from food and creating more within the body, and enzymes for breaking down the macronutrients in food: Amylase for carbs, Protease for proteins, and Lipase for fats*. Kill Cliff contains all three and because of that, I drink these right before or during my post-workout nutrition.

Kill Cliff Recovery (20 calories: 12g/0g/0g) contains 25g of caffeine- a cup of plain coffee is usually around 95mg.

When should I drink it?

  • I think these are great literally anytime- before, during, or after. The amount of caffeine is negligible and some could argue that it is there simply so you don’t crash immediately after your workout.
  • I personally drink these during workouts. Also if I need a cold beverage after morning or afternoon workouts.

What’s in it?

Erythritol as the sweetener, Vitamin & Plant Extract Blend: taurine for nerve growth, D-glucuronolactone for joints, sodium citrate (electrolyte), ginger root extract for anti-inflammatory properties, monopotassium phosphate (electrolyte), green tea extract (plant-derived caffeine + L-theanine), inositol for metabolism and calmness, ginseng root powder for a strong immune system, Vitamins B3+B5+B2+E acetate+B12 for energy production, Citric acid for flavor and acts as a natural preservative, Enzyme Blend: Bromelain for digestion and soreness relief, Lipase, Amylase, Protease 4.5, Invertase is an enzyme that breaks down sugars, Beta-Glucanase is an enzyme commonly found in beer and wine, Serrazimes which does a similar job to Protease, Stevia as a sweetner, Fruit/Veggie Extract for color.

FitAid Recovery (Citrus Medley)

FitAid Recovery (40 calories: 9g/0g/0g) Vegan and contains 25g of caffeine- a cup of plain coffee is usually around 95mg.

When should I drink it?

  • Like its competitor above, I think these are great before/during/after your workout with that bit of caffeine from (green tea extract) to avoid the post-workout bonk.

What’s in it?

Sweetened with organic agave nectar, Vitamin C (an essential vitamin bodies don’t produce), Vitamin D3 for absorbing calcium and regulating immune functions, Vitamin E to prevent cellular damage, green tea extract (plant-derived caffeine + L-theanine), Vitamin B1(Thiamin)+B2(Riboflavin)+B3(Niacin)B6+B7(Biotin)+B12 for energy production, D-Calcium pantothenate, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Green tea extract, L-Arganine hydrochloride, L-Glutamine for joints, D-Glucosamine hydrochloride for joints, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Quercetin, CoQ10 for cellular energy generation, Turmeric root extract as an anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant, algae for Omega-3 fatty acids which help blood viscosity for better recovery.

FitAid Rx Zero Sugar (Sour Grape) and FitAid Rx (Sour Grape)

FitAid Recover Rx +Creatine Zero Sugar (5 calories: 1g/0g/0g)

These are basically the same as the FitAid above, but in a different flavor and with a small amount of creatine– a substance found naturally in muscle cells that assist in energy production during high-intensity exercise. Also cool: they don’t use sodium since we get so much in our food!

The white can has no sugar and is flavored by both monk fruit extract and Stevia.

The black can has a couple of grams of agave nectar for some simple carbs.

When should I drink it?

  • I think these are also great literally anytime- before, during, or after. The big thing I personally think is that if you are supplementing with creatine it should be taken at the same time every session. Also seeing as the preferred amount to take is about 2.5g/daily you would need to down two of these to reach that.
  • Otherwise basically all of the same answers as above

What’s in it?

45mg caffeine. Vegan. Creatine to develop/maintain power and speed during exercise, B-Complex for the nervous and immune systems, caffeine and theanine from Green Tea Extract, Omega 3s & CoQ10 for cardiovascular health, Glucosamine to support joint health, Quercetin for inflammation, BCAAs to maintain power in muscles, and Glutamine to reduce muscle breakdown during exercise.

FitAid Recover Rx +Creatine (40 calories: 9g/0g/0g)

45mg caffeine. Vegan. Creatine, BCAAs, Glutamine. Vit C, D3, E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium. Proprietary Blend (1848mg) of creatine monohydrate, green tea extract, L-arganine hydrochloride, L-glutamine, glucosamine hydrochloride, leucine, quercetine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, CoQ10, Tumeric extract, Docosahexaenoic acid

*Those who are lactose-intolerant can do better with dairy by increasing the amounts of lipase they have, through food and supplementation.

CONDITIONING for Wednesday 3/3/2021


Grab a bumper plate and it must stay on your person the entire time.

2 rounds for time:
20 burpee-swings
30 pushups
40 situps
50 walking lunges

Start and end with a 470m waiter’s walk (that’s around the block for us). Check us out doing this over 11 years ago!

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Today we’ll start highlighting the drinks — what they are, what they do, and what happens when you have one.

If you’ve been eyeing the gym fridge but don’t know where to start, this is your go-to guide!

We’ll begin by addressing the misnomer of “energy drinks” and what that really means. None of these drinks give you energy; however these and other drinks can help you alter your perception of energy. And this is mostly through caffeine. That’s why we all have jokes about needing coffee on those down days. There’s also folk out there who claim some hoity toity “I drink green tea” bullshit. The biggest difference between coffee and tea is L-theanine, an amino acid that when paired with caffeine, which helps stave off the jitters.

KILL CLIFF IGNITE contains 150mg of caffeine from green tea extract. Plus its ginger, niacin, and carbonated water make for a great combination for that perceived energy.

We offer five different flavors to try:

  • Smashing Citrus: Tastes similar to the original TASTY flavor
  • Fruity Punch Knockout: The not-as-tart fruity blend that made KILL CLIFF Formula 1 famous
  • Tropical Thunder: With tasty notes of warm-weather fruits like pineapple and mango
  • Legendary Lemon Berry: Similar to the Berry Lemonade KILL CLIFF (one of my favorites, which we will talk about tomorrow!)
  • Cherry Lime Grenade: (I have not yet tried, so you’ll have to!)

When should I drink it?

  • This is a pre-workout, best to drink before class or right after class begins.


What’s in it?

It contains beta-alanine (a popular pre-workout ingredient and non-essential amino acid), which can help buffer lactic acid and potentially increase the time it takes for your muscles to achieve exhaustion. It’s also got 40mg of niacin (a B-Vitamin), which can cause a “niacin flush,” a harmless itching or burning sensation. The ginger root powder is spicy, giving you a mouthfeel of heat. 10g of erythritol sweetens the drink, meaning there’s no added sugar and your glucose levels don’t spike. Electrolytes come from monopotassium phosphate (potassium), disodium phosphate anhydrous (sodium), and magnesium so you can stay hydrated and cramp-free.


Nutritional info

(25 calories: 15g/0g/0g)

150mg caffeine, no sugar (10g erythritol). B-Vitamins, Electrolytes, Naturally sweetened. Made in USA. Potassium 240mg, Vit E (15mg), Niacin 40mg, Vit B6 .9mg, B12 2.4mcg, Pantothenic acid 5mg, Phosphorus 31mg, Magnesium 42mg. Monopotassium phosphate, magnesium citrate, disodium phosphate anhydrous, green tea leaf extract, ginger root powder, Vit E, Asian ginseng root extract, Whole Asian ginseng extract, pantothenic acid, niacin, b12, b2, b6, Natural flavors, fruit/veggie extract (for color), Stevia.

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Tuesday 3/2/2021

a. Prep

for 12:00
10 calories row (or 30 double unders)
5 kb upright row (high pull)
10 kb horn curls (1 up, 2 down)
5 pushups (challenge: kb shooter pushup)
10 kip swings (eventually k2e, no t2b)

Pullup Ladder: EMOMx6 do 1-2-1 reps

then dislocates BURGENER WARMUP. 3-5 trainer-led reps with a barbell.

b. Skills

every minute on the minute x 14
a. Hang snatch + snatch
b. 15 slam ball

c. MetCon

27-21-15-9 reps for time:
Overhead squats, 20/29/43kg
Pushup on barbell
Ab-mat situp

Mod to front squats and pushups on ground, but preserve loading. Work in larger but manageable sets. Sprint through as fast as possible



New beverage lineup for 2021

We expanded our drink offerings in the gym to cover the needs of our athletes for pre-workout (before), intra-workout (during), and post-workout (after). Most of the beverages we carry can be had at any time of the day- just be mindful if it contains caffeine.

To celebrate the expanded options we’re now selling each can for $3 each! Simply go up to the fridge, sanitize your hands, grab your preferred option, then write your selection down on the charge sheet!

Before we begin discussing these supplements remember that none of these things provide you any benefit whatsoever if you don’t have a good foundation of nutrition based on quality proteins and plants, adequate hydration, and good amount of sleep.




Kill Cliff IGNITE

25 calories: 15g/0g/0g. 150mg caffeine, no sugar (10g erythritol). B-Vitamins, Electrolytes, Naturally sweetened. Made in USA.



O2 Oxygenated Recovery

15 calories: 4g/0g/0g, caffeine-free. Electrolytes modeled after an IV bag: 280mg sodium, 270mg potassium, non-carbonated.

FOCUSAID Energy Zero Sugar

100mg caffeine. Nootropics, Gaba, Alpha GPC.


40 calories, caffeine-free. Echinacea, Vitamins A, C, D, Zinc.


40 calories, caffeine-free. 5-HTP, Milk Thistle, Electrolytes.


40 calories: 9g/0g/0g. B-Complex, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Tumeric, Cayenne, Rosemary.



Kill Cliff Recovery

20 calories: 12g/0g/0g. 25g caffeine. Taurine, B-Vitamins, Green Tea and Ginseng.

FITAID Recover

40 calories, 45mg caffeine. Vegan. BCAAs, Glutamine, Omega 3s.

FITAID Recover +Creatine

40 calories (9g/0g/0g), 45mg caffeine. Vegan. Creatine, BCAAs, Glutamine.

FITAID Recover Zero Sugar +Creatine

45mg caffeine. Vegan. Creatine, BCAAs, Glutamine.

Throughout this coming week we’ll break down EACH drink in its entirety.

CONDITIONING for Monday 3/1/2021


As many reps as possible in 12:00 of
60 penguin jumps (or double unders)
40 weighted lunges
20 hang clean & jerks

If you can, let’s get familiar with your jump ropes again! Whatever weight you use for the hang clean & jerk (we were thinking of a single dumbbell or kettlebell), use that for the lunges in either rack or hang position. Make sure you step long and wide each rep! Can be in place (forward/backward) or walking.

Post results to comments or your journal!

SKILLS CLASS begins today
– RSVP for them at 8am, 11am, and 4pm. Today’s skill is the Deadlift!



That concludes our week of supplements. Learn something? Like it? Let us know! Maybe we could go even further in this complicated and oversaturated market. It can be very overwhelming in an aisle, let alone a supplement store like GNC or SuperSupplements.

So to conclude our week, let’s chat some random notes:

– Remember that supplements ABSOLUTELY DO NOT REPLACE CLEAN NUTRITION. Quality food, quality hydration. Get that down first, then you might need to fill in the blanks with choice supplementation.
– Ladies, these lists don’t change for you either. If it was easy to get big, most dudes wouldn’t be so skinny and in the gym so often! It’s something is specific for men, the brands will also have something specific for women!
– If you are going to supplement, start with health-biased things like a multivitamin, fish oil (Omega-3s) or CLAs for vibrant tissues, probiotics for a balanced gut, ZMA/Zinc for rest & recovery, Vitamin D because you live in Seattle.
– If you are short on time and absolutely cannot access quality food then, in order, I’d suggest a quality protein (pre or post-workout), creatine (add to one of the other things), and BCAAs (intra-workout).
Vegan? Vegetarian? I got recs for you too!
– Avoid taking something just because your favorite athlete is taking it.
– RESEARCH THESE THINGS! Take what you think you need, not what you want.
– A nice trick for those who move around a lot, it’s helpful to have containers to hold your stack:

Pricey vs Not, just have it ready!

– Andrew’s BEGINNER STACK: eating good food, bringing the intensity to workouts, and better sleeping habits!
– Andrew INTERMEDIATE STACK: creatine and whey protein (or protein isolate if you have a sensitive stomach)
– Andrew’s current personal stack: Ghost Lifestyle LEGEND (Watermelon) pre-workoutLegion Recharge (BCAA), Ghost Lifestyle WHEY (Cereal Milk) protein, ON Creatine (added to one of the previous things), and LiftMode L-Theanine (added to pre-workout or creatine for a calming energy)
– Questions? Ask!


1. Additional POWERLIFTING classes at 5:30pm and 7:30pm on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Registration for both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting cycles remain open until Monday evening.
2. We have FOUR teams of four competing Saturday at the 2018 Battle at the Ballpark at Safeco Field. FCF Baseball night at the game later that day!
3. Our JULY 4th SCHEDULE is as follows: 9am, 10am, and 11am CrossFit classes. One 9am Foundation Barbell session for two hours.


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BarBend has good, slightly-in-depth reviews with Nick English. He is an editor and journalist with over six years’ reporting experience on four continents, with most of that spent covering health-related issues. Currently a full-time writer at BarBend, his work can be found on Vice, Popular Science, Greatist, and the Huffington Post.

CrossFit WOD for Friday 6/29


as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

– or –


as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
5 handstand pushups
10 pistols, alternating
15 pullups

Post scores to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 1/4, Day 3/3

front squat 60/5 (5). 1-minute rests.
power clean + hang clean + jerk 65/1 (3)
push press 50/3 (3)

GHR 5×3-5
single-leg stiff-leg deadlift 5×5/side
midline, 200 reps total
– abs, back, obliques, glutes, hip flexors
– athlete choice, but ask coach if unsure

Powerlifting WOD – Week 1/4, Day 3/3

seated box jump 4x3x75%

press 85% / 5+
deadlift 65% / 5 (8)

sumo RDL 5×15
bicep opener 5×5

midline, 200 reps total
– abs, back, obliques, glutes, hip flexors
– athlete choice, but ask coach if unsure

Eating/supplementing talk all this week! We need to make sure that your gut systems run properly and absorb the nutrition you provide. Probiotics can help! I take a single raw probiotic pill once a day. (Twice a day if I’m eating like crap)

From Invictus: “Probiotics help bring balance back to your gut. These good bacteria help to keep pathogens (harmful microorganisms) in check, aid digestion and nutrient absorption, and contribute to immune function.”

A lot of “fortified” foods will claim how healthy it is for you- ignore those and get things are probiotic in nature! Yogurt (Ellenos!)/kefir, sauerkraut/kimchi, tempeh, miso, kombucha/kvass, pickles, and more. Apple Cider Vinegar drinks (water, honey, ACV) do wonders and you can alter ingredients for taste.. or you can live your best life and start your day off with a straight shot (start small) of ACV in the morning!


+ Simply Sinister – StrongFirst

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 6/28


complete 100 single-arm kettlebell swings then 10 turkish get-ups within 10:00

Post weight used to whiteboard!

HIIT WOD – 12pm

3 rounds
1 min work
Rope Pulls

Sand bag squats
Ski erg cals
AB cals
Back extensions
1 min rest

5 rounds
30s hold / 10s rest
Atomic sit ups with partner
Hollow rock
Bed bug
Pointer dog
Side plank
Opposite side plank
Flutter kicks

HIIT WOD – 5:30pm

3 rounds
1 min work
Rope Pulls
Sand bag squats
Ski erg cals
AB cals
Back extensions
1 min rest

5 rounds
30s hold / 10s rest
Atomic sit ups with partner
Hollow rock
Bed bug
Pointer dog
Side plank
Opposite side plank
Flutter kicks

Foundations 11 WOD

21-15-9 reps for time:
hang power clean (or squat clean)
air squats (or jumping)

Don’t mix chalk and protein powder

Today let’s get into what you need to have when you finish working out: some carbohydrates and proteins! You just spent an hour (or two) exercising which breaks down muscle tissue. We need to repair it, ASAP if you’re a morning athlete who trains fasted. While you don’t have to consume something immediately after a workout, practicing good nutrition is crucial for promoting muscle protein synthesis and glycogen storage.

Since I more or less live in the gym, and often workout more than once in a training day, I find it easier to have a prepacked meal, like NW Fit Meals, or a container of protein powder nearby for when I finish my WOD. Unless I had a meal near that training time, I do look to make sure that I have some food every 3-5 hours to keep my body rebuilding whatever I broke down in my training.

My favorite morning post-workout shake: 1 scoop of ON Double Rich Chocolate Whey protein (24g Protein/3g CHO/1g Fat) + 1 scoop 8-12oz of cold brew coffee or an iced americano + water to taste.

My favorite mid-morning post-workout shake, an hour or so before lunch: none (I’ll opt for BCAA during my workout, but might add a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to it)

My favorite evening post-workout shake: 1 scoop of SFH Pure Churro protein (23g/4g/2g) because if you know me, you know I love churros + more cinnamon + ice + water.

My favorite protein isolate (for the lactose-intolerant): Onnit’s Whey Isolate (20g/5g/2g) is grass-fed and contains 7 enzymes for better digestion. No sweeteners and mixes really well!

My favorite late-night-snack (where you want to skip out on making a bad nutritional choice): 1 scoop ON Gold Standard Casein Vanilla protein (24g/9g/1g) + whatever I want to flavor it with: a ton of cinnamon, almond or peanut butter, milk, chocolate milk, juice, might blend it with frozen berries or other fruit (acai!), etc. You can get imaginative with flavor combos.


+ You Asked: Should I Eat Collagen Powder? – TIME

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 6/27

every minute on the minute for 15:00
power snatch + hang snatch, ~70%


500m row for time

Post times to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 1/4, Day 2/3

power snatch + hang snatch + overhead squat 65/1 (3)
snatch-grip Romanian deadlift 50/8 (3)
snatch-grip shrugs 70/12+ (3), :90

5×3-5 BtN sotts press
5×8 weighted back ext
5×10 dips

Powerlifting WOD – Week 1/4, Day 2/3

med ball throws 4×10 (2)
bench press 65/5 (8)

db bench press 4-5×12
db Tate press 4-5×12
db JM press 4-5×12

med ball throws 4×10

Kettlebell WOD

Joint Prep/DROM

**3 rounds**
– 10 Double bell Sots press
– 10 Double bell OH squat and curl
**Banded work 3 rounds
– 10 banded row with supination
– 10 banded swing squat

**50 Swinging lunges**
**KB Karen**
– 150 KB Wall Ball Substitute
**Simple and Sinister (DB) **
– Every 30 sec 10 X 10 Double KB swings

##Accessory work
– Abs
– 15 Relax-into-stretch toe touch
– 2 min super pigeon