Recipe for the Weekend!

We’re approaching the end of week 4 which means we have one week left of our challenge! Keep it up everybody!

Here is a fun new tool we got recently: Veggetti Spiral Veggie Slicer

It’s a small hand-held vegetable slicer and in comparison to the bigger version we previously had, it’s much easier to use and saves kitchen space! We haven’t used it for much veggies yet aside from zucchini. I love the quick access, quick cutting, and quick clean up. Plus the spiralized noodles that come from it are super fun.

Zucchini noodles! We set some aside to offer to Lily as well. Quick saute in the pan to add a little warmth and “cooked/crispy” texture with some olive oil + salt/pepper to taste (we omit that for Lily and just add the olive oil).

Zoodles, Marinara, Meatballs

Recipe for this quick meal:
– 2 zucchinis for noodles
– Dorot garlic*
– Dorot basil*
– sugar-free marinara in a jar or make your own! (we used two cans tomato puree with crushed tomato, diced onions, carrots, olive oil, green dried spices, and salt)
– meatballs: we used a package of ground beef with almond meal (as a binder) minced bell pepper and cooked in Kerrygold butter.

Use the veggetti to make your ‘zoodles’ and set aside. Set your pan to medium-high heat while you combine your seasoned beef with the minced bell peppers and almond meal into meatballs. Throw some butter on the pan before cooking, 5-8 minutes per side(s), making sure you rotate every so often. You can get a second pan going for the zoodles or save for later since it’s a quick saute. After the meatballs are done you can throw them in a pot with the marinara already on a low heat. Voila!

Looking forward to using the tool more often. I’m thinking of making some sweet potato curly “fries” or maybe even some regular potato “fries”.. I’m a sucker for those.

Happy weekend & happy meal prepping!


*fresh is always better, but these are really awesome when you’re cramped for time