Thank You!

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to our adopted families from the Swedish Cancer Institute program! Much love to: Leah W, Jason H, Sonja, Max, Teada, Sandi, Sarah M, Colin B, Sheena, Stacey S, Michi, Laura W, Elise, Alexis, Nnenna, Helen, Long, and Jen W.

Tony, Andrew, and Sheena dropped off the goodies to Sharla on Friday, 12/15.

The donations were delivered to each patient after their appointments before the Christmas holiday last week. Sharla was kind to report back their reactions:

Family K:
Patient K was very tired after her treatment, but had enough energy to express her gratitude for the donations, especially this time of the year. Her full time job and daily radiation treatment has left her feeling fatigued most days. She shared that her older children are planning to come home from college to spend the holidays with the family. They have no special plans except to cook dinner and spend time with each other. Thank you for your contributions so Family K can have a full and stocked pantry for Christmas!

Family X:
When the items were delivered to the Patient X and his children after his oncology appointment, he immediately started saying “Thank You”. Unfortunately, he had just received news from the doctor that his cancer has now progressed to Stage IV metastatic lung cancer. Seeing all the holiday items after this particular appointment put a large smile on his face. He repeatedly expressed that this was more than what the family had asked for. He certainly was not expecting all these items and shared how much the gifts were going to help him and his kids. Thank you to the donors who made this humble man beam with the biggest smile the staff has ever seen on him!

A little kindness goes a long way! Again, thank you! We are grateful for all of you and already looking forward to next season.