2018 Nutrition Challenge

You’ve heard us talk about it.

You’ve seen it written out on the board.

And now it’s just around the corner, our first nutrition challenge of 2018!


  • The challenge will be 8 weeks long, starting on February 5th, no cost to participate. Registration begins Friday 1/26. We’ll have a separate blogpost with directions!
  • We will have a specific website for all things nutrition challenge. We narrowed down your choices in nutrition protocol to: Paleo, Whole30, Low-Carb, or Keto. Please email Sheena and Sarah if you have a different protocol in mind.
  • A week prior to the start, we will have an educational week sharing guidelines to each protocol. There will be a nutrition Q&A led by Andrew and Sheena on Saturday at noon February 3rd.
  • We will be hosting the Body Fat Test truck right outside, on Monday January 29th. This is not required to participate in the challenge, though there are benefits to getting it done (and we highly recommend it). The cost will be $84 for both BEFORE and AFTER. MORE information on Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing HERE. 
  • We have check-ins, activities, and events planned to help you succeed in reaching your goals and keep you motivated to continue on throughout!