2019 at FCF: Memberships, Barbell, and Guided Training

Happy New Year to all of you! We welcome 2019 with open arms and tons of excitement. Plenty of goals to achieve, WODclub milestones to reach, and kilos to be lifted!

Our team is looking forward to an amazing year ahead, with many improvements and adjustments to our business. We’re excited to see you improve and sharpen your mind and movement. Our team has worked hard to create new options for you to reach your potential at FCF. In 2019, we are adding expanded options, both to capture the shift in market desires, and to respond to feedback from our own membership base. 

CrossFit vs Barbell Memberships

First, all athletes that continue enjoying our product, membership prices will not change and your memberships features will remain the same. We have resisted raising prices since 2015 (even though our rent in the neighborhood definitely has), and strive to continue to provide an appropriately-priced premium experience in our market. We are fortunate enough to withstand the need to raise prices across the board for another year or more. With that said, we will be raising the price of just our lowest tier of 2x/week by $10, to $165. All members will receive grandfathered pricing as long as they remain an active member. 

CrossFit memberships allow access to our popular instructional classes such as CrossFit, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Barbell, Mobility, and our seasonal classes such as Kettlebell, Endurance, and Gymnastics.

Barbell memberships only allow for our instructed Barbell classes (with Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting options) and Guided Training sessions. (More on GT below). We have created a new membership program for those who wish to focus solely on barbell technique. This membership will include all instructed Barbell classes and all Guided Training sessions. It will NOT include any of our other instructed classes (CrossFit, HIIT, Mobility, etc). This is a great option for those who want to solely focus on weightlifting.

Our instructed Barbell classes are back for the year and continue to be a part of our CrossFit program. We recommend these classes for those who want to supplement their CrossFit training. If prescribed weights are too heavy you might need to attend class. If you want to develop the strength necessary for higher-level skills such as pull-ups, ring and bar muscle-ups, single-leg squats, and handstand push-ups you might need to attend class. If you want to put on more muscle mass or develop unreal resiliency in your joint structures you might need to attend class.

Initially, in 2019, we will adjust our Barbell classes to 2x/week. The reason for the change is that we want to see athletes more invested in specified training- last year we saw a number of athletes swing for the fences and go all-in on membership frequency for classes. Expecting to CrossFit three to five times a week and do the Barbell classes three times a week on top of that, is a recipe for burn out. With the separation between a CrossFit membership and a Barbell membership, we believe athletes will achieve more with a direct focus in that particular style training.

That isn’t to say one can’t switch between the two monthly memberships. Athletes should try to train a strength cycle in Barbell for a month before going back to CrossFit classes. This is true especially of novice and intermediate athletes (experience of 1 to 12 months), who would benefit from cycling from one style of training consistently for a month before trying something new with the other style. Repeat as necessary.

Full Access Membership

When an athlete is consistent with a higher level of training and experience is solid, then the FULL ACCESS membership should be their next option. Balancing all available class options for conditioning, stamina, endurance, and skill-work paired with the strength work from Guided Training can lead to peak levels of performance.

You must be approved to join this membership level.

Guided Training

The question of “Open Gym” has been the biggest request we continue to receive. It is not in our philosophy or business plan to allow for an Open Gym setting due a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • The lack of space during our busiest stretches of the day and the week.
  • Distraction from instruction due to loud noises, workouts that detract from the learning experience in our classes.
  • The inability to watch what someone working safely and progressively towards their goals. Maxing out every session isn’t intelligent training.

In response to feedback, we are happy to announce we have developed a new program called Guided Training!

Here’s a quick look at our Guided Training implementation. GT is meant for those individuals who want to:

  • Increase strength levels and volume bases for CrossFit training
  • Achieve specific strength goals: hitting certain numbers for lifts or developing strength for higher-level skills such as pull-ups, bar/ring muscle-ups, single-leg squats, handstand push-ups, etc
  • Gain muscle mass
  • Rehab special needs due to injury or chronic issues
  • Train for specific and/or competitive events in Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Marathons, Trail/Mountain Hikes, Stair Climb, Obstacle Run, Kettlebell Sport, CrossFit competitions, etc. 

The Guided Training sessions will be scheduled in 1-3 hour blocks depending on the time of day. Initially, we will limit this to times when we are open for classes, and limit the number of participants in each block. The 5:30-7:30pm hours will not have Guided Training session due to space restrictions. This added access to the gym will be offered for $35/month on top of your regular membership.

You will receive a base-level program specific to you. Individualized Programs will be available for a fee after consulting with our coaching staff.


Last updated 1/7/19 at 22:05

  • When/how can I start? How do I join Guided Training?
  • How much is it compared to my current membership?
    • It’s an additional $35 if you upgrade to FULL ACCESS, or it’s a $15 subtraction for Barbell membership only.
  • When do I get my program? How do I get my program?
    • After we determine your program there will be a folder in the barbell area where you can pick it up. It will be printed on blue cardstock.
  • Did the number of instructed Barbell classes drop compared to last year?
    • Yes, but last year our focus was on lifting and now our focus is back to pure CrossFit.
  • Can I start mid-month?
    • Yes, but that may mean you have an abbreviated program.
  • What if I don’t do the program? Do I get a refund?
    • There are no refunds. Once you fill out the registration form you are expected to see it through. Monthly programs expire just like classes. Don’t commit to GT if you cannot commit the attendance.
  • Can I receive more than one program at a time?
    • No you can only work one program at a time.
  • Can I get an individualized program?
    • Yes for a $50 fee we can discuss and design a specific program for you.
  • Schedule?
    • As of January 2019 you will have an opportunity to do your Guided Training during our regular hours: 6am-9am, 11am-1pm, 3:30pm-5:30pm, and 7:30pm-8:30pm.
  • What are the steps to access GT?
    • After filling out the Registration form your ZenPlanner login will be granted access to those special Guided Training sessions on the calendar. You should recieve your base program with 48 hours. RSVP for class, arrive, and lift!